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Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds Lyrics

Disgorge - Forensick


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Goregrind
LabelsRepulse Records
Album rating :  83 / 100
Votes :  16
4. Urethrive Decortico-Xanthomatose Muco Gestated Scaffolds (4:23)
Track rating :  95 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Scalp hookworm often colonized
Pathogenicity warts
Pustular xanthome
Matrix laden turbs yeast
Picking shoving incarving severance
Lichen suppurative
Erfythasma appears
Gestated chronicity
Judicious drainage
Of muco purulent nodules
Pinching peg fluctuous
Choped grabs
Scafollding gelatinous
To the groin
Psoriatic structures
Of urethrall tight occlusive
Erythematous morbific
Formed eruptions
Slightly coagulose loin
Pigmented flask
Melanocytic involve the stratified
Mucocutaneal junction
Of the a**l tract
Exceeding sensile
Mutating grumes
Curettage crimson
Tissues grafting
The slab now feasible
Gleams and spills
The urethrive broaded
Crusted clumps
Mycotic dilated vacuoles
Flaccid cutaneal
Proginose extension
Malignant exfolliative
Disabled hacks
Frolic urethric
Enhanced decorticate
Rusting systematically organ
Scaffolds types
Ulcers starts to pemp
Atrophic mutilate genetic sepsis
Palliative measures by defilement
Edematic gestations
Of relapsing bins
Lipoidical pseudo xanthomatose
Conjuctiva incisive clinic form
Deteriorated undermining pustules
Herpetic pyogenicity
Thickening of the limbs
Through the blister
Of my hacks
Carcinoid carbonizated
To a vulgar mump of turfs
Mild scarring of the
Facial maxillo balstome
Frenzied complexes
Of malignant neoplasms
Shredded tighten and sluting
Supurative affects
Decortico erythematous
Bleeding till juice
Shiver and yelling
In the stiffness of my teeths
Oral matrix and phelgm
Span of the clots
Disfigurate symptoms of
The removal abscess
Luping decortico macerated
Through the tight
As I reach the friyng yeast
To the boil
Incubating cartillagenose
Bony excressenses
Scarred jeeling shrieking spurs
Flickering sharpening changes
Widening the erosive adipose
Increased and growing
Spontaneous scabs
Abdominal purulentia
By the acute
Blending intruding
The thicks of the blood
High on the tendinose
Hacked flared bowels
Disinterred and gnawing
The nest of pus
Fat dampness in swarming
Clubbing mucose
Infrasinal necroticismal the
Abducted mucogestation
Imprecated flattering
Thenar emmanation
Extreme excresent facial
Decrepitous stains
Down to the snapped walls
Degeneratives abscence
In flushed suppurative limbs
On the jism swellings
Of the flattness
Foamy fungous through
The cleavage
Over the clapms of the wax
Slashing the hair and skin
Licking your piss over me
As a necrotic
Sub ungual foreskin
In the purulence of the mucose
I coagulase and surrounds
Your digesting rot
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Submitted by level 15 Sathanas
Disgorge - Forensick
Forensick - Lyrics
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Disgorge - Forensick
Forensick - Album Credits
  • Edgar Garcia : Guitars
  • Willy : Drums
  • Antimo Buonnano : Vocals, Bass
  • Guest/Session
  • George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher : Vocals (track 8)
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