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Vavel Full Album Lyrics

Vavel - Vavel cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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1. Vavel (5:55)
You came from hell
With money blood and fame
Years ago like a maser
To kill the truth you damned

You were too strong for us
We knew our changes were few
We thought we didn't give up
And we looked for something new

And standing on a hill
Looking right through his eyes
There's nothing we can feel
This is true and not a lie

We caught our last hope
That filled us with massive power
Dark clouds covered the top
Of our ancient tower



The terms are now reversed
You shake all over from fear
Our impulse can't be faced
A glorious victory is near

Throw down your sword
Your fight to beat us is over
Now he is the lord
And you a slave forever
2. Follow Your Mind (3:27)
Talk about
The past that you've lived
The times that you've tried
To see in your dream
You are fine
With your real friends
With your family terms
And your mental pains

Talk about
The days that you've laughed
The days that you've loved
Every time
The smile in your eyes
Existed without tears


Every time talk without fears
Every time sing with tears
Follow your mind

So you're trying
To be strong and cool
To be rich and glad
And nobody's fool
Don't be sad
For the times you've spent
For the fights you've lost
And smile for this day

Cause this day
Is all of your life
A change in your mind
3. Fight With Metal (3:31)
When I'm walking on the highway
Nights before
seeing sunrise coming
You better go of my way

I remember all the blue days
When I was sixteen and was falling
But now I offer you my hate

Every day the life is falling
And the nights the dirt is growing
We can stop it all over the world

In our minds we're not confusion
So we fight for revolution
Heavy metal fucks all the rules


Fight fight fight for metal
Cause this world is full of evil
And this evil kills your heavy soul
Fight fight fight with metal
Burn and kill with metal
Metal is the way
to reach your goal

All we need is love and power
Heavy songs and metal singers
We are the kids of heavy beat

Nobody can fight our tower
We are all the best and strongest
We've got hearts made of steel
4. Remember (5:12)
Would you like something before you leave?
Perhaps you'd care to tell us just how you feel

Have you got time before you leave us now?
Tell us what you'll do from now and how

You turn to sing but you're alone
Tell us about you now that you're gone
The girl you love took you from us
And she trapped you in her Wicked Plans


We don't know what's in your mind
We don't know your feelings for us
We don't care how you both live
We can play without your beat

Remember how we rock in the studio
Look at your self tell us if it's worth
5. Atomic Energy (4:16)
Day after day
when I'm walking on the streets
I can see the worries
on the human faces
I'm still young
but I can understand
These worries come from you
atomic energy

I know you are so fine
But in their hands
you are a problem
It's money their want no peace
And nobody can't
save us atomic energy


So please leave me alone
Just leave me alone
You can't stop the bombs
when they fall from the sky
All I want see is love
all over the world
I'm just a kid
and I don't want to die

We're all full of pain
of anger and shame
Yet you could help us
if only let you
If we could use
the power you have
Wouldn't it be good
atomic energy?

If only we could turn
Atomic weapons
into black smoke
The leaders are not that strong
Even they couldn't
stop atomic energy
6. Stand Up (2:47)
I can see what it would be
If I could live again
I can see all that you see
But you cannot feel the pain

I believe if you could see
A blind man
dying and laughing
still I think that we could be
Better human beings


Stand up
get up look out and smile

You'd better do something for you
Don't stay in the sidelines
Everything depends of you
All you must do is try

Now I'm free and I can be
My self and nothing else
Here we go again to sing
Or talk about my change
7. Another Chance (7:41)
I want to tell you a story
About a little land if I can
A land called Greece
And it's people
who stay in their places
Eating or sleeping
and drinking their wine

It wore a scarlet tunic
And it looked quite blue
It had a great adventure
In the middle of the world
with bad friend's
Winning or losing
and waiting for a time


And then one day hurray
Another chance for Greece
to say hurray
Another leader came
the land to save
Another leader to fuck her
and get away

And don't think
it's the only land around the world
Oh, no my friend
it's not the only one
But I've lived there too
And I saw her
As I see my own land now
Sucked in blood and lies
8. Bach's Toccata by Vavel (4:35)
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