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Off-Kilter Lyrics

Deceased - Surreal Overdose

Surreal Overdose

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsShrieks from the Hearse
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  2
5. Off-Kilter (5:05)
Track rating :  82.5 / 100       Votes :  2       [ ]
Ongoing weakness takes to flight
Its strength no longer known
It's been erased and transferred on
As difference broke the mold
What once was stable is no more
Thrown off and soon deceived
And through subjective oddities
It's becoming obsolete
Off kilter!

In everything there is another that
Could be its reflection
Looking down inside so same-alike
The outside's looking in
To be exact is what it searches
A lesson to remind
A certain something nothing shares
Yet identical inside
Off kilter it's off kilter
Slow motion frenzy looks away

The hyperactive whirlwind glares
Down in darkened haze
It laughs while watching all the
Failures in thhe human race
Well-feasted in its pleasures now
Reserved for what's inside
Destructive plans submerge
To terrorize

And through despair it's grown and
Grown and becomes familiar face
It goes on and on with slow detection
That's slowly taking place
An uneasiness that's lost the found
Comes screaming down the line
To carve and sculpt a fitting mold
That seeking eyes can't find
Off kilter!!

Forced to suffer, spiraled down and
Thrown into the vague
Nothing reacts nothing defends
At mercy the unknown
Through time and age and day
And night as outcome iit exists
Laboric rat so soon to prune
Has quickly changed its pace
Off kilter so off kilter
Turning more and more yet unobtained

The hyperactive whirlwind glares
Down in darkened haze
It laughs while watching all the
Failures in the human race
Well-feasted are its pleasures now
Reserved for what's inside
The peril to avoid is now!

It's turning tail brings sour as it
Rots a healthy core
Sympathy through mourning wreaths
Hanging evermore
In distance it is waiting
Or has it gone and passed?
A turning world fools no one
A figment of the past

The eternal world keeps growing and
Surrounded for all time
On swinging hooks marked as failure
Life is passing by
Crazed sirens have been sounded
Warning waits ahead
All questions unanswered
Brings the truth

The warping spirit changes way and
Reverts into decline
The quest to grieve and revive all
Rejects us from what we call mankind

Inflicted peril rejects all earthly ways
Ingested shock invades, evolves as
Horror takes its place down in the void

This disturbing moving frenzy
Its savage actions reaching out
Yet a shocking, waiting deja vu

Now almighty nowhere the unhuman
Side in human form
A striking resemblance the replica
Has begun
Resist no further intact it's always been
The message lost through distortion

Perception through odd abduction
Off-kilter interact the challenge
Remains while seduction of drama awaits
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Deceased - Surreal Overdose
Surreal Overdose - Lyrics
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Deceased - Surreal Overdose
Surreal Overdose - Album Credits
  • King Fowley : Drums, Vocals
  • Shane Fuegel : Guitars
  • Mike Smith : Guitars
  • Les Snyder : Bass
  • Guest/session musicians:
  • Queen Bunny : Keyboards
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