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Vancouver / Zatokrev - Vancouver / Zatokrev CD Photo
Vancouver / Zatokrev - Vancouver / Zatokrev CD Photo
Vancouver / Zatokrev - Vancouver / Zatokrev CD Photo
preview  Vancouver / Zatokrev  –  preview  Vancouver / Zatokrev (2007)  [Split]
Format : CD
Get A Life! Records (GAL005)
March 20, 2024
Vancouver / Zatokrev - Vancouver / Zatokrev
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Album (2007)
GenresSludge Metal, Metalcore, Post-Metal, Doom Metal
LabelsGet A Life! Records
1. Zatokrev - Out of Despair (5:22)
2. Zatokrev - Pro Co (4:31)
3. Vancouver - Love Made Automato (5:12)
4. Vancouver - Apparatus (5:51)
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