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Burninhell Lyrics

Malignant Tumour - Burninhell cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresCrust Punk, Heavy Metal
Album rating :  -
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Lyrics > M > Malignant Tumour Lyrics (13) > Burninhell Lyrics (13)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-07-22)
1. Clearance of Century (2:52)
Holy day of consume today has begun
peoples last brain cell are fucking gone
4:30 am meeting in front of market door
discount in carrefour, what do you want fucking more
the the chopping-car, run to the shelves
greatest mass psychosis
merry-go-round of a nerves
7:30 morning, blood on dirty floor
people they are fighting, they want more
more expensive shits to their shopping-cars
I am laughing, laughing from the bar
2. Here We Are! (1:14)
twisted views, minced feelings, mind too far
music crap, malignant tumor, here we are!
3. Crossfire (2:50)
what you do and who are you?
are you leftwing give me proof
are you rightwing give me proof
what you do and who are you?
questions like a crossfire
you can not be a hired
personality is fired
and I am fucking tired
dont talk shit about my choice
coz what I use my own voice
crossfire by you day by day
I am trying to build my own way
4. Brigade of Whores (2:12)
Meet her somewhere at the cheap bar
coz I have a money, drunk like bar star
this story looks so very known
man like a toy to play for whore
brigade of whores
live is fucking gone
every where I hear, man fuck woman
feminist bullshit, bringing me pain
female poisons, still hurting me
brigades of whores, girls I only see
brigade of whores
love is fucking gone
5. Infernor (3:09)
your nervous behavior
is state when you feeling god
but your soul is blackened
and driving with satanic mud
but I am infernor
and I am your savior
I show you the door of electric church full of noise
sit and drink my beer
and rock n roll with lethal dose
6. Hate the Straight (2:32)
both born at the same world and you are better than me
because I am drinking and you are so fucking clean
we must be tolerant you say, then violent mood
I puke on your bullshit and fuel myself up with booze
I hate you - fucking straight edge
your dogmas - terrible headache
7. Obssessed by Hell (4:11)
close your eyes, dream with me
am I evil? Or human being
warrior, crazy horse
closing doors, satan force
I am the midnight master
ringing my black bell
sitting at dark throne
obsessed by hell
open eyes, what do you see
armageddon, misery
hellish child rule your mind
death is near, hell is here
8. Commands from the Oval Throne (1:51)
take your command
fight for your land
find to yourself enemy
don't you understand
we bomb another land
to fuel up our economy
pull the trigger - drop the bomb
woman and children - dead and gone
9. Crucifixion in Wine (3:05)
big church in the middle of town
so many pilgrims coming inside
for blood of christ to get fucking drunk
thats what the clergy trying to hide
drunken priests
crucifixion in wine
alcohol attack, livers almost gone
holy way is finished, oh... thats fine
and now they see the holy rome
as factory, producing just wine
10. Burning Sensation (2:38)
trying to escape from this bloody town
shellfire and bombs, nightmare comes around
reality shows just as army action
i am in front of tv and seeing burning sensation
burning sensation - american way
burning sensation - another fucking day
keep your eyes open, you're under control
national defense, million of bombs
government playing this game of death
I burn myself to make my nightmare end
burning sensation - american way
burning sensation - terror and hate
11. Low Life (1:48)
you dirty fucking scumbag
is what your parents say
you living stupid low life
its our house, get away
I am getting more tired
I am getting sick of it
I don't need stupid people
and their life, full of greed
let me die, in my low life
12. Ice (1:28)
sitting and drinking bottle of wine
feeling so sad, no fucking smile
four walls of my room are only my friends
cold as ice, live without sense
13. Oseriöst Som Faan (4:29)
kom igen nu för faan
ar det har allt du ar
skarp dig för helvete
klipp dig och skart ett jobb
jag ar en raggare
ven om jag vill vara punk
traskor pa kuken
och vaxi i min röv
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