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Goreaphobia - Mortal Repulsion cover art

Mortal Repulsion

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsIbex Moon
Album rating :  -
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Mortal Repulsion Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2012-06-05)
1. Ordeal of the Abyss (3:30)
Dark birth, of the ends
For the ages, of ancients fall
Torn down, and decieved
Insurrection of, immortal rebel
The traitors, recieve the, message, of fury
Cast them out, of paradise
Conceal, all the cosmic gates.

Madness, Sadness, and lawless, ecstasy
Flood the, chosen lords with
the somber code of, purgatory.

Melt them in the contamination,
Of flesh and blood.
Blackness to Godness,
So others deface the same.

To live out in illusions
The horrid curse of
The abominal waste
Taste the suffering hate.

Fail in flesh
Covet the mystic
By the ordeal of the abyss
Lost in the old of days.

Crossed in the chaos
Hollowed behind the returning blame
Deny the shadows
Dismember the true names.
2. Amulet of Damnation (4:07)
A suare of evil without escape
A scourging net of madness
From which no gods can annul
The universe, the swarm of sadness.

Let the damned be snared
From barriers of unclean fevers
bar them in the shivering sickness
Encircled in the pact, set for eternal evil.

Barrier of heaven and earth
that none can change!
Barrier of damnation
that none of essance can pass!

May the lost gods entrap it!
May the lesser gods curse it!
May they be smitted!
And broken in null dwelling!

Into damnation be bolted shit
Into A night shroud sunrise
Closed into A place of dead crossing
May they enter forever rotting.

The seal to the death of ages
Without no escape
the men of gods melt away
Shut into the door of damnation
3. Negative Screams (Passage) (3:36)
4. Grave Plagued Planet (4:07)
Too far and faded
A world freezing in thick blackness.
A limbo wasteland
Fallen out from no place.

This grave plagued planet
Is the unspeakable punishment.
Where the omnipresent Gods
Will fade and vanish.
All hope and love they bring
Mock them in ghoulish misery.

As every lost exile
That has ever been.
Is the collective haunter
Of loathing carnage.
(repete chorus)

Gods die abandoned here
Only by one.
Sacred banishment denied
Here on this black empty world.
(repete chorus)

"Clean us of your name!
Clean us of your worlds!
Clean us from your mind!
Clean us of your essance!
Burn you lords away,
In crying shame,
From our universe!"
5. Primal Nothingness (2:32)
Stellar stillborn!
Universal misshapen!

Scorched into altered ego.
From not one single mind.
Will charge your thought,
With true stability.

You have been taken away.
Changing source of wholeness.
When time will age our makers
Disspelled to absolute conculsion.

Rejoice in their tragedy
Formed from Primal nothingness
They must be cleansed by nihilism
For the masters forsaken the stars
Breathern of the nightside
May they all cease to shine
(repete chorus 1)
(repete chorus 2)

You have been taken away.
Changing source of wholeness.
When time will age our makers
Disspelled to absolute conculsion.
The shapeless.
The skies suffocate.
Thier wise and intelligent design.
Thier names, can have no more meaning.
6. Faded Into Ends (part 1) (1:13)
7. Despised and Ruined (5:06)
Do the gods remeber, whom they plagued?
Have they all taken back, the best of our worlds?
Do they cast us down, in filth and decay?

Can they honestly remember, horror or pain?
The faith of our souls, is their hunter's prey.
Pitiless wrath against the shadow, of the image they create.

Despised and ruined
Compelled to the agony,
Life of the light,
Haunting our dreams,
Of the Rulers,
Oblivious abode.
Despised and ruined,
Souless, broken, and cold.

No control of what's beyond, decieve the way.
Because of the imperfection, concealed in emotion.
They shall torture themselves, for every dark day.
(repete chorus)

"We inflesh and blood,
must subjecate fears!
And should we not empower,
our fate the same?
We stand in the cruel realm,
in passionless genocide.
believe in the despise,
we experienced on the otherside!"
8. Black Ash Eyes (4:04)
Lifeless of emotionless crime
Fall fast in shame and distress
Decadent blame unto deafening cries.

Stripped away of paradise
Black ash eyes can only see
The shadow of death
As the flesh of plenty.

See the world abandon of hope
The gleam of desolation in the black
Darkness fades into the mindless eye
Seers of the divine burn in black ash eyes.

The aching hands of weakness
Crawling gods enslaved in emptiness
Eyes are burned to black
By watching the divine collapse.
9. A Grievous Curse (3:49)
Knowledge has come into perpetual terror.
Knowing the senses can bring utter pain.

Feeling the rage building inside.
No connection with the unwinking eye :

Knowledge has come into perpetual terror.
Knowing the senses can bring utter pain.

A bountiful meal of vile emotions,
Twist and mangle the shambeing shades.

Feel the Blasphemy,
Of a mortal tomb.
Walk among the disgust,
Of a weak footstep.

Unsure of having the fear,
Of Death's last breath.
May the laws of destiny,
Carry the grievous curse.
10. Ascending Into Vices (3:52)
Depraved, wicked, and spiteful
Defective immortals
Avenger of original sin
Ascended psycho evolution
Reptilian exorcism
Upon the psychic censor.

Explode into harmonic union
No passage to
Search for reason.

Ascending into vices
Primordial hunger remains
Loss of discipline
Defeats our origins
Carnage of lust
Coils the spine.

(repeat verse)

Ascending to the dance
Of the fire snakes.
The snakes forsake
The pure venoms.
From your depraved
and defected hearts.
The final stage
of divine sin.
Will bond the fallen
In Corruption.
May vices become
A new disease under the skin.

(repeat verse 1)
11. The Inevitable Punishment / Faded Into Ends (part 2) (8:23)
Much has been a heavy burden
On the arrogance of the Olden Ones.
For all the fear a**l tribulations
Put on those who sacrificed
Their own being to them.

Raise in abhorrence of fate
For all that have crucified
Their sanity to touch the heels
Of the Ones to to bring eternal peace.

Confused and blinded
In the sleep of waking death
Turned against the masters
And leave all doubt and sorrow.

Leave with the Gods to wither
In the grave of fractured glory.
A ghost of negative sons
Keep the currents enslaved.

In the inevitable punishment
Of Athestic chains.

Only this truth of absolute power
Will become artifacts
To worthless lords !
Decoded demons are locked away
In their banished seal of torment !

The kingdoms of cosmic fire
Are exiled under the faithless !
The dead stars of the remorseless
Are exiled under the depressions !
12. Mortal Repulsion (4:04)
Enter the necrocosmic abomination
Infinitly possessed in a beast
Beyond the veil of the abyss
Degenerated in the feast
Of sickened soul, and flesh
Devoured in the burning manifestation
A blacked out foul world
Blanketed in Holocaust screams.

Defined and crossed through rejections.
The monsterous entity of madness
Speak to me no words of existence
Speak to me no words of desolation
Embodied to me a soul of Inferiority
Place unto me an endless nightmare
Desecrate me in the sickness of mortality.
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