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Cromok - Yours Truly cover art



Yours Truly

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal
LabelsEMI Records
Album rating :  -
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Yours Truly Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2012-04-26)
1. Siblings (6:39)
What is your fear, the darkness in

Your heart and soul or your own fate

It’s not easy to lie to me

I know the truth, I know your hatred

(I read your mind)

Listen to me you stupid human

The four of you, which one will die

The choice is yours the plans are mine

You got what you want I know I deserve

(Another friend)

The enviness is strong inside

Whatever you envy you will destroy

You obeyed me you followed me

We laughed together we cry forever

(End of me)

Agreement was made my plans are wicked

I know you’re cruel we both are evil

The past will be tragic history

It is your fault it’s your desire

(Pray no more)

Echoes of the rotting flesh

Tingling in your little ears

I know I can have my rest

It’s not my voice that you’ll hear

I have the oath I can’t deny

Destroy us both I won’t ask why

If only you know my destiny

The pit of hell I’ll be burnt

(Till eternity)

Tell me your secret I’ll tell you mine

You say you won’t I say you will

Wherever you go I’ll be your shadow

On your knees to me you bow

(Let it go)

I have no choice I whisper to you

You’ll hear my voice screaming through

I am you enemy I am your friend

I’ll stick with you till the end

(My last chance)

What is your fear, the darkness in

Your heart and soul or your own fate

It’s not easy to lie to me

I know the truth, I know your hatred

(End of me)
2. Stranger (5:06)
Who am I, no one knows

Deep inside rigid skin

Suspicion, desire

Inner strength in my hand

Immortal, survivor

Healing pain, faithful friend

Believer, betrayer

Beware the final play

I’m a stranger?

You’re asking me

I’m a stranger?

That’s what I see

What you do, what you say

Witness’s eyes are there
They’re watching, they know

They’ll tell you where you’d go

Just one touch far apart

The stranger side by side

You a liar, tell no truth

I’m here, I’ve sworn the oath

The trust we had in you

The life that you’ve been through

It ways beyond thought

Unpredictable plot

Destroy the shape of me

Guilty as plead

How far you may fall

Find your own end

Trouble me disturb me

Annoy me, what I care

It’s your choice your desire

It’s what you want, please yourself

Unending happiness

Guarantee for one of us

Ignore me forget me

Dismiss me trust yourself
3. IC (6:35)
Forgive me my soul for what I am

Deceiver, disgrace, do as I please

Yes it’s me

And it’s true

Treated like an enemy, it’s lunacy

Tortured, suffered, torment in the field

Yes it’s me

And it’s true

Wasted time for yesterday, our mind is not at ease

Existence is a prophecy, I’m roaming free

Believe me

And it’s true

Revenge is a sweet memory, undying destiny

Counting the passing days, I hope you will

And you do

And it’s true

Blind society

Dream is a reality

No more honesty

No more sympathy

Forgive me my soul for what I am

Deceiver, disgrace, do as I please

Yes it’s me

And it’s true

Forget me my soul, I’ll be leaving

Disperse, vanished, decayed of the deceased

I’ll survive

On my own
4. Maram Perapu Kepunden Paran Sekeper (1:00)
Hiporacy, jealousy
Walls of lies

Hoards of ruthless guardians
Lead us the road to infinity
Hate us you just wait and see
Our time will come
5. Castaway (5:09)
Ambling through my empty life

Don’t care what they say

I tried so hard to understand

I know that I have failed

I’ve lost myself in another world

I don’t know where I am

All the ordinary faces

When or where they’ve gone

All alone I was left alone

This was meant to be

I use to know when the wind will blow

Now it’s history

Is this a punishment for me?

For things that I have done

I tried to run away from sin

They grab me with their hands

Time has come

To learn the mystery

To suffer and to die

In the world of living lies

The old man can have no rest

Despite no energy

The old man here can’t live the past

Nothing he can see

There’s a life and time I know

We have to let it go

There’s a life and time I know

There’s nowhere we can go
6. Punishment Hour (4:21)
For all the sin you’ve done

You got to apologize

Or face the anger

You have to pay the price

The ordeal will start

When the whistle blows

It’s the punishment hour

We never go slow

I say you’ll lose the game

It’ll never be the same

You’ll lose the game

It’ll never be the same

It’s an act of justice

It’s a turning point of life

It’s a field of terror

No one will survive

We dip you in the mud

Till you cry in pain

We have no mercy

We’ll do it again

Struggle for a breath of air

We step on you

There’s no way out this time

Your time will run out soon

Your punishment will continue

For those who dare

To raise their voices

We don’t care
7. Farewell (4:29)
Aimless soul where were you now

For the angels come by the dawn

I walked the earth don’t tell me how

For a new hope soon to be born

There’s a life and time I know

I said farewell to myself before I go

Farewell to my loneliness

Farewell to my happiness

Farewell to our trouble

I’m above me

Here we have to let it go

And leave it all behind

Our suffering will end

Nothing can stop me now

What may come and go

Hope we stay together we can say

Our mind were lost somewhere

Searching for the answer of the pray

When will we see ourselves again

Maybe in another world I find you

I’ll take your hand each time I see you cry

I said

Farewell to my misery

Farewell to my history

Farewell to our trouble
8. Final Ticking (4:42)
Hour, the final hour

Feel the coldest sweat

The time is near

Trembling in fear

The days have pass behind

The future lies in front

Of you

What’ll you do?

Will it work out for you?

Nothing you can do

Hopelessly rotting flesh

Burn down to ash

Down the who will go down

For those who don’t prepare

Horror squeezing your brain

Nothing will remain

The eyes of suffering of near

Capturing your glimpse

No one can be a liar

Not in front of him

Final ticking

Don’t dare to think

Final ticking

An hour is a blink
9. Little One (5:58)
It’s fate that bring us here

We’re not the one to blame

There lies a little fear

There lies a little shame

You’re not alone but everybody’s gone

No one there to see your tears

This pain in your mind can’t leave behind

What’s more could happen to me

A few seconds to leave

We are not allow to breathe

You really made us see

How true cruelty is

I’m trapped outside, no shelter no pride

I’ve done nothing can you see

You’re not afraid to lie, I’m not afraid to die

Yes it’s a deal

In the darkness of the day

Somewhere anywhere I stood still

You’ll hear the rest will say

Someone has to pay the bill

Forgive me now, I’ll change somehow

There’s nothing no one can say

You’ll suffer till the end, there’s time to amend

On your knees you’ll pray
10. Somewhere Anywhere (5:19)
Behold the truth of madness

For the earth I walked is free

I’ve paid my dues of empty

I’m nowhere to be seen

It’s a simple act of justice

There’s nothing more that I need

I know it’s a disease

The guilt I never plead
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