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Raping The Virgin Lyrics

Faust - ...And Finally Faust

...And Finally Faust

GenresDeath Metal
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1. Raping The Virgin (3:48)
Hair, lips and clit
you've never used these jewels
I want your hymen
Now it's time to bleed

Many dicks, before mine, knew your open ass
Only a horse can give you a sublime holy orgasm
you’d prefer to give your cunt to an archangel
But I’m penetrating your cave with my evil flesh

Why to scream? Don't be scared from my sinuous Serpent
your tender legs, I like their whiteness spotted in red
I'm trying to find and destroy your vital ovaries
Mankind refuses to be ruled by the king of fucking gays

Come to me
dirty bitch
mother of all sexual sins

My senses inhale pleasant smells from your pain
Red on my skin, white in your eyes
No money for you, only lust for my sold soul

What is this liquid? It's not mine
It tastes good
What are you doing? Did you come?
bastard whore
Take away your tongue from my balls
you're exciting me
Maybe you're not stupid like I thought
Wanna play again?

My balls are empty, your mouth is full
horny sow
Now it’s time to die

In your useless life you’ve never lied
Confess all carnal sins before your god dog
Don’t cry on my feet! Leave this world with dignity
your dick head is lying far from your bloody raped body
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Faust - ...And Finally Faust
...And Finally Faust - Lyrics
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