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Autophagy Lyrics

Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds

Species of Putrid Minds

GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsCoyote Records
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5. Autophagy (4:14)
I am isolated
In a damp dungeon fetid

Lying on the ground i feel the cold
That it covers for all my body
Among rats, roach and excrement
I look asian the ceiling but I see nothing more than the darkness

The nauseating smell is already part of this
Filled cells of oxide
Only I know that this condemnation is eternal
I do not know the day, month or year in which i am

A degrading life of futility
Condemned for those victims wings that it devours
I take very much hate and anger in my being
The memories are absorbing my mind
My cannibal instincts are harassing me
And the desire for the meat is taking possession inside me
It is something that I cannot control I cannot avoid it

I crawl and go it was grasping a corner of this cell
Between my own blood and my torn skin
Autophagy is about to begin
I begin to start the skin of my left leg

My appetite feels fully sleepy it is voracious
The blood and the pus flow freely

I'm enjoying my pleasure of autophagic
I tear all my skin
Until you feel the bones in my teeth sharp

I cut the tongue, but i am possessed by my same be
The pain is something that cannot stop me
I am still obsessed wrapped between blood puddles
For the same broken veins they are gushing

More and more blood is an agony between relief
Leg torn to pieces not hundred has already lost the mobility

I feel sickly
Because even i can't calm my voracious appetite
The rats are accumulating, and the cent
Around my entire body
they are devouring everything else
The worms are eating away all my back
Likewise my chest
I am wet blood
I feel that i am drowned in my own blood… And my death will be immediate
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Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds
Species of Putrid Minds - Lyrics
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Intestinal Laceration - Species of Putrid Minds
Species of Putrid Minds - Album Credits
  • Eduardo Vilchez "The Axe Murderer" : Vocals
  • Nestor "Insane" : Guitars
  • Sam "Sony" : Drums
  • Ricardo "Ric" : Bass
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