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Vehementia Full Album Lyrics

Abhor - Vehementia cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-16)
1. Ignis Sulphuris (1:42)
2. Evocative Prayer to Lilith (4:39)
Oh Lilith, Queen of the Darkness,
You that gave the life to the monsters and terrestrial dragons,
You that favor the negromantis
You, Black Moon, You internal Moon
You go down between us as a black cloud,
Ploughs the sky as wandering black star
You wrap this place with your wings of vampire
Oh Black Eclipse
Show to us the bloody shades
Of the ghosts in your power
And the celestial demons
Wandering in the obscurity of the Chaos
Oh bride of Satan,
We mark our abdomen
With the sign of cross moons
Oh angel of the night
We pronounce your name
What it contains the spell
That will make to shine your Black Light
In the sky without Moon and without stars
Oh Black Fairy,
Guide up to us the lunar vampires
Oh Black Mother,
Bathes with the cold lifeblood of the sky
The Warm blood vapors of the earth
In the point of Celestial Death
3. Garden of the Philosophers (5:46)
I look at the sky and see the stars
Orion, why you are so far, so inaccessible?
In the sad and miserable conscience of the being man I scorn my limits and I regret the fallen Atlantide. By now only remembers sealed in clean covert and forlorn stones. Solve et Coagula. Never like today this concept appears me as clear and paradoxically deceptive. Coagulate et Solve is theway imposed, junction and dissolation are the destiny that waits me. The power of the chaos dominates my future. I am alone, wanderer in the immense garden of the philosophers, King of the ancient dreamers. Art surrounds me. I feel it like the oath that governs my empire. Blasphemy is the verb for the hopes that one time I had and that now rests to the feet of this monument of fog, snow and ice. The heart of the brother is black like the night and the blood flows cold among the deceased meats of betrayed angels. I am to the search of a never had orgasm and that this sterile life can't offer me ever. What is the hope compare to the destiny? An horrible nightmare that haunts and disturbs my rest. I don't find the end of this fairy garden and, surrounded of artists, Princes of fantasy, I look for repose near the shore of this river of putrescenses. Without breath, without the soul I offer myself to the nightmares, my only friends. Solve et Coagula
4. Monarch of Lie (4:04)
Can you hear the roar and the violence of the sky?
Fire and earth feeding
The uneasiness of the celestial god,
The wind raises the flames,
Fills the earth with rain
In a unique cosmic prophecy
The circle is open,
The portal of the unknown cheers my will
The ropes of the Abyss are straining on high
The son of fire commands the elements
The monarch of lie Spies from the erebus,
As he spies from other places...
I, the monarch of the dark soul
Ignis et acqua in mea manu
Involutum terra et aera
Monarch of lie, lord of untruth,
Don't believe in what I show you
Just illusions all around. Creation is not that
I am the forefather of fate. I, the monarch of lie
5. Fabled Ceremony (4:46)
...And I heard the sound
Of that writhe among the nocturnal breeze
Those leaves of the sundown color
Color of the death
The shades of the silence conspires
Like broken stars
Fire of sulphur, silver and incense
The mystical nature of the fabled magic
Knowledge and learning like a cosmic fusion
Of dusts in the universe
Breathe the flames of the chandeliers
The hands toward the sky,
A magic emblem under my feet
...And an evocative energy
Out from the circle the storms,
Inside the circle awful calm
The trees seem to break,
Folded up from the force of my words,
The stones briefs from the ground,
Raised around me
The skies furrowed from baggy
Clouds of black energy
Veni supplicium
Veni timor Veni oblectation
Ignis sulphuris, argentum et tus
Fabulosa caerimonia
6. Rivers of Incense (4:36)
Along the Magic Way of the knowledge
Human beings like scorch sleep
Black crystals in my blood flow
Lost hate through toss of belch
The moon lead me where I don't see
Words carry from a clipping wind
The my secret is inaccessible
Stone thrown in open sea
The heat of the candle, red flame
Icy my soul, antiseptic
Sound - pain, slopping calyx
Lukewarm blood, reflection and agony
A big dark room inside
Breathing the dust of the past
Rivers of incense relaxants
Atmospheric occult art
Old wise man that sell lifes
Young cripples that buy dignity
Water bathed by rain of fire
The moon could blind you
Thieves of souls gallivant light
Actors recite the own drama
Suicidal animals for thirst of instinct
Chorus of Salomonic Heresy
7. Principium Ater (4:22)
Devotion like pungent pact
Of ancestral testimony
In this endless wisdom
Of manifold nature, in one appearance
Among bodies of thousand forms
From spider to cold war among false colors
And falling tears of feelings
To you the taller and ardent fire
You messenger of the dark
You father of the evil and son of black flame
Powerful master with sinister appearance
To you the praises, to you the most awful hymns
Satan, Lucifer, Abyss,
Devil, eternal evil, how much names
Recognized to you my master
Tu evocaris ab quibus Te timent
Satanas, Satanas, Satanas
The black arts, the astral skies,
The fervent clouds, the abysses without color,
Smashed the cohort of angels will be
To your arrival among wheezes of fear
So from your imposing earth
8. Shamhain (Umbrae Ritualis) (9:01)
During the night when all is visible I open the doors of Wisdom. Propitious instant for my sacrifice, propitious instant for every request. Burns, incense of hope! Burns, the torch of knowledge! While, mad human, I pour the blood of madness. My art is like a trapped bat in a small snare that is life. Like the ivy that suffocate the oak, now I kneel down myself in front of the Mather: receive us among your arms like imperiture stars, your sons come towards you, sempiternal moon
Endah hiv Alckhoth
Dem nevr Isht
Ehn hat Eshagt
Morset nevr Isht
Ca jd ol Faa
Ca jd ol Hom
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