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Augury - Concealed CD Photo
Augury - Concealed CD Photo
Augury - Concealed CD Photo
preview  Augury  –  preview  Concealed (2004)
Format : CD
▸ Label - Sonic Unyon Metal
▸ Catalog Number - SUNCD1322
▸ EAN - 621617013223
▸ Released - Mar 8, 2011

My rating on this album : 88/100 (★★★☆)
"Intriguing space-themed metal album. It's quite hard to find out a debut full-length album with this quality. There's no complaint about the technical proficiency of all the instruments the band played and the song-writing capability has been successfully executed with meticulous musicianship. As a newcomer to the scene, there are some shortcomings too: the entire album gets to sound monotonous as it goes towards the end due to the palpable and predictable musical pattern."

Recommended Track : 3. Cosmic Migration
June 21, 2023
Augury - Concealed
Rating :  84 / 100
Votes :  3
Album (2004)
TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal
LabelsGaly Records
1. Beatus (4:04)
2. ...Ever Know Peace Again (3:34)
3. Cosmic Migration (5:56)
4. Nocebo (5:21)
5. Alien Shores (4:13)
6. In Russian Dolls Universes (4:40)
7. Becoming God (4:00)
8. The Lair of Purity (7:27)
9. From Eden Estranged... (4:11)
10. ...As Sea Devours Land (3:49)
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Augury - Concealed CD Photo
Augury - Concealed CD Photo
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