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Name (Nick) Theo
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Interests Music, Tarantula Keeping, Anime, Video Games

*I'm slowing down on album photo uploads until I get my lighting issue fixed (past few photos look like garbage to me)

I live in the southern United States (Tennessee).
I started listening to metal when i was in middle school and have ever since.

I'm rather easy to please when it comes to metal (I'll listen to anything and usually enjoy it.)

Not good with commenting on albums, only just now becoming comfortable doing so. (not very articulate, tend to repeat, ramble, etc)

Currently working on expanding my physical music collection. (my music library is mostly digital) Will upload pics of albums as I receive them.

Other things about me: Tarantula/Invertebrate keeper, Anime fan
My bandcamp account: https://bandcamp.com/yuyuka9922

Other sites I'm on (not metal related):
Grey Skies Fallen - The Fate of Angels CD Photo by TheoStarer - Wind, Breeze, Or Breath CD Photo by TheoNhomme - 一​種​の​過​音 Cassette Photo by TheoTo Forget - To Forget CD Photo by TheoTo Forget - Cornered in a Retrospect Vinyl Photo by TheoSeasons Worn - A Flower in Faith Cassette Photo by Theo
Starer - Starer Cassette Photo by TheoStarer - 18° Below the Horizon CD Photo by TheoStarer - The What It Is to Be CD Photo by TheoWristmeetrazor - I Talk to God But the Sky Is Empty CD Photo by TheoStarer - Remorse Defines Me CD Photo by TheoStarer - Coverer CD Photo by Theo
Artema - STARGAZER CD Photo by TheoArtema - ARTEMA CD Photo by TheoArtema - Fairy Tale CD Photo by TheoFEAR FROM THE HATE - 1st Demo CD Photo by TheoCrescent Lament - Behind the Lethal Deceit CD Photo by TheoCrescent Lament - 花殤 Elegy for the Blossoms CD Photo by Theo
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previewYubari GogoScreamo, Emoviolence, Black MetalGreece00Sep 30, 2023
previewAmber DaybreakScreamo, Post-HardcoreBelgium40Sep 30, 2023
previewaux.auraScreamo, Emoviolence, Mathcore, MetalcoreUnited States10Sep 29, 2023
previewNhommeScreamo, Emoviolence, Math RockJapan30Sep 20, 2023
previewSeasons WornMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, ScreamoCanada20Sep 19, 2023
previewFrom First to LastPost-Hardcore, Screamo, Alternative Rock, Indie RockUnited States60Sep 15, 2023
previewRemembering SensationPost-Hardcore, MetalcoreJapan30Jul 22, 2023
previewHuman BreedPost-Hardcore, Metalcore, ScreamoCanada40Jun 21, 2023
previewThe Blinding LightMetalcore, Mathcore, Sludge MetalUnited States30Jun 19, 2023
previewCougar DenScreamo, Hardcore Punk, EmoUnited States30Jun 10, 2023
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SentinelspreviewpreviewSentinels2009-10-0Sep 30, 2023
Boat TrippreviewpreviewBoat Trip  [EP]2008-0Sep 30, 2023
Empty ShellspreviewpreviewEmpty Shells  [EP]2008-0Sep 30, 2023
Serenity's always latepreviewpreviewSerenity's always late  [EP]2007-01-02-0Sep 30, 2023
aux.aurapreviewpreviewaux.aura  [EP]2023-06-13-0Sep 30, 2023
一​種​の​過​音previewpreview一​種​の​過​音  [EP]2023-02-13-0Sep 20, 2023
テ​ト​ラpreviewpreviewテ​ト​ラ  [Single]2023-01-18-0Sep 20, 2023
鬱糸previewpreview鬱糸  [EP]2017-07-08-0Sep 20, 2023
A Flower in FaithpreviewpreviewA Flower in Faith  [EP]2023-07-14-0Sep 19, 2023
508previewpreview508  [EP]2022-02-09-0Sep 19, 2023
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Ashes to Ashes preview  Chelsea Grin preview  Ashes to Ashes (2014) 100/100    Aug 5, 2023
My opinion on this album is VERY biased. (Was 15 when it released and was the album that got me into CG.) Definitely has a bit more of a Metalcore-ish sound to it compared to their previous releases but in my opinion this does not detract anything from the album. (Still plenty of Deathcore goodness present)
Chelsea Grin - Ashes to Ashes CD Photo by Theo
Dreams of Fragmentation preview  Cailleach Calling preview  Dreams of Fragmentation (2022) 100/100    Jan 7, 2023
Absolutely stunning Atmospheric Progressive / Post-Black Metal, easily one of my new favorites.
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Cailleach Calling - Dreams of Fragmentation CD Photo by Theo
Rock preview  Pleymo preview  Rock (2003) 100/100    Dec 22, 2022
This album tones down the aggressiveness the band was known for and shifts to a more melodic musical style. (which is still heavy at times) Just like their two previous albums, Rock is also one of my favorite albums in the Nu Metal/Alternative Metal genres.
Keçkispasse? preview  Pleymo preview  Keçkispasse? (1999) 100/100    Dec 21, 2022
What was said in my Episode 2: Medecine Cake album comment also applies here. Heavy, Aggressive, and even funky at times.
Episode 2: Medecine Cake preview  Pleymo preview  Episode 2: Medecine Cake (2002) 100/100    Dec 21, 2022
Ridiculously heavy and aggressive Nu Metal and easily one of my favorite albums within the genre.
Scars & Souvenirs preview  Theory of a Deadman preview  Scars & Souvenirs (2008) 70/100    Dec 19, 2022
Very average, nothing special. It's tolerable but it's definitely not something I'll actively want to listen to.
Theory of a Deadman - Scars & Souvenirs CD Photo by Theo
The Cleansing preview  Suicide Silence preview  The Cleansing (2007) 100/100    Dec 8, 2022
Absolutely crushing Deathcore. Essential listening for anyone who's a fan of the genre.
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Purge preview  Deviloof preview  Purge (2016)  [EP] 100/100    Dec 7, 2022
Deviloof's absolutely filthy debut EP. Nothing but pure crushing unadulterated chaos and I wouldn't have it any other way as its what Deviloof does best.
Missa preview  Dir En Grey preview  Missa (1997)  [EP] 95/100    Dec 7, 2022
Diru's debut EP, the production value is lower than their subsequent releases but that still doesn't detract anything from it as it's still great late 90's VK and is a must listen for Diru and VK fans alike.
Gauze preview  Dir En Grey preview  Gauze (1999) 100/100    Dec 7, 2022
The crown jewel of Diru's discography and an essential album for any VK fan to listen to.
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preview  A Ghost of Flare preview  ENDLESS DEMISE (2017)  [Single]
swollen eyesswitch100/100    Aug 5, 2023
preview  A Ghost of Flare preview  swollen eyes (2012)  [Single]
swollen eyesswollen eyes100/100    Aug 5, 2023
preview  A Ghost of Flare preview  swollen eyes (2012)  [Single]
The JudgeThe Judge100/100    Jul 25, 2023
preview  A Ghost of Flare preview  The Judge (2015)  [Single]
Two明日の叙景 (Asunojokei) - 冷たい傍ら100/100    Jan 17, 2023
preview  明日の叙景 / pale preview  Two (2019)  [Split]
Two冬蟲夏草 (Tochu-Kaso) - 玩弄物100/100    Jan 17, 2023
preview  明日の叙景 / pale preview  Two (2019)  [Split]
Two濃霧 (Nhomme) - 淋檎の謳100/100    Jan 17, 2023
preview  明日の叙景 / pale preview  Two (2019)  [Split]
TwoPale - Dakhme95/100    Jan 17, 2023
preview  明日の叙景 / pale preview  Two (2019)  [Split]
Ghost CondensateGhost Condensate II100/100    Jan 16, 2023
preview  Mesarthim preview  Ghost Condensate (2019)
Ghost CondensateGhost Condensate I100/100    Jan 16, 2023
preview  Mesarthim preview  Ghost Condensate (2019)
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