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De Natura Daemonum Full Album Lyrics

Mortem - De Natura Daemonum cover art

De Natura Daemonum

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-28)
1. Into the Nethermost (1:28)
(lyrics: Amduscias; Music: Nebiros; Amduscias)

Ave, Satan, princeps inferorum
Salve, lucifer, dux omnium daemonum

Existe, surge ex inferis
Ad docendos homines tuas artes
Regnum tuum est sub kolweteplov
In quo uruntur animae peccantium
2. De Natura Daemonum (3:11)
Wise scribe instructed in the abyss
Johannes Anania, the tortuous priest.
He’ll unveil the secrets of hell’s furnace
to give the myth of Lucifer endurance.

De natura daemonum
De natura daemonum

Taught by Satan, raised in the fiery pits
mastered the forbidden arts, bit by bit.
Our Lords instrument for conversion:
the lore of wickedness and perversion.

De natura daemonum
De natura daemonum

Learn on the nature of demons
a millenary infernal treasure.
Learn from the nature of demons
so your suffering may become pleasure.
Acknowledge the nature of demons
levitating in the air, descending from the skies,
ascending from the seas.
To refrain from the nature of demons?!?!?!?!
Showing no forgiveness, deprived of any mercy,
leaving all to die.
3. Black Demons (4:29)
By the middle of the night they’ll rise
from empty graves left behind
Subversive slaves in life
their corpses are spawn from Hell

They were all hung from ropes
They break the chains of death

Black Demons

Soulless and voiceless they are
transfigured beyond recognition
Their last trait of humanity (left in them)
is their uncanny need for revenge

They all died violent deaths
they bring Hell in return

Black demons, bringers of the night
Black demons, amidst the fog they arise
Black demons, wretched corpses rise

(Exu Diablo speaks…)

Ancient fire burns within their long dead corpses
Voodoo curse upon the living
Hell’s flames spread across the land.
(Lead: Rosan)

With hooks and knives
tearing right through human flesh
ripping out their masters eyes
drink their blood and gnaw at their bones.
(Lead: Nebiros)

Unholy fog engulfs the night, their plague of destruction
with the stench of death, their hatred grows as they
rejoice in this ending in fire
(Lead: Rosan)

where once there was life and harmony, only carrion for
worm remains
Vegetation dies plagued by curse never to grow again.
(Lead: Nebiros)
4. Shadows That Pray to Asurah (5:32)
In the dark can He be seen
where no light can ever reach
In a realm safe from the light,
the seven pray to Him.
They say they once were human
now they live for the night

You think Devah will decide who will live
and who ill die
think again when you look into the dark
and feel unknown fears

Deep inside within your mind you know
why you fear the night
horrors lie behind the gate to Patalah
will you dare to open it?
Open it…

A cracked brass bell now rings
the Sena Nisacaranam will sing:
Trascend int His world
allow Him to be your lord

Past the gate, to Narakah
they bid you welcome to their land
tears of blood from your eyes
you realize you’re no longer human

Raise your hand, read the lines
that will seal your fate tonight
You say His name in ancient tongues: RAVANA
As the words are spoken:

I am one of the seven shadows that pray to Asurah

In the realm of the living I’m a shadow
an ally of Ravana, guardian of the night
we gather at this old abandoned graveyard
in places that are hidden from the light

While the earth sleeps unaware I will ascend
Feeding on their fear, mere mortals I’ll condemn
Guided by Asurah, hear my prayer
we are nocturnal beings, I’m one of the seven shadows,
shadows that pray to Asurah
(Lead: Nebiros, Rosan)
5. Qarqacha, Demon of Incest (1:21)
I’ll hunt you through the mist,
through the millenary Andean valleys.
Incestuous lovers of these highlands,
I’ll take your souls to Uku Pacha.
They call me Qarqacha, the demon of incest
6. Dead Forms of Evil (4:03)
Corpses from the past
and recent ones corrupting fast
are awakened by the stench
of a burnt and lecherous witch

Black ansia unearthed
in a sea of dead flesh
Paradise of sin
Evil lurks within

Dead forms
(Leads: Nebiros, Rosan)

The dead lovers moan
Their dormant seed is sown
with this mortuary rape

Dead forms…of evil
Satan, these are your dark legions.
(Lead: Nebiros)

Salacious slaughter of the inmost,
her legs spread for the desired holocaust.
The bitch of Hell possesses all the sinners
7. One with the Dead (4:17)
Acolytes of darkness gather for a spirit session
Masters of illusion excelling in the art of divination
Way beyond Mesmerism, imitate the dead at once
Forces from Beyond bonding soul and corpse

Voices of unrest answer to the consultation
Pretend it was a lie, the secrecies of death defiled
they mess with resurrection, they mess with things
voice speaks out: “At twelve you’ll become
one with the dead”

Mysteries profaned, no sacred thing remains
will their journey reveal that only Death is real?
(Lead: Rosan)

“In this plane of non-existence the dead unite as one”
Their spirits collide and vanish.
In emptiness now they learn
“There is only death after death and death itself
does not exist”
(Lead: Nebiros)

“There is only death after death and death itself
does not exist”
8. Illusion of Blood (5:02)
Late at night you will see
Ungodly shadows flying free
The night’s as black as never before
heaven's light shines no more
(Lead: Rosan)

Screams of fright
Break the still of the night
the reaper takes another life
winged parasites take human form
with piercing fangs, yet have no soul

Why do people fear that darkened mansion?
Because it hided the breeds of a damnation
As you enter the basement, descend the gloomy stairs
with fear
Will you open the ancient coffins
and let the phantom appear?
You have dared disturb they ancient slumber
black corpses stare at you, they are somber.
Suddenly they rise, unholy terror from beyond
they'll dry your veins one by one.

They lift in phantasmagorical flight
across the bleeding skies
They roam the unholy pits
Nocturnal demons, they spread their wings
(Lead: Nebiros)

They spread their wings…
(Leads: Rosan, Nebiros)

Surviving centuries
they call it unquenchable illusion of blood
Nothing could have stopped them
From fulfilling their sinful lust
Dripping liquids ooze from their jaws of death
now they have come to claim your fate

Esta noche ver podras
volar sombras en la oscuridad
la noche negra como nunca antes…
illusion de sangre
9. Its Tomb Leads to Hell (4:46)
As they walk into the night
fear runs down their spine
for what they are about to unveil
is far beyond their might

They outwit the guards of the catacomb
that once remained concealed.
A torch illuminates the grave, the gate,
the broken seal

Beware, begone, before it is done

(Lead: Rosan)
Descending deep into this ancient Roman catacomb
Cross the rusty gates at dawn
as they glimpse at a ligtht at the end
through a complex maze of vaults and pits
blackened tunnels seem endless.

A soulless laughter fills the halls
will they all perish within these walls?

Beware, begone, the lamia’s unbound

They’ll be hunted to death / one by one
exposed to the horrors / from hell and beyond
They’ll be terrorized / by a slave of the night
No hope for survival / it’s useless to fight
(Lead: Nebiros)

A rude awakening of a cadaver
that lied there for a millennium
once swollen with the blood of the martyrs
now lusting for the souls of the intruders
As they pursue the light at the end
they lock the gates from the inside
only to turn and see / there’re only fiery pits.
They’ll join the blood-drained martyrs!

A terrible truth
in horror, they learn
this is the very Hell
Forever they’ll burn

Its tomb leads to Hell
(Lead: Rosan)

Its tomb leads to Hell
(Lead: Nebiros)

Its tomb leads to Hell
10. The Witch (1:32)
11. Superstition (5:32)
Darkness is lightened by torches
as unblessed lethal flames start to glow
Words are read to seal her fate
force of Hell makes the fire grow

Guiltiness of malignant worshipping
Inquisition law must now prevail
Plunge her soul into liquid depths
the Devil’s mark is now revealed


Damnation is to fall
upon the Christian fools
who defied the will of her Sire
She’s beckoned to Hell,
Where tortuous spirits dwell
Your temple of lies is on fire

Centuries have passed in vain
her ghostly laughter’s haunting this domain
A house was built over burnt remains
colonists enter Belial’s reign
The curse goes on for the soon-to-die
the holy cross was just another lie
Empty space below misty skies
the witch of darkness is about to rise

Repeat chorus
Superstition – of a twisted mind, demon-possessed
Superstition – servants of Satanas have no eternal rest
(Lead: Cuadros)

Sorcery from the pits of Hell
decimation fills the circle of the dead
The black lagoon is alluring souls
to conjoin the reign of immortality
Empty graves of decaying ghouls
that glorify the rising Domina
Blackened arts of a malicious cult
They’ll learn that she will never die
(Lead: Nebiros)

Superstition – in your twisted minds, demon-possessed
Superstition – this is what I am, I have no eternal rest
(Lead: Cuadros)

I will not die
(Lead: Rosan)

Centuries have passed in vain
She’ll return and people will be slain
This house was built on unhallowed ground
blood from her hunting will be found
The ones who dare defy their doom
after punishment, they may be entombed
Lucifer’s daughter, sorceress of Hell
Her enemies cannot escape her spell
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