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Last Warrior Full Album Lyrics

Turbo - Last Warrior cover art

Last Warrior

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-18)
1. The Last Warrior (6:37)
Ages show in his face
He is scared like no one else
Warrior heart made of steel
He's got an iron will

He doesn't know humility
God is coming - god of war
Cold blooded - he kills quickly
Here he is - the warrior!

Fighting forever - for a life
This is a neverending story
Who will stay among the living?
You must fight. Kill him - hurry!

No one knows the future
Destiny is still unknown
You better leave last warrior!
Destiny is still unknown

Computers are so crazy
They are just like giants
Brainless and so lazy
But they know the isolation

So much occult in the mist
Beautiful islands, there is no evil
There is no ruler besides the besides
Messenger from "Kingdom Sad"

He is already the last man!
This is the last warrior!
2. Berud's Sword (7:09)
The fierce dragon is dripping with blood
The last blow is struck, the very last of the battle
The dragon's head comes tumbling down
And Berud's sword shines on like magic

This is the end of the Black Space King
Let's go and see his defeat at the battle
His bloody head, let's see him dead
And Berud's sword shines on like magic
3. The Trojan Horse (Instrumental) (6:55) instrumental
4. Seance with Vampire (6:38)
The prince of ghosts has arrived
Among coffins, fear'n'curses
he is wrapped in a black coat
In his black heart he carries death

He draws life from human bodies
He starves for human blood
He hides in the fog of the night
The messenger of dark forces

He's an outcast, he's rejected
And the only thing he seeks is blood
Wakes the Lord and wakes his thirst for blood

Bloody Lord - ghost of the night
Bloody Lord, Bloody Lord
Bloody Lord - demon of the night
Bloody Lord, Bloody Lord

He's an outcast, he's rejected
And the only thing he seeks is blood
Wakes the Lord and wakes his thirst for blood
5. Tempest's Son (4:42)
Waken by terrific thunder
Energised by lightning
He's already opened his eyes
And clenches his cold fist

In this mind of dreams of a battle
And it poisons every cell
Brings on thoughts of raging flames
Releasing his wild fury

Tempest's son breathes fire
Bottomless pit opens wide
Decomposed beast run wild
Deadly shades and deadly souls

Joyful day for the insane
Human faces shocked with fear
Falling, burning, shooting stars
Awesome scenes and fears and fright

After calling out death's name
The storm races across the wild ocean
Thrown high up into the air, burnt at the stake
The cries of the damned howl with torment

Tempest's son breathes fire
Bottomless pit opens wide
The lifeline burns to dust
It has passed like a dream

Wasteland as a memento
Has been left in the universe
An awful scenes in our nightmares
A devastated deadly beast
6. Goddess of Confusion (5:35)
The dusky face of Goddess of Chaos
Lady amidst a million stars
With every gesture and her every motion
She captures you or sets you free

At the sitting
She's hidden in darkness
Grasps everything in her presence
But if you try to come closer- nearer
She'll wreck you - almighty beauty

With the Southern Cross she'll point you
The way to
Absolute blackness, total abyss, deep horror
Gates she will open
Gates to hell of pulsars

Her bony fingers like claws of an eagle
Deep into empty space
Still tearing out the heart of the galaxy
Destroy what can be found later

Vamp - she's cosmic Kali
Waits in the distance - death
Vamp - waits in the distance
She's cosmic Kali - death

Bring light of superstars
The sphere will hide you well
Into a new world, into a new time
A starlit route will show you the way
The furious look from the Goddess of Chaos
Living here among the ultra rays
She's watching space from her confinement
Wishing to change fate

Sparks are flying from her deadly gaze
The fire of self destruction
In awful convulsions her body's burning
The body of cosmic Kali
7. Angel from Hell (3:50)
Creeping pain, hyena's laugh
Boiling blood, shade of death
Racing pulse, blurry-eyed
Angel from hell meets his death

First the head of a lion
Heart of ice, thoughts of fear
A man - -a lion, a wild look
Evil monster, dark face

Bad omen...

A second head and three paws
White fangs seeking blood
The first step, the first victim
Tears again, back to the grave

Odor, flames in his veins
A world of beast life in the night
A million stars - in cold space
Satan makes his first move

A sudden flash stab the chest
And the blaster hits it's mark
The laser cuts the second head
Smoke from mug, blood from his chest

Screams in the night, a hyena cries
Lightning strikes, the sky's alight
A tremble is his last move
And he banishes, only dust remains
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