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A Dream Of Poe - The Mirror of Deliverance cover art

The Mirror of Deliverance

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresGothic Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsArx Productions
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The Mirror of Deliverance Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2016-12-03)
1. Neophyte (6:59)
Rays shine down on me...
Let your graceful hands
Heal these broken bones
With thy voice, heavenly.

Before me is a mirror door
Into a crystal paradise.
Death of the sin I bore
So the man can met is demise.

I take a step
And a last deep breath
To cross my damnation
Into an everlast redemption.

Thou hast called me unto your arms
Phoenix & dragon
A pearl of heavens.
Let your dying hands
Crumble what is left inside

Shining but still not complete.
I shed the skin of defeat:
Avow with my eyes closed
& lips of silver close to me.

Sever the blindfold
Oh worshipfull master
In this temple of Solomon
I vow silence
And commited obedience
to the True Will.

Still the world is black
Still night comes back
On the other side of the gateway
Where spirit gives way to clay.
2. Os Vultos (10:34)
São sombras que se escrevem sobre veludo
De uma noite de memória e contemplação
São sangue e lágrimas; o conteúdo
Das causalidades da paixão.

O meu caminho dança em negrume,
em tinta cáustica do passado
E o meu coração arde em lume
que é chama do meu Fado.

São vultos que recobrem o abismo
onde durmo em penitência.
São reflexos de um exorcismo
que desmente a existência.

E se as vozes se calarem,
numa qualquer noite de melancolia,
É tempo de se lembrarem
Da violência que me silencia.

Pois no Silêncio sou rei,
Uma tragédia vulgar
Que se perde num mundo sem lei
Em que verdadeiramente não sei estar.

E são vultos que se perdem dentro de mim
E são vozes lascivas sobre cetim.
São vícios & desejos por Atenas
São chacais, víboras & hienas.

Estas vozes que não se calam...
Estas vozes que não se escrevem...
Estas vozes que preenchem...
A timidez do perfume que exalam...

Calem a tempestade & Confusão
Deixem a Lua banhar o meu coração
Com o seu brilho pálido de Saudade
Que destrói os vultos da Vaidade.
3. Lady of Shalott (8:26)
Weave the tread of our fall
Blind of all flesh from your beloved Camelot.
It´s the curse of the Lady of Shalott.

“God in his mercy lend her grace”

Outcast from the world I have become
Looking into a mirror to see Camelot
It´s the burden of the Lady of Shalott.

But when the curse falls down upon us
We will burn together
Under rain, the wickiest of weather
And sail, pale white, onto Camelot
Dead by the side of the Lady of Shalott.

I´ll crawl to the Sun.
The mirror is cracking now
Silent & broken I´ve become
From the weaving of my pain.
Curse my life & the mark of Cain
For no more shall the Lady of Shalott
Sit quietly longing for dear old Camelot.

Oh and the boat came empty of love
Carrying the finest of all ladies
A dying angel from above
Who tried to reach Camelot
Here lays the Lady of Shalott...

My hands will not heal you
My deepest sorrow is in vain
As you turn pale and blue,
Parting to the land of the dead.
But sorrow is all I got,
So travel far lady of Shalott.
4. Liber XLIX (8:31)
God take me now
Hide my soul from the Shadow
But don´t leave her body
laid on dirt.
Don´t leave her name to be unheard.

"As I become an abyss &
A temple for the weak and frail,
Lift me, Babylon & Holy Grail
To begin a new Genesis."

“Thou hast called me, oh accursed and beloved fool
My joy is the joy of eternity,
and my laughter is the drunken laughter
of a harlot in the house of ecstasy.”
("Scream my name To fill me with life")

Oh, and something grotesk is looking through the glass...
Something old trying to pass
The man has become...
The sleeper as awaken
From the surface of imperfection.

"Come. I´ll show you the anatomy of my skin
All the deep silence that crawls within
From the lust that was left to die.
The Morningstar brilliantly silent
Above a lost Titan´s cry..."

This Beast of venomous Brilliance -
A spear of light from the tomb of Christ -
Comes forth in all it´s might
As I look into the Mirror of Deliverance.
Une nouvelle decadence
Cadence des rythmes du Soleil.

"Shy away
Don´t turn your face to me
Go and shy away
Rebuild yourself from the ashes"

Rise between the mountains
Rise between ego & soul
Temper my flesh with your taste,
Seven vessels for me to waiste

Time is ticking away
Into a kingdom of dismay
Can you dig enough into the blood
That lays in your godless hands?

The gates are closed.
The gates are trembling
Under the vibration of our voices.
Let my flesh become Stone
A temple white as bone
I open the gates of East, South, West & North
I open this world to thee, Babylon
My body, an eschaton
A watchtower of lust
5. The Lost King of the Lyre (5:39)
Rotten & scarlet death
At night when I go to see him
White hair of cinnamon smell
on dusty chambers of ancient lore
Locked behind Death´s door.

The venom in his scream fills my song
As the voice fades away
The Sun sets on our hearts.
Deep down in victorian fire
I still play lost tales on his lyre.

So lift your wine and tear
Lit the candle of despair
Doomed to wander forever deep
On woods where ghouls never sleep.

May you lay a bottle of green death
at the stone of his grave,
so the flowers of evil may blossom
From our graven pain at winter.

I´d be the patron of lyre and solitude
on his castle of gravel.
I´d be the Queen of Silence,
forever a necrologic navel.

May you come every year,
Traveler from a pure & enchanted land,
With Cognac and flowers on your hand
to lay a black lotus on our eyes
As my heart gently dies

I´ll dry my flesh on October leaves
Beg seven coins for the boat of ghosts;
Travel in dreams & song into his decay
As I rot myself day by day.

Let me fade into this soil
Deep into my King´s arms
Let me toil the dirt
& disperse the shards of my existence.
6. Chrysopoeia (11:33)
A Sun and a Moon
Circle around eternally still
Secrets to bloom
Love under Wil

It´s pain, doubt, fear and hope
up the gallows, tight the rope
Let the past fade into lead
The alchemical canvas of the dead.

Turn into yourself and
Whisper into yourself
Deny all what was
All what you expected it to be
and sink deeper into extasy
Into Kaos & Babalon
To rediscover unity

(Join me in the stars These verses are not for the blind)

Medusa´s night
is over
The wound of her bite
The taste of a lover.

Now your heart is stone
A wonder of light;
from flesh and bone
into divinity´s sight.

See my beloved
Our marriage is done;
Complete is the triangle
And Euclides son
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