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Trapped in Lies Full Album Lyrics

Taurus - Trapped in Lies cover art

Trapped in Lies

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSpeed Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-02)
1. Trapped in Lies (5:45)
A Science to produce
A rational way to a new life
Transistors in my brain
No Shoulder for chernobyl cries
Revolution and pointin hands
Show only their disguises
They tell us only dreams
No hope in lachrymatory eyes

We´re links of a chain
Of a world going insane
How can we open our eyes
We´re all trapped in lies

Devotion by an eternal trick
Building refugee by lies
Blinded by wrongs and sins
No heaven in salvation ties
How long have they had your mind
Painful, endless control
Empty shining images
Submission by a press so cheat

We´re links of a chain
Of a world going insane
How can we open our eyes
We´re all trapped in lies

All that´s solid melts in the air
We can´t say where the truth is
But we´re sure where it´s not
Where are our lives hidden
One daywe thought bout evolution
they talked of better times
False theories didin´t justify it all
A world of actors sprang up
2. Napalm Taste (4:38)
It´s time to think about it
where´re our lives going to
Learn with your mistakes
Nobody can do it for you

No Place to hide
Too late to fight
Screams outside
The flame is high

Where´s the reason to be
Buying whats not be sell
Power´s an invisible hand
Moves the soldiers behins the flags

The flag is their shroud
Lost at dirty hills
Drugs is the only escape
Where are the heroes now

Pawns, paper soldiers
Die forgotten in other lands
Fear seems to be so far
But who will be the chosen one
3. Aria (4:44) (Instrumental)
4. Death by Booze (4:03)
Where does this pale visage come from
Springin´ in the middle of the night
This vision is a twisted picture
Like a bottle´s reflection sight

Your mind is seekin a shelter
Abandoning your family and friends
Dipped in the last whisky dose
Where you can´t find your agony´s end

You´re a shadow with red eyes
Blinded by booze, lost in the night
You´re a shadow with red eyes
Pourin ´out the chalice of life

Where the reasons to live this way
Can you remember your name
Who are you looking for in this flight
I´m shure that you´ll never find

Why do you turn delights into hell
Impressionin´your soul in booze´s spell
Delirium tremens possessin´your brain
Takin´you from gutter to grave
5. Nothing to Say (4:19)
Nothing to say
Don´t stay behind the wall
your err
Don´t live in fear
Can´t your see
The real meaning of your song
You don´t care
Are you just kidding

Have you ever
Thought about the consequence
Of your words
Many people mind
What you say
But your hands are empty
You never tell
Important things

Nothing to say
About our way
Leave out with sense
You can repent

Can´t you feel
You´re wasting your time
See the truth
Life is so easy
With eyes closed
What else do you have besides
The small world
You choose to live in

We live
In a hell paradise
Where the pain
Lives among us
We can´t
Keep on looking at another side
We have
Only one earth
6. Behind the Flags (5:41)
White culvers fly away
From this burning battlefield
I`m prisoner of my distress
Runner of this reality

This is my last uniform
Hearing disillusions call
From this dropped white flag
From this last years fall

You must fight for it! (2x)

We`re actors of this drama
Hearing the ancestor´ s screams
We`re the rubbish of golan´ s hill
Wailing guevara`s broken dreams
We`re the mourning from repressed
We`re history legate
Waiting for throwing down the wall
The wall of berlin

You must fight for it!

March or die
If you can believe in peace
March or die
In this ?coffin uniform?
March or die
There`s no reason to be
March or die
You must fight for it!
7. More Than You Can See (6:30)
More than you can see
Ans you´re used to be
Reality is such a thing you can´t hide
You Just see yourself
No matter you tell me
You really mind about the truth

More than you can do
And wanted to
Emptiness is the only thing you can
You don´t remember
We won´t live forever
And we won´t do anything when
We´re dead

Open your eyes
Over your sight
Forget I remember there´s We
You´ve got to decide
And choose your life
Or it will be even
More than you can see

More than you can know
Or put in your soul
You Always take care of bullshit
Look at your mind
You have nothing inside
You think you´re wise but remain a

More than you can fight
To find the light
It runs away from your hands
You can dream
And never scream
Cause you need to be the serious
Modern man
8. Comunication Breakdown (Led Zeppelin cover) (2:28)
Hey, girl, stop what you're doin'
Hey, girl, you'll drive me to ruin
I don't know what it is I like about you, but I like it a lot
Won't you let me hold you, now, let me feel your lovin' touch

Communication breakdown, it's always the same
Havin' a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane

Hey, girl, I got somethin' I think you oughta know
Hey, babe, I wanna tell ya that I love you so
I wanna hold you in my arms, yeah
I'm never gonna let you go, 'cause I like your charm

Communication breakdown, it's always the same
Havin' a nervous breakdown, drive me insane, ow, suck

Communication breakdown, it's always the same
Havin' a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane, yeah

Communicate, I want you to love me all night
I want you to love me all night, I want, hey, I want, yeah
I want you to love me, I want you to love, babe
I want you to love, yeah, I want you to love
Hey, I want you to love, yeah, I want you to
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