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Enter the Witch House Lyrics

The Day of the Beast - Indisputably Carnivorous

Indisputably Carnivorous

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsProsthetic Records
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4. Enter the Witch House (4:21)
Midnight arrives, the coven awakens
and hunger takes on an unholy second form
the cries of the children from under the floorboards
they wonder who's the next one to die
Abducted by the devil's bordello
lured by the decadent promises of bliss
brought to the house they saw in their dreams
bathed in the shadows of the woods

Light up the oven, a feast for the coven, their parents search high and low
The first ones to cry are the first ones to die, the rest are locked up in the basement below
The ones who survive are then roasted alive, until the meat falls off the bone
The gristle and fat will be fed to the rats, and the organs are fed to the crows

Brides of Satan, harlots of the damned
Starving for your children's flesh
Brides of Satan! Black magic from hell
Pray to God that yours aren't next

Enter the Witch House! (x2)

They worship the goat. They dance on the cross.
Dead children laid out in a gruesome pentagram
Perverted scripture and blasphemous prayers
ringing forth into the sulpherous night.
Back in the town a mother cries out in grief
As a father falls down to his knees in despair
Why were they caught up in their worthless disputes
now their children rotate on a spit

Mocking the prayers of feeble voices
Innocent blood for cloven hooves
Wool of bat and tongue of dog
Satanic orgies all night long
Adder's fork and blind worm's sting
Unholy voices blaspheming

With the pricking of my thumbs
Now something wicked this way comes
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The Day of the Beast - Indisputably Carnivorous
Indisputably Carnivorous - Lyrics
▶   4.  Enter the Witch House Lyrics
The Day of the Beast - Indisputably Carnivorous
Indisputably Carnivorous - Album Credits
  • Steve Harris : Vocals
  • Bobby Phippins : Guitars
  • Steve Redmond : Guitars
  • Justin Shaw : Bass
  • Jeremy Bradley : Drums
Other staff
  • The Day of the Beast : Producer, Recording Engineer
  • Tony Petrocelly : Recording Engineer (vocals)
  • Zack Ohren : Mixing, Mastering Engineer
  • Guang Yang : Cover Artwork
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