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Cloven Hoof - Dominator cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
LabelsFM Revolver
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Dominator Lyrics

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1. Rising Up (4:48)

Carving out an empire across a billion shattered star
systems, one super being stood supreme. Biting the
hand that shaped him Dominator's new order reigned
with a grip of iron, dissident's were executed or
imprisoned on maximum-security lunar compounds.

Sentenced to burn
exiled in purgatory.
A man made cage,
in a distant galaxy.

But tonight we leave,
so spread the word around.
Breaking out,
never to be found.

Over the top,
past security.
Through the fields
of energy.

Stand up and be counted,
this is our finest hour.
Time to join the frontline,
can you feel the power?

Rising up!
Rising up!
Rising up!
Rising up!

Renegade forces,
Of the world unite.
Imprison our captors,
Freedom is in sight.

Storm the watchtower,
Tear down these walls.
Nothing can stop us,
Heed no master's call.
In the night,
the sirens wail.
Imperial Storm troopers,
on our tail


hear the engines roar.
Through the darkness,
freedom fighters soar.
Firing at will,
in for the kill,
blazing until,
The air's filled by death.


Rising Up!
Rising Up!
Rising Up!
Rising Up!
2. Nova Battlestar (5:41)
Star war rage in the heavens
At the heart of andromeda
Flagship to the armada
The Nova Battlestar

Interstellar commander
Enforcer of empire might
Death star renegade
Travelling at the speed of light

Colonating ……… obliterating
Destruction all across the void
Exterminating ……… guns blazing
Till the federation are destroyed

Nova Battlestar!
Nova Battlestar!

War machines under fire
Retaliation has begun
The vanguard is defeated
Victory is won

Legions yield to conquest
Challengers swept aside
Draconian domination, when rival worlds collide

Colonating ……… obliterating
Destruction all across the void
Exterminating ……… guns blazing
Till the federation are destroyed


Invasion will come in a later time
They will raise the mountains
And drain the sea,
Baron skies the bitter prize
Lay waste to the cosmos
For its energy,
Centurions of darkness
Coming today,
Beach head earth
Is already under way.
3. Reach For The Sky (5:31)
The stars are our home
Roaming the galaxy
We’re free
Raiders from space
Star fighter zeros.

Out of the sun
Engage the enemy
We see
Planets in chains
Hell is for heroes.

We glide in our silver birds
Got to do or die

Soar on solar winds
Rage on high
As fire on silent metal wings
Out where the meteors fly
You and I.

Reach for the sky
Reach for the sky
Reach for the sky
Reach for the sky

Trail to blaze
Glory and victory will be
In for the kill
Or wiped out forever.

Life is a dream
And death a reality for me
Star fleet in flames
But never surrender.

Dog fight till the end
Dive for the last time

Soar on solar winds
Rage on high
As fire on silent metal wings
Out where the meteors fly
You and I.

4. Warrior Of The Wasteland (5:15)
Courage in adversity abandoned in the sanctuary of
desolation, forces of liberty re-assembled tattered
armies. Bloodied, bowed but undefeated. Here hung
the last hope of the few... Warriors of the wasteland!

A thousand years the war raged on,
a world in tears the sun has gone.
So cold and lonely in this desert land,
A warrior waits for the last command.
The last command,
the last command... Oh yeah!

Warrior of the wasteland,
tomorrow belongs to me.
Abandoned soldier of fortune,
mutant eyed mercenary.

Take no prisoners,
guardian of the plain.
Sole survivor,
till the orders remain.
Warrior of the wasteland!

Outpost scavenger city,
home to rats and debris.
I bring law to the dessert,
I keep the frontier free.


The war raged on,
the sun has gone.
I'll take your life,
you'll never survive in the Wasteland.
In the Wasteland!
5. The Invaders (5:25)
Against insurmountable odds the Andromedian
front line defences crumbled. Unto Earth came
space Invaders!

They came out of the twilight,
pulsating as they go.
Descending across the horizon,
to the enemy below.

Flying in formation,
like some sci-fi dream,
Planetary adversary,
my eyes have seen.

The Invaders,
reigning terror,
down from the sky.
Solar raiders,
they live that
worlds may die.

I turned and ran in fear,
screaming into the night.
A claw of steel fell about me,
in solid beams of light.

When the ordeal was over,
my close encounter there.
Helpless bound and tortured,
captive in the lair.


Creatures of Earth!
you are under martial law,
of the Draconian federation.
All who resist will be...

Peoples of the universe,
We must now unite.
Make a stand to the last,
fight for what is right.

Mobilise all our forces,
retaliate to win.
Liberate or seal your fate,
never to give in.

Defy the Invaders,
from far away!
Far away!
Far away!
From far away!
6. The Fugitive (4:20)
The dream of escape made reality, Renegades fled
to the awaiting underground network, perused by
tracers. The imperial guards killer elite, cyborg
man hunters scanning the ends of the Earth for
the fugitive.

Wild on the run,
wild on the run.
I'm after you.
No walls can hold me,
no bars,
cause I'll slip through.

Convicted of murder,
a case of 1st degree.
They found me guilty,
but I'm innocent,
and now I'm free to...

Go to ground,
hide and seek.
Gonna track you down,
revenge is sweet. Yeah!

I'm a fugitive,
running from the law.
this was not my own crime.
No penitentiary,
is gonna cage me.
Till vengeance,
and freedom is mine again.

Dragnet is on,
dragnet is on,
droids at my back.
Hunter becomes the hunted,
one step ahead of the pack.

So sleep with one eye open,
I'm never far away.
Keep a' looking,
over your shoulder,
you won't live another day.

Eye for an eye,
tooth for a tooth.
Make ya testify,
before ya die,
you'll tell the truth. Yeah!

7. Dominator (4:42)
Cloned for perfection,
born to lead.
Test tube selection,
for the Arian strain.
Genetic rejection,
the silicon seed,
implanted evil in
embryonic brain.

The scientists made way for the
master race,
Changed the face,
of galactic history.
Enslave the frontiers of time
and space,
one mad man came to be...

Scanning dominions in his power dome,
patched into the grad computer prime.
High evolutionary,
on mechanised throne.
Divine lord of all,
by grand design.


Oppressor of the free.
of humanity.

Into the Arena,
to satisfy,
the bloodlust in his all seeing,
photo scenic eye.
Gladiator's fight,
the spectacle of might.
Giving of their very
lives for the games.

Cosmic champions all they came,
the slayer and the slain,
put to sword and flame.
That a star system lives,
a star system dies!
8. Road Of Eagles (6:08)
Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, a trained
fighting unit strikes at the nerve centre of the
dread overlords power matrix stronghold. To alter
the path of blind submission only the brave walk
the Road of Eagles!

Prepare for battle.
After this flight,
as free men
We fight or fall,
we fight or fall.

Shall our people cower
In chains and fear,
this reign must end...
Kill the oppressor!

Antagonistic warlord,
star systems die by his hand.
Unchallenged to pillage and plunder,
taken and slain by command.

Time for blind allegiance Passover,
though hell itself bars the way.
His life force must spill over,
or death be the price we pay.

Lift the banner of freedom on high,
raise the empire to the ground.
Let arrow fly,
let warning sound,
as free men we choose to die.

Dogs of war are gathering,
they hunger for conquest.
Scheming Jackals of conflict,
await to pick the bones
who failed the test.

Ask not for mercy,
show no quarter,
till victory is won.
Our cause must not falter,
Dominator must come undone.


Our kinsmen's bodies' litter,
foreign fields of death.
Only the prophets may know
what the future may bring.
Brother against brother
cursing with his last dying breath...
The king is dead!
Long live the King!

Must the hands of man
be stained forever?
How many son's be lost?
before we still the malice
inside us,
and escape a final holocaust.
How many?
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