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Realitale Lyrics

Amethista - Realitale cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-10)
1. The Whim of Rha (10:08)
He's the weak Narciso seeing his image in the stream...

When the nocturnal stars die her bed is the void, the black vortex
And I the Master hidden in the Light Evil will and the angelic glaze

Nightmare masked with air and fire
Infinite space over desecrating night skies

They are the golden curls coils of slimy snakes
I'm the weak Narciso, reflecting in the flames

I take what I want, and all I see
Sitting on my throne of crimson leaves

He tears your tender body, with thousand thorny roses...
He tears my tender body, with thousand thorny roses...

Dissolute Son, filthy agony of her eyes
Would you close the eternal circle?

The rending scream of the victim in chains
Hurge the Beast to consume its feed
his whim dispels the dimensional veil
it drops the mind to the primordial fury

Nightmare masked with air and fire
Infinite space over desecrating night skies

Each morbid ritual unleashes the elements of perversion
The golden vulture feeds on her human essence

The blossom is fading, its stalk is bleeding...
The blossom is fading, its stalk is bleeding...

When it's dawn, while Rha is rising
the crime is accomplished, creature hunted
The crime is accomplished creature exiled for your vanity!

Spirits of midday brought her with clouds
Beyond times inside the world..
He's the weak Narciso seeing his image in the..
Along the dark red paths, deserts to your sandy den

Between ancient stories and whispered legends
I still exist in your ritual revenges
Perfect, infect, deprived of your wings
Barren, sparkly, carrier of diseases
Your stony monuments
Bent toward Nut's womb
Oracles inside the Prophets of Atlantis' dead sons!

The advent of your deepest dusk on my face there is a mask..
A castle grown with fear shall burns my frozen tear
2. Invisible Queen (8:12)
I scream your name into the belly of the Earth
I feel the blue fire in the embrace of Death!

The sacred night covers me with its roots...
Reached the stone I see your grey tomb and the cherry tree covering you with petals
My Generatrix, mistress of my soul, your primordial and biting sound has gone back!
Wind makes cold my blood for you
This is the Mother of the invisible Moon
Vampire of thriving shores of Red Sea
Where your exile begot the loner progeny

I've touched you I've felt you

Appear to me through the icy mirror, when my incense burns fast the whitethorn
Lady of my image, eternal Sphinx, Sun looks for a refuge on your tenuous skin

Now I'm covering this place with my chants
Present yourself in this midnight, here are my tears evokening the past

Your nasty portrait is concealed in the sky
Goddess of firmament, pale cheeks showed to men
Enter into my blood, splendid breath, walk full of beauty and grace

You set me free from the rusted chains

Rich of your Light, sphere of your energy
Answer my cry, accept my plea!
Under your garment you hide the sin
In your shadow I look for the image that is in me.
Between the grass, on the hill, you're the magic blow
Throw my will on my prince's pillow

A strap around my tunic made of black silk
The symbol of my primordial identity
Where the bride of Ice lives eternally
Encircled by stars, far from human lunacy

..The blue fire is in the embrace of Death!

My fervent hands were empty and disarmed
You exalted my love and stopped my decline
Look at me, I'm the general of your formations
I walk on the thread between peace and damnation.

Arches of Light are confusing among my words..
Voices of other dimensions are echoing over my arms... raised toward the sky..

Through the Infinity, in the middle of the circle of fire
Intoxicated by cold atmosphere, roars and whispers reach my ears
Scarlet clouds form black flames and carnal desires!
3. The Vice (6:47)
Sinuous bodies move in the shadows of the crypt
Where she captured her prey with her powerful claws
The whip cracks at every falling tear
Her hands and the cold stone floor are flooded with blood!
Wicked Nature, divine law of pleasure
It lights up her eyes with the whore flame
White skins which rushed to the chasm together
Now embrace the ground of the sepulchral garden..
Cruel her will, merciless her glance
Crucified her virtue, tied to the deathbed!

She corrupts her mind with the taste of the most voluptuous vice
Sell the bitter perversion in the same black acrid chalice!

The fool's body, covered with sores, falls, when her executioner smiles, depraved reaper proud among the sheets!
Night of transgression which calls beautiful creatures,
It observes the luxurious pomp, the lustful Bacchanals of evil gods!
Her devouring fire is proud and atrocious
It offers the innocence on the debauched lover's altar

The wicked soul of the confessor tortures the younger fleshes
The wailing of filthy lust shocks her dark mind
Castrated the smarter prey, burnt into Gheenna's land
Corrupted ardours and bitter poisons between the legs of the Ancestral Hate
She hears her victims imploring, while she looks for their blood with her tongue
The fluids enter her body, reaper tiger of the righteous man!

By the trembling light of her most precious candelabra
She kisses the virgin's breast, trapped in her nuptial bed!
4. The Beast Within.. (6:18)
Shut up in the darkest room, I feel the Beast approaching restless
Lone wolf smell my scent, my eyes get lost in your thoughts

My body is in flame but cold is my resurrection
Between your hair light crystal decorations

Snow possess my feeble breath
Grip... the blazing hot chain to my wrists
Fog covers us with his vivid
Presence... the phoenix protects our secret meeting

Our free spirits, Gaia's children, are running through the time
..A fallen tear releases the spell in your wild arms I feel my home
A nocturnal lake your Nimpha's glance
Lie with me pale enchant, free your sense..!

We can destroy , we can defy
Grasp my white soul, tame my delight...
5. My Moment Is Eternity (2:54)
A breath is the moment allowed by Gods
Three days to create the golden Reign
Powerful Gorgoi break the bars of the cage
So Horus can soar six feet over the clouds.
A source flows from each of your tears
A tree rises from each of your blood drops
Son of God in whom all is completed
Ancient teacher of ash painted priests

Nitron to purificate my head/ in the waters of the flood
Your sign of life/ is impressed on my flesh

Ruby eyes for the future vision... I'm eternal

Amethyst heart to communicate with humanity... I'm eternal

..I'm eternal.
6. Souls Vibrations (7:01)
In the fog over the hedges, there are drawn up the knights of the plains
In the dark behind you, there are hidden presences full of pains

Closed in by the roaming chants, you feel a shiver along your back

Your misted over eyes don't see, your cold hand doesn't touch me..

You walk between the ruins and they watch to you, but you can't reach exile's violet rooms, your misted over eyes don't see

It's not dream, it's not a gloomy fairy tale
Don't you feel the fear in the boundaries of the place?
Don't you see around me the doors are opening?
The pages of reality are confusing
You're blind and deaf when the spring sun is blurring!
Can't you realize how much is fast your beat?

When the Moon shows the sacred way, you feel a strange vibration in your faith

You go all over the streets near steps without sound
But the echo of their prayers doesn't come from the ground!
Under the bed, where sleeps your heart, malicious nightmares whisper and then, they go up toward your opened mouth, sliding slowly inside your veins... your veins!

Passing through your indifferent body, I cross your sleeping soul in the book which constantly changes in my hands
I observe far from the sky to Earth... to Earth... to Earth!

If my arm grazes the gravestone, the leap bring me over the perishing form
Smart cypresses, whispered truth, spoken at midnight, flickering lights
A Pagan vision in my horizon, the hoarfrost expands in my bones
Liquorous sensations, still blood, delicate sounds..
Things you don't... see!

Over adders' dens, in North of the glade
They have offered me the scepter of their Reign
Take my hand, I've something to show you
Come to the Oracle on the tunes of my flute

The ivy grows on the walls where they rest
Bleak is my world you can't understand

Narrow the path where I stay, your forbidden and steep way

Things you don't see, the things you don't see
Mysterious pulsating and vigorous attraction
Anchors me to.. the things you don't see

Anchors me to the flesh and every my action
Things you don't see!
7. Lights in the Abyss (7:14)
Your ruins rise from the sea, covered with white coral
An high tower on the weaves, hidden by ancient creatures of foam
Sad Destiny of the world, submerged by Flame's will
I hear the tunes never written, they sing the Infinity
Missing in Galaxies' deeds...
Ablazed gallery, bring me on the way
Where Angels of Death disclose the Seven Gates
In the presence of Osiris the ship sets sail
It travels in the caves of one thousand Fates

Inside the underground Reign
Teach me the rules of the great Constellation
Where waters sleep and your music is created.
My foreign land, beaker of holy balance
I know the treasons of the turquoise tide
Which crossed over the cobweb of the streets
It tarnished the eyes of youngs like an axe
The baleful talon crossed out you

The thunder comes from the great Dark
From the thin tale of the white colony
The marble Temple is still too far
It rests in my prophetic dream
The thunder comes from the great Dark
From the thin tale of the white colony
The marble Temple is still too far
It rests in my prophetic dream

In the pale light of the leaden sunset, beated off by earthly thought
Where figures leave their sharpness, where Star contains its sacred otherworld

Cut into my chest the shining letters
Which testifies to your existence
Leviathan guards to your life forever
He closes in upon your real distance

Seventh Star in the hand of universe, I've heard your bagpipes playing
Unpropitious place of ancient knowledge, I'm devoted to your mute chastity

Giant of the Earth are the birth of your time
Hermits and heroes fathers of dominion
Rape me, charming ageless island, I can read on your emerald books
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