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Black Funeral - Ordog cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal
LabelsBehemoth Productions
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Ordog Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-19)
1. Harbinger of Pestilence (5:36)
Beholding the path of Paitisha - The devouring worm within us all - Cast our sight into the twilight veil - Glancing to a world of decay - Weakened religion crumbles - Show now the foundation of the way - For those who cannot be uplifted - Shall then be devoured by our children - Chishmak form insects in clouds of hunger - Apaosh, who brings clouds above the enemy - Bring the storm of insects - Consume all that these sheep may eat - That famine shall encircle them - Reaping their harvest - To then make wolves of men - Beholding the path of Paitisha - Cast our sight into the twilight veil - Glancing to a world of decay
2. Hymn to Ahriman (5:00)
Crumble you days of gilded pestilence - and rot in your imprisoning fear - I cast down your scornful - worm-eaten delusion - cloaked as tatter'd redemption - I roar forth a thousand swords - from stronger mountains - than you could ever dream of falling from - and pierce the rusted armour of your salvation - I bear up this darkening world - upon my serpent-kiss'd shoulders - and shake loose the detritus - of your crippl'd hope - Ahriman stands beside and within me as your Omega blooms - Ahriman stands beside and within me as your weakling children earn - Their dust - Ahriman stands beside and within me as your fallen empires mark your grave - Ahriman stands beside and within me as you weep for false glories lost - Rise up on broken feet, oh hobbl'd aeons of despis'd light - you'll stand at this moment of thy end if ever at all - my word is the dirt tossed upon your waiting grave - and my deed is the truth that buried you there
3. Ordog (5:46)
I shall enter the depths of hell - Descending into underworld bliss - When the serpent awakens within - My spirit has been set free - When the body of light is encircled in its shadow - Casting darkness upon all around it - No limitations the flesh is entombed but spirit awakes - Bound by my circumference in a circle of shadow - Breathing the blood of the ancient in my flesh - I open my eyes, burning light, the source - My angelic nature unfolding into the beast - I affirm the mind of Ahriman - Serpents rise from my flesh - Tiamat before me - Chaos stirs within - I ensorcel my spirit to the flesh of draconis - My thirst for life grows fervent - In the halls of the 7th hell does the serpent arise - Shall I be now the father of serpents - To exist beyond the halls of the dragon
4. Mummu Chaos (5:53)
Whoever shall drink of my blood - Shall have eternal life - I have emerged from the Abyss - Vomited my blood into your wanting mouth - Shown you desire in the name of the Beast - Enter my gates which reveal the serpent's throne - I breed dragons beneath my flesh - Cloaked in night burning lust - Scaled in the time worn strains of the Adversary - Breeding war and unrest - Kiss me deep Mother of Serpents - And let your blood drain into my mouth - Tiamat, who devours and blesses a waking world - Your children born of Kingu's blood - Shadowed enraptured serpent entwined - Beneath the scythes blade do we reside - Unending, partaking of the divine - Gazing forever within the reflection of the beast - I have become upon the altar of Lilith - When the moon does not shine - Darkness surround, cast down - I arise in thy flesh - Blood a fountain of spilt life - Whose own land craves cleansing - Beast forlorn lead them to the slaughter - I hate this world of human overpopulation - Raise them up for the feast - Chaos awakened storm summoned bane - Where flesh seeks no end - Drink of my blood and know eternal life
5. Of Ravening Wolves (4:41)
Daughters of Lilith, mother of predators - Bride of the serpent, whose breathe gave us life - Whose instinct is a sharpened blade - Dancing across the flesh of your desire - Do not preserve them from Lilim, those of our faith - Emerging from the womb of our darkened mother - To drink deep of the sleeping - Relive again the ecstasy - Of first tasting the blood of the sleeper - And racing deep in their heartbeat - To steal away all life - Does strength come to you - Sisters who devour souls? Would you embrace my mightly visage - And sip from the throat of God? - Breed more shadows from such desires? - No more breathing light worshippers - Can be spared from their duty - To serve the strong and cunning fair - We seek the ocean still - The abyssic abode of Leviathan - That which swallows up human life - And feeds the awakening beast - Gather around the mother in a circle - From which she rises up through us - Ardat Lili, we are one - Ardat Lili, we are legion
6. The Chain (3:50)
Oh Prince of the mountain of the eternal midnight - Receive me in the chain - Make me part of those who haunt humanity's nightmare - I give you souls in exchange of godliness - Master of death and resurrection - whose name is a mystery among mysteries - Spirit of shadows spawn from a darker shadow - Green dragon of the court of Sigismund - Oh Lord, receive me in the chain! - In the name of the fire that never dies - In the name of death that feeds from eternal life - In the name of the corpse lying unputrefied in a centuries old grave - In the name of the spirit that grants limitless powers - By these words be the red pact consumed - And I become a link in the silver chain
7. Deathless and Eternal (4:48)
Memories absorbed - The survival of spirit is constant - Fallen into the void - Where flame is found revealed within - I seek to break down the strong - Absorb and drink from their life - When their hope fails - I want to show them my true form - Blackness enraptured in the visage of death - Yet deathless is the spirit which is the wolf - Given the fire from one so ancient - That time can no longer hold - To give to those who attend the darkness - My brothers and sisters of hungering shadow - Who have tasted the rebirth of the Serpent's kiss - Beneath the veil of a dark moon - When the mothers' legs open again - She of the Night then flows into our veins - A New life awakens - Deathless and eternal - I seek to master your world now - I seek to build the apocalypse
8. Abyssic Doctrine (4:15)
By darkness untouched by Sunlight - Embraced by the serpent's tongue - Long fallen in the corridors of Arezura - Hell welcomes those who may face it - And serpents filling the bowls of the pure - I invoke chaos to corrupt and break down - To rebel towards the darkness of possibility - Humanity as herd indulged prey - Seeking something greater than the spirit - But in the abyss there is nothingness - To the empty - My doctrine is self-deification - To overcome weakness - Let the weak feel guilt - Of spiritual ignorance and blindness - The Serpent's eye opens within - To those who approach the dragon - Who resides in the blood of man - That very storm awakening now - Let my word be the Dragon - The Lie called Druj - No more dawn for those who cannot face it - And the black sun offers a new light - In a new age, we bring the abyss to earth - Machine cold invigorating predator - Anti-life to those who are blind - World without end for the wise - Children of the Lie hear this call - Bring the chaos to the rights of man - Unchain Zohak and march through oceans of blood - Our life eternal...infernal bliss be ours
9. Unclean Spirit (4:17)
Unclean spirit enter them - We are many, legion - We are filith, of blackest earth - We awake in the bloat of corpses - The fly which is our form - Legion to whom nothing stands - Within a hatred you cannot understand - I want to enter your flesh, become one - Unless you resist, then to drink down your soul - Night and day, no rest just torment - Cut yourself in my name - There are many who offer blood to my cult - For they cannot understand a deeper meaning - I require not sacrifice no bent knee - Rather defiance as the spirit from which I am - We breathe pestilence into the cowering peasant - Who will never be of us - All of my abominations shall defile this earth - And create it again in my image - In one hand I hold heaven - And in the other Hell - Can you see the mark between my eyes - My flesh may perish but my spirit lives on
10. Ode to Pazuzu (4:13)
Wings of disease, trapped in stone - Stone carved from nightmares - Pazuzu, primal egregore of man's suffering - I call your name, and carve your image in my flesh - Lord of plagues, river of the northern winds - You stare at humanity through your glass cage - Brought from Assyria to the city of Lights - Your energy radiating from the Louvre pyramid - A pestilence set out to destroy human life - In a world made of glass and concrete - The flesh is so weak, so easy to corrupt - Ripped by your infected fangs and claws - Lord Pazuzu, spread sickness in the heart of men - Spread fear and terror in the soul of Jehovah's chosen ones - Feed me through your frozen wild eyes - Now I can bring the sickness in the heart of men
11. Lilitu (2:55)
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