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Name (Nick) Theo
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Interests Music, Tarantula Keeping

I live in the southern united states (Tennessee).
I started listening to metal when i was in middle school and have ever since.

I currently own 16 Tarantulas, 7 Scorpions, 4 Centipedes, and Two Ball Pythons.
I fluently speak French and Korean, and I am now studying Russian.

Power Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Thrash Metal
Death Metal
Heavy Metal
Black Metal
Speed Metal
Doom Metal

Other Genres:
Visual Kei
Choke - CHOKE 1
Deviloof - Ishtar
Nishaiar - Era I
Rise Of The Northstar - Sound of Wolves
Nocturnal Bloodlust - Grimoire
Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
An Argency - An Empty Shell
Timeless Wounds - Cultus Profanum Sordes
Causing The Exile - Dawn of the New Era
Provocation - Forging the Gods
Design the Skyline - ReBirth
Lists written by Theo
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Artist name Genres Country Albums Votes Date
preview Traitor Brutal Death Metal Korea 1 0 2018-10-28
preview Throcyte Death Metal Estonia 1 0 2018-10-28
preview Purusha Groove Metal Portugal 0 0 2018-10-27
preview Zon Metalcore, Rock, Visual Kei Japan 0 0 2018-10-26
preview Leper Temple Sludge Metal, Doom Metal Korea 1 0 2018-10-17
preview Waves Melodic Doom Metal, Atmospheric Metal Ireland 1 0 2018-10-12
preview Neverending Death Metal Chile 1 0 2018-10-11
preview Malevolum Raw Black Metal Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 1 2018-10-10
preview Ancient Throne Black Metal Thailand 1 0 2018-10-10
preview Super Junky Monkey Funk Metal, Alternative Metal, Avant-garde Metal Japan 7 0 2018-10-09
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cover art Artist name Album title Release date Rating Votes Date
Demo 2015 preview preview Demo 2015  [Demo] 2015-07-05 - 0 2018-10-28
Knot Invisible preview preview Knot Invisible  [EP] 2018-11-14 - 0 2018-10-28
Brain Washing preview preview Brain Washing  [Single] 2018-11-14 - 0 2018-10-26
紅く散らばる華 preview preview 紅く散らばる華  [Single] 2018-07-25 - 0 2018-10-19
BRILLIANT preview preview BRILLIANT  [Single] 2018-05-09 - 0 2018-10-19
no image preview preview Dadaism#4  [EP] 2018-11-14 - 0 2018-10-18
僕はアンドロイド preview preview 僕はアンドロイド  [Single] 2018-07-18 - 0 2018-10-18
Leper Temple preview preview Leper Temple  [EP] 2018-10-15 - 0 2018-10-17
鬼火 preview preview 鬼火  [Single] 2018-09-26 - 0 2018-10-15
Impermanence preview preview Impermanence  [EP] 2018-10-09 - 0 2018-10-12
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Album reviews written by Theo
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CHOKE 1 preview  Choke preview  CHOKE 1 (2017) (95/100)    2017-11-28
This band is a rather unique one due to the fact that it's the only visual kei band I've come across to incorporate rapping and almost beatdown like instruments into there music, I would recommend giving this band a listen if you like Nu-Metal / Rapcore.
Era I preview  Nishaiar preview  Era I (2017)  [EP] (90/100)    2017-09-01
Considering this band is from Ethiopia, this is an impressive Atmospheric Black Metal / Post-Rock EP.
Sound of Wolves preview  Rise Of The Northstar preview  Sound of Wolves (2012)  [Single] (90/100)    2016-06-03
This is the very first track I heard by this band, and being that the band formed over their love of Japan, Anime, and Manga, (All of which I like as well) I found myself another great Metalcore band to listen to.
Grimoire preview  Nocturnal Bloodlust preview  Grimoire (2013) (90/100)    2016-05-06
Very first band that got me into metalcore and deathcore, I have several fond memories of this album.
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida preview  Iron Butterfly preview  In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (1968) (90/100)    2016-04-17
One of my favorite albums by this band, also the very first to get me into the psychedelic rock genre.
Forging the Gods preview  Provocation preview  Forging the Gods (2012) (80/100)    2016-04-17
While i'm not the biggest fan of Brutal Death Metal, this album was rather good in terms of the genre and sound, The track i enjoyed the most off this album was Track 2 "Overkill".
Reflejos preview  Oizis preview  Reflejos (2015)  [Single] (70/100)    2016-04-17
The band's first single "Reflejos" is okay, needs a little improvement, but otherwise is around average.
An Empty Shell preview  An Argency preview  An Empty Shell (2015)  [Single] (90/100)    2016-04-12
I'm interested as to what else this band can do.
Ishtar preview  Deviloof preview  Ishtar (2016)  [Single] (95/100)    2016-04-12
This by far is one of the most brutal bands in the Visual Kei scene currently and this single to me, proves that statement.
Cultus Profanum Sordes preview  Timeless Wounds preview  Cultus Profanum Sordes (2015)  [EP] (90/100)    2016-04-12
Good example of Beatdown Deathcore. In my opinion.
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Black Pig Black Pig (100/100)    2018-10-27
preview  dexcore preview  Black Pig (2018)  [Single]
Transcendence Transdermal Celebration (Ween cover) (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence From the Heart (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Offer Your Light (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Transcendence (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Stars (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Higher (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Secret Sciences (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Failure (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
Transcendence Stormbending (100/100)    2018-10-26
preview  Devin Townsend Project preview  Transcendence (2016)
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