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It Won't Fade Lyrics

Sonata Arctica - Unia


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Power Metal
LabelsNuclear Blast
Album rating :  81.1 / 100
Votes :  59
4. It Won't Fade (5:59)
Track rating :  95 / 100       Votes :  3       [ ]
[Tony Kakko]

You borrow the moment, betray your own heavens
The darkness is thickening, breathing gets harder
The balance is off, some take more than give back,
the attitude, ignorance, proved to be fatal

for that tiny spark that led our way
you poisoned the air, should you stay away, hence
Wish to be one of us, follow the trail
Take the time offered, don't toss it away

travesty, no trial, defendant is guilty
and we are the judges and sentence the jury
to pay for forgiveness with silent contentment
Stand in the line with the rest of us

We cannot carry you further today
hear what you don't say, thus help... in any way
Need you to learn how to cry without darkness
Face like the others the pain that is harmless

Feel the world has let you down
somehow, we cannot see this
Have to bear the winterburn
You can only wait, if it will fade with time

Secrecy, silence, a stench of treason
the glow of the darkness, you brought in the daylight
The cure will not kill you, there's no such mercy.
rules of the nature are fair and cruel...

we cannot wait for you, for limbo, forever
don't make us walk away, packs stay together
Fear would be justified. Will be there soon.
The things that you do will infect us too

Feel the world has let you down
somehow, we cannot see this
Have to bear the winterburn
You can only wait, if it will fade with time

Where's your trust, where's your heart, where's your soul?
Who's your friend? Who'll be there in the end?

Who do you call a friend...
should we start to bewail?

a lot of things are changing
and re-arranging
I have to say I saw it coming
yet did nothing...
In the darkest of times
B.o.B's earn the right for the name

Not all shared the idea to give you the chance to
fail us again, to bite off
the feeding hand...

counting one, two...see?
odds defying the gravity...

we'll move along, well fed puppy...
you are too confident and careless to cut it
had no rules, that is to change
or you'll forever run alone

but you never will, the little child of the wild
you've got a skin, gray coat, they hate
no, you cannot hide behind your glowing eyes
you bear the sign and it won't fade

Feel the world has let you down
somehow, we cannot see this
Have to bear the winterburn
You can only wait if it will fade with time
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Sonata Arctica - Unia
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