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Man Must Die - No Tolerance for Imperfection cover art

No Tolerance for Imperfection

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsRelapse Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  2
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No Tolerance for Imperfection Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2013-07-31)
1. No Tolerance for Imperfection (4:39)
Self-awareness rules your life. Incisions made under the knife. Decisions that you will regret. Man made monster.Disconnect your brain, just let it go. Learning from a magazine is all you know. Obsessed with how you want to look. And how you are perceived. You'd sell it all, mind body and soul for fame. After your body even change your name. It's not who you are it's who you blow. Your self-respect pissed away in one go. You think they give a fuck? You think they even care? There's plenty more where you came from. Please take a chair. The path to hell's paved with your intentions. A plastic rack and fake hair extensions. Dreams come undone! Left in constant agony through surgery. Demonstratinga lack of integrity. A cocaine nosebleed and a head fll of bad memories. Never ending downward spiral. The lights are on but nobody's at home. Starve yourself, there's nothing left but skin and bone. So ugly on the inside you can't bear to look at yourself. Down and out. Blood splattered angel. Dreams are left unfound. I want to tell you something. Your kind's a fucking disgrace. In their world there is NO TOLERANCE FOR IMPERFECTION.
2. Gainsayer (4:54)
Double standards in the values they preach.
Hail Mary and all your sins forgiven.
Segregation in the name of peace.
Keep them down, keep them scared.
Outdated is every fuckin part of your ideology.
I’m sick and tired of people dying in the name of peace.
Brainwashed under their control.
Denounce all that you think you know.
I’ve stood on the brink.
I’ve watched the world tear itself apart.
Conditioned not to think.
A meat puppet deceived from the start.
Our fear is their weapon.
Forever destined to crawl.
I’m not going to fight, I’m going to win.
My life is mine. And I will take it by force.
Your words aren’t worth the fuckin’ paper they’re printed on.
A work of fiction bastardised through misinterpretation and delusion,
You expect me to believe that your god loves everyone equally,
Yet you wage war on anyone who opposes his will? FUCK YOU. My mind’s made up,
I’ve had enough of you.
Gainsayer. Ignore the truth, inhale the lies.
The past they’d rather forget.
A legacy of bloodshed and death.
3. Kill It Skin It Wear It (4:18)
Hang your heads in shame. Human failure, kill for gain. Mankind has lost all dignity. Skinned alive, the thoughts unbearable. Left to die, untraceable. Just another fashion accessory. Mass slaughter of the innocent. Kill it, skin it, wear it. How the fuck can you rest your head and sleep at night? Kill it, skin it, wear it. Where do we draw the line? Hammer to the head. A merciless killing, nothing said. Tell me who are the animals? Final breath, discard the carcass. Wear the flesh. It’s sickening the depths we will sink to for money. We’re the animals now! Crammed into cages. Madness sets into the mind. Stockpile of bodies. Writhe in pain until they die. All of this for the value of ink and paper. Gassed or bludgeoned. The end result’s the loss of rights. The rich and wealthy fund this motherfucking genocide. All of this for the value of ink and paper. A life for a life I say. Senseless violence it will never go away. IT IS MURDER.
4. It Comes In Threes (5:05)
Your life isn't yours, it belongs to me now. Every inconsistency looked at through a microscope, no hope. No way of being human. The chance that you might fuck up keeps the media drooling. Out for blood. It comes in threes. And they're dropping off like flies. Is this the end or the new beginning? Set you up to tear you down. Vultures come without a sound. Driven by demons. Global domination. You're a big shot celebrity. You got the money the fame. The model wife. Don't want for anything. Except privacy. There's a bounty on your head. And nothing will take it off.Just a matter of time till someone takes a shot. Then you're dead! You're meat for the beast!
5. This Day Is Black (4:38)
Are you listening? Every day’s like the end of the world. Relived through tired eyes. Remember this day is black. Put an end to the suffering, a never ending crusade. I feel challenged by nothing. Watch karma devour its prey. This time I’ll do it my own way. And plain fuck all those who oppose me. I am the arsonist and architect a contradiction. A revelation. Self loathing is one thing that I know all too well. I see the pig inside us all and it makes me fuckin sick. I’ve opened my eyes now it’s time for you to do the same. I’m only human, after all, how much can one man take? I refuse forgiveness from the big man. Sing hail hail the king is here. Take a look inside. Life and death entwined. Emotional exile. All hope abandoned. Shut up, stand down. You’re no god. Stand and we’ll fight it. We won’t be divided. speak your mind right now or shut your mouth. When everything is said and done, I can rejoice in the fact that I’m not the only one crawling back. I will never come crawling back. I am alive!
6. Hide the Knives (4:33)
Save your fuckin breath. I don’t believe a word that you just said. You’re no good, you’re worthless. Your ignorance is bliss. Inside your world, no one else but you exists. You’re no good, I fucking told you so. Think you can outsmart me with your bullshit? Too many years have passed; I took it in the ass for you. Sick and tired of your sob story antics. I had no choice but to cut fucking loose from you. Amazing that you can’t see what you’ve done wrong. Instead you point the blame because you can’t deal with the shame. Turn it around; make me your fucking scapegoat. This is my lesson learned, this is to all concerned. This is my curse. This is my plague. It’s better to settle it now before it’s too late. You failed me. Hide the knives, I beg you. Hide the knives; I want to cut out this dead infection. Embrace my new direction. You’re like a child throwing a fit. I’d sit through anything other than this. Your very presence makes my flesh crawl. You cannot justify it; you’d better not even try it. Because you are one step from a broken jaw.
7. Dead In the Water (4:40)
We’re dead in the water. In time we’ll pay for out sins. Take time to realise this world in which we live. A false icon on the TV screen promises to set us free. Subscribe to the trendy magazine that is made to drain your self-esteem. A world where everyone’s a self made god. Ignorance, the new law. Arrogant, we are. Who gives a fuck if millions die? As long as you get paid. Fall of social standards. Crush the ability to think for ourselves. Instead conform, free thought denied. This world is cold, empty. Nothing like it used to be. Insane! The only way we know. Is man a mistake, a virus on this world? Bred to hate. The time has come, we can’t run from our fate. We have bled dry. Every natural resource that we could find. Now common place, fuck this race. It’s evident now it’s time to die. We are a race of parasites. We need the flood to make things right.
8. What I Can't Take Back (3:33)
9. Reflections from Within (6:06)
I look inside for the answers to my sins. The termination of self respect and pride, denied I’ve got no place to hide. You projected your failures and fears onto me. Nothing’s the same, you taught me how to hate. And for that I will never forgive you. And for that I will never believe you. You will never know what you have put me through. This is death without mourning. Today’s the day that I turn and face the truth. I can’t stand the thought of becoming you. The pain remains, my mirror image changed. You projected your failures and fears onto me. Nothing’s the same, you taught me how to hate. And for that I will never forgive you. And for that I will never believe you. My will is something you cannot break. My need to defy. Reflections from within. You will never know what you have put me through. This is death without mourning. You left me for dead. Tell me I am wrong. All the things you have said will no longer hurt me or fuck my mind anymore than you have already. Give me a sign. This is where it ends. You will never know what you have put me through. Time has come for me to fuckin kill you!
10. How the Mighty Have Fallen (5:18)
GO! Trapped in this shell, a living hell that I have lived through. It’s beyond any kind of pain that I had felt before. Stripped of worth and beaten flat to the floor. Every day feels like swallowing razor blades. Black out the windows to vanquish the sun. my greatest fears I’ll overcome. Living nightmare pollutes my soul. It’s gonna kill me if I let it take control. The path before me paved with decisions I have made. This suffocating state is all I know reduced to nothing. GO! Losing control, a fear unknown. I heard my death march. A shadow of the man I was. And who I’ll be again. Only this time I’ll try not to pretend that I am fucking invincible. How the mighty have fallen. There’s nothing left to fear. I will fight this. It’s gonna kill me if I give it control. It’s gonna kill me if I can’t let it go. We must take control!
11. Survival of the Sickest (2:45)
It's survival of the sickest when you are shit out of luck.
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