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Razorblade Smile Lyrics

Machine Head - Catharsis


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGroove Metal, Alternative Metal
Album rating :  69.6 / 100
Votes :  14
14. Razorblade Smile (4:00)
Track rating :  77.5 / 100       Votes :  2       [ ]
Razorblade Smile Lyrics
Call me the billionaire breaker, turn 'em into my bitch
I'm the king of the freaks a' down here diggin' a ditch
I'm at a weed cafe on a Netherlands street
Riding a caffeine buzz and I'm starting to peak
Mescaline pile, gettin' me high
Laser beam eyes, puncture the sky
I'm catching lightning in a bottle and I'm hitting it hard
I got no time for your bullshit so don't even start

Freak magnet
Pushin' back at you
I'm a rock star in the gutter and I love it down here
I'll take a shit on Mar-a-lago while I'm drinkin' a beer

Fuck your champagne wishes and your caviar dreams
I'll throw a brick through your window
And I'll kick in your teeth
I got a methadone twitch with a Vicodin itch
I'm smoking crank on a foil like a son of a bitch
Gonna fuck your borders, barbed wire dick
Gorge on bullshit , #1 spic
This is an all-black Russian hack, go USA
Trump's in bed with North Korea
And that just might be gay, come on

Buckle up now quick
Freak magnet

I got a .357 and it's loaded and locked
Pullin' a hair-brain trigger 'cause the hammer is cocked

I got a razor blade smile and a cocaine tongue
I got a boner for miles, I'm slinging loads for fun
Carry a whiskey brown suitcase loaded with hash
I'm eatin' pussy by a dumpster
Beard stinking like snatch
I'll drink you...
Under the table with a gasoline smile
Honey you're my fire, let's get lost for a while
Blotto all our memories in bottles of wine
Got a snake charmer's eyes, now you're caught on my line

I'm chopping rails on a toilet, blazin' up in the stall
Chuggin' Jack in the food court, throwing up in the mall
I'm a psychoactive child in a rich man's game
I bet my future on a bar fight, kickin' ass, takin' names
I'm a

Freak magnet
Pushin' back at you

Buckle up now
Black casket

I'm in a polka-dot hearse headed straight for the grave
No class, fast track, I can't be saved
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2018-02-04)
Machine Head - Catharsis
Catharsis - Album Credits
  • Robb Flynn : Vocals, Guitars
  • Phil Demmel : Guitars
  • Jared MacEachern : Bass
  • Dave McClain : Drums
Other staff
  • Robb Flynn : Producer
  • Zack Ohren : Producer, Recording, Mixing Engineer
  • Ted Jensen : Mastering Engineer
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