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Even as All Before Us Full Album Lyrics

The Gault - Even as All Before Us cover art

Even as All Before Us

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Deathrock
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > T > The Gault Lyrics (6) > Even as All Before Us Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-11-12)
1. Ire (Intro) (2:57)
2. Obliscence (9:47)
Looking down where memory lives
Is a desperate spill
Of mud and blood and terror's grist
And ghosts of slaughtered will.

Looking down where memory lives
Fire poppies grow
Thrives the bloom on charred remains
Of all we could not know

Out of still woods come shadows
Of gestures past
To stumble from the frozen failed
Into tomorrow's grasp

Here comes loss and avarice
In step with cold disdain
Whispered wants, their dead husks fall
From trunks to march again

Out of still woods come shadows
Of gestures past
To stumble from the frozen failed
Into tomorrow's grasp

The once silent ground now cries
Saying you weren't the first to pass this way
Legacies like these are slow to die
And you, you were just too small to save.

Beg, beg the face of fate to
Change the path of the seed
Doomed to repeat the unspeakable truth
Of their deeds

Is it insane the hope that
Crawls from us into the light
Even as all before us have fallen.
Marching into the night
3. Bright White Blind (8:14)
They built me a cornerless room
Painted my eyes a dull, wide blue
Left an open door, as if I'd know my way
Among the grinning shapes of these days
These shadow less days

Once believed
Flinging yourself against the glass
Would set free
The burning images there

The sheet went up
And all your feats took the shapes of hands
Of puppeteers
Showing pretty birds in silhouette

A thousand suns
Rise over and over in the sky
Until the void
Is glowing with their bright white blind

Without the clock tick
I've fallen through the endless in-between
Without my measured pain
Who'll tell me when it's time to leave

I hang in this net
So far above the flame
So high that I may never feel
Another thing
4. County Road, Six Miles in (12:05)
Left watching beside the road
The robbers came and once again
Took nothing

Closed my eyes to join the night
Held out my hand and once again
Felt nothing

Drove out, long and slow
Upon the loosened gravel road
A blank night in the headlights,
And holes of leaving in each mirror

A ghost limb guides the wheel,
Calculating distances of stone fields
And ditches
And faded markers counting down

Your gaze is on the glass
Your eyes are tripping through the trees
Ahead of us, surviving us
And leaving this to some uncertain way

Chance is the thrown one
Crying, low and feral
On a small curve
A small curve

Junctures go sliding by,
On this empty ribbon pulling forward,
And forward
Bu never, never, never away
5. Outer Dark (12:46)
Stone child wants
With a banished heart
Hear and circle and cry
In this outer dark

Dust hands cupping sands
Their eyes can not see
Bring dead breath answers
To your shallow dreams

Ragged rider, down
From the barren hills
Have you come to bury
What their silence killed?

Has he seen beyond
Where all echoes die
He'll never wipe the vastness
From his eyes... his tearing eyes

Once you've seen beyond
Where all echoes die
You'll never wipe the vastness
From your eyes... your tearing eyes
6. The Shore Becomes the Enemy (13:26)
I dreamt. We sailed on
Guards slept.
We sailed on
Clouds wept.
We sailed on
Their dark pool of tears
A blinding well of tears

A strange thing stands where we used to be
A pale hand waves from the edge of the sea
A thousand eyes grow cold upon me
Now the shore is the enemy
The shore becomes the enemy

The night you slouched toward madness
You left me alone
But I kissed the sadness and asked her
To follow you home

She waits for you, frozen
In the amber of sleep
The dreamer: the nightmare
On a treacherous sea

I'll wait for you, frozen
At the edge of the sea
Sewn into the skins of
The enemy

[there falls a face beneath the hold
Beneath the waves, a glint of gold
These blackened shores will burn for me
And we will descend
As dreams
Through the stillness of the sea]
7. Hour Before Dawn (14:18)
Caught in the thin light,
A small shame, a dead crime
In the hour; one hour
Before dawn

Blindness to eyes,
Dreams paralysed
In the hour; one hour
Before dawn

I found yesterday
Lying still across the frozen bed
The weight of her devours my heart
Her death is killing me again

Now I wake to a jury of corners
My head held, heavy as stone
As shadow accusers enacting my sorrows
Dance tall in her cruellest hour
The hour before dawn
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