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And So It Came to Pass Full Album Lyrics

Dyscarnate - And So It Came to Pass cover art

And So It Came to Pass

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2012-06-27)
1. The Weight of All Things (1:57)
2. In the Face of Armageddon (2:42)
Rise, and rise again! when the traitors stripped the land, the true wickedness of man was
Great. the deluge sentence passed upon his flesh and bone, he tore great fists of clay to
Create what should not have been.

Rise, rise! rise, rise! rise, rise! and rise again! and so let it be written, that when the
Silver pool is empty the vagrants will dine on that which they expel. breathing life
Into a living statue, which moves with rigid stillness and lurks beneath the waves,

We shall not bow down to he who wields the trident. we shall not kneel for he who
Spawns the silent. we shall. not bow down to he who shakes the earth. destroying
Blackened paradise-a savage rebirth. we shall not bow down to he who shakes the
Earth. destroying blackened paradise-a savage rebirth

Moving to erase his canvas-awash with the darkest depths of the abyss and sparkle of
The surface. it gleams deceitfully awaiting life to swallow, tranquillity exposes
Nothing of the perfect storm that will rise
3. Cain Enable (4:14)
Once. more past the heretics gate, where harlots. and angels breed deceit in accordance
With his. word. it is they who shall ascend while the sons of the kingdom burn for the
Omnipotent. innocent, not proven guilty. they are surrounded by the celestial army
Bearers of the whitest standard, heralds of the purest note. marching again across
The mouth of hell, his harsh commands resound amongst crusaders

"pierce the flesh! send venom through their veins! bow! worship! massacre them in my name!”
Once more past the heretic's gate-the seventh herald saw what was taught: as was the

Serpent raised in the wilderness, so must be the son of man; that who believes shall
Not perish-but suffer for eternity. disciples and deceivers herded together within
The walls that will become their tomb

Men who whimper for their brittle bones, which will soon be crushed into dust. stakes
Hammered into the ground upon which their women and children are impaled. upon the
Seventh passing, the walls crash to the ground-like a curtain falling upon the
Inhabitants final shreds of sanity. as was the serpent obliterated at his hands, so
Must be. the son of man. his final words of hatred call from the great heavens
The orders shimmer through the harsh wind like the blood that will surely follow

Once more past the heretic's gate, where harlots and angels breed deceit in
Accordance with his word. sons of the kingdom burn for the omnipotent
"cut down the groves! break it into pieces! slaughter! crush! annihilate!"
4. A Drone in the Hive (3:37)
Oblivious to success, foraging filth to wallow. Slaves to the nectar that the selfish gluttons swallow. Self-professed philosophers, the prophylactic's defective, it should force the hand to cleanse, and cleanse, and cleanse, and cleanse.

A drone in the hive. A sheep in the flock.
Bred to imperfection, this human livestock.
A pawn on the board. A brick in the wall.
This pedigree of failure where one is all.

Individuals will always rot with the rest. They will never rise a cut above the nest. The iron messiah contains them with an absent crown; freedom is nothing but an abstract noun.
The philocalists march where there's safety in slumber, against the swarm where there's idiocy in numbers
Angels torn from the sky, crying warnings prophetic. These saints left in agony, flightless and pathetic are ripped apart piece by piece, screaming and frenetic.
One is all. All are none.
Never have so many done so little for so few. Afflicted with convention, a change long overdue.

A drone in the hive. A sheep in the flock.
Bred to imperfection, this human livestock.
A pawn on the board in a game that can't be won.
This pedigree of failure where all are none.
5. Engraving Ecstasy (3:48)

Born into a world of monotony, shielded from all deviation. bound by the shackles of

Fate. to resume all obligations put forth, led fiercely along a blackened tunnel, with
The light at the end seeming so absolute. all other routes are blocked that escalate
The track. "just follow the paragon and don't look back!”

Emerging from the light to realize the euphoria, aeons of deliberation hoping to be
True. devoting all to the promised life, but the future is distorted. no time for
Judgment-it was now or never they make us make haste yet will not conclude. total
Deadlock for the future sought. no logic, no reason, just ride the onslaught
Observing the peers, emulating their ways. wearing them down, the spirit decays
Tolerating the act to get through the fray, just do what they do, not what they say

Forced on their production line-moulded, shaped and formed. scare tactics used to
Put off any second thoughts. an archetype for greed, the evidence manifests their
Will, disguised with false freedom. deciphering the clues, no practical reason to
Comprehend. assured by the tyrants: "there will be a means to an end”. a chain
Gang of fools is all that is to be seen, living out a sentence for another selfish
Being. stamping out the dreams, engraving the mind, playing out the myth,
Forever running blind. the failure of the scrutiny shall result in everlasting misery

6. The Promethean (4:34)
Light it up.

He destroys with the shining lamp of knowledge, the darkness born of ignorance. Orchestrated by Death himself. Master of the inferno, bringer of devouring flame to this transitory world. Divine dealings with mortality - residing in their hearts. Snatching the bounty for another human race, where holocaust is victory and peace is defeat.

The radiance of a thousand suns bursts into the sky - eruptions surging outward, disintegrating the partisans as they march on to a death unknown.

It begins. The swelling gloom which spells conclusion across the heavens. This is the splendour of the mighty one. Bound to this monolith - a tragic monument to his pride. The crowd once gazing skyward exclaiming wonder, they round upon him, blinded by his brilliance. Their eyes are opened as they scream: “Blasphemer!” In his twisted vision of the cosmic form, fouled by artificial breath, he shatters galaxies. “Now I am become death”.

To end everything and begin, to become the destroyer of worlds. This is his conviction. Across the stars the scriptures are unfurled.
The creator's revelation: End everything and begin.
Imploring them to heed his scripture of liberation, he cries “Worship Me!” as they blow his legacy across the skies. Innocent screams entrap his mind, as the crowd continue taunting, lives that never were; relentless, torturous in their haunting.

This is the splendour of the almighty one.
Destroyer. Blasphemer. Igniter of the thousandth sun.
This is the splendour of the almighty one.
Destroyer, Blasphemer. Master of all and none.
7. Grinding Down the Gears (4:55)
"Grind down!"

Eternally loyal to the dynasty, the driving force behind a prodigal empire. Defending its honour to the final breath, banishing all traitors with no regrets. Adhering to the cries of its master's desires. Poised, diligent and standing tall. Sacrificing all at its beck and call. Kneel and obey for its every need. No gratitude expressed from this mortal sin, spreading, conquering with expendable kin. Total domination - its only persistence. Assuming absolute over its wretched existence. Leaders outweigh followers, decisiveness fails. The message lost in whisper- chaos prevails.

Mass hordes of tyrants command a sparse minority, sparing the efficient priority. Grinding down the gears of the machine, wasting wealth on maggots unseen. Living to serve the sole purpose - terminal and decaying. Exhausting the only resource. Working slaves to death, ruling by force.

Everyone must suffer. It can just defraud, to satisfy its hunger for an undeserved reward.

Leeching off itself, then assuming rapid assistance, expecting sympathy, guidance and unquestioned adherence. Comparative to an infant it must be spoon fed, to squander it all and seek sustenance again, and again, and again, and again.
8. Rise and Fall (3:27)
You shall conquer the heavens. you shall be borne upon the breath of dawn. i shall raise
You up on eagles wings, to a groundless realm far from tyrant kings. although
Followed by her electric eye, gaze not upon the siren in the sky as you take flight to
Fortunes untold, for she beckons the touch possessed by no soul

You shall conquer the heavens. lest the heavens conquer you

Mere mortals whose hopes might be dashed upon a rock, now gods whose fortunes lie
In elemental stock. she licks these limbs with,a blazing tongue, reduced to dust by
The unconquerable one. this falling angel, imbued with wicked lust, now screaming
"sol invictus!”

As surely as the giant shall fall in the west,
As certain as the father was to embark on his quest,
Man shall yearn to capture what it cannot behold
The son was sure to fail as his eyes were drawn by gold

It rises with a blazing fire, illuminating all. bearing arrogantly down, ignorant to
The coming fall. enthroned in the sky, this man is the one. he shall show the
Rest the true unconquerable sun. cast down far from land, desperate for the
Impossible touch. wings waxed by his fathers hand, his greed proved to be too much.

As surely as the giant shall fall in the west,
As certain as the father was to embark on his quest,
Man shall yearn to capture what it cannot behold
The son was sure to fail as his eyes were drawn by gold
The rise and fall of man
9. Seizure (3:41)
A sanctuary to be disturbed, the innocent lay unaware of the forthcoming bloodshed
Lured out as bait, they hail the masquerade, embracing their kinsman. as one deft move
Breaks the oath, an ambush overwhelms their trust. frozen with fear they must lie
And wait to abide by the code that is written for all

Praying for the nightmare to end, losing all faith in their brethren
Powerless as their pride is taken, lifeless watchers forsaken

As the attack begins to intensify, victims attempt to pacify
Spurred on by the rush of hostility, feeding off the animosity

A sudden urge envelops the enslaved, the will to act and reclaim their throne
Fear that once paralyzed the weak now drives the war to its resolution. charging the
Outnumbered invaders, possessed by a ruthless entity
To blindly eliminate, an eye for an eye, "slit their throats! bleed them dry!”

Time now drastically hastens, the fight is over before it starts. the shock of
Retaliation quickly sets in. left with no choice the survivors flee-no spoils of
War, just permanent scars. the innocent remain victorious, they stood their
Ground and held the line until the end. no compromise

As the attack begins to intensify, invaders attempt to pacify
Spurred on by the rush of integrity, feeding off the animosity

Returning to be hailed as heroes, standing before the bureaucracy
Branded as murderers they must stand trial, for they broke the code that was written for 'all'.
10. Kingdom of the Blind (5:07)
The downward spiral of a throwaway world, trapped beneath a steel sky. across the land
The sixth extinctions at hand, cause and effect in a land of fools. the blind leading
The blind, their eyes filled with desire. humanity sold out, for all they can acquire.
A result of forward thinking; an obstinate normality. if one can control thought,
Then one can shape reality

What is the price for flesh and sinew? holding human life in cheap regard
Empty shells to be used as tools and obey the rules in this land of fools

Concealed within the ivory tower; dankly tarnished through atmospherics. hierarchs
Head a colony where truth and justice are mere esoterics. building machines to work
Like men, and moulding men who act like machines. this hegemony has ensured that the
Ends always justify the means

In the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king

The meat puppets will still serve; possessing no clear self-rule, their bodies are
Machinery; unquestioned obedience, the fuel. vessels without personality,
Force-fed an unending reel of rhetoric, the crowd consume the filth they're fed
And remain moronic. everything they know is a careful construct, created by
Minds superior to their own. in the kingdom of the blind, an eye can render
Others might-less. by taking an eye for an eye, humanity is sightless
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