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Excremential Lust Lyrics

Disgorge - Necrholocaust


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Goregrind
LabelsXtreem Music
Album rating :  89.1 / 100
Votes :  13
7. Excremential Lust (4:16)
Addicted to the excrement of the dead
Bestial holocaustic discharges of hate
Predating your anatomy starting through your a**l tract
Reeking odours turns me hunger

Filthy beast of corrupture
Copromaniacal needs
Blobs through my being
As I rancid bondage my corpses
Under perverse slash

Ulcerated putrilage goulash
Malignant emotions sets the copro steam
Sphinctral bowel licking pleasures
Frenzied decomposing embalm

Torturous realms of steel ripping rage
Purulent swarming evacuations
Tasty delight
Rising stench crepitates

Stinking maceration
Of ruptured cleavages
Hacking tract full of fermented germs
Disgusting jigsaw sodomization
Filthy shitbathing in lupose evacuations

Splattered copro adorns my sight
How frenzy drives me this fuckin tight
And torment will be ecstasy for your being
Slimy liquid enema erupts and gleams

Infernal copromaniacal lunacy
Excrement gargles through my throat
Trying to eat it again, in lust
Poison runs fuckin cold in this dusk
Diseased frenzy
Curves my senses and torns

How tender the fumes of your ass
I inhale and smoke through my jigsaw
Impure sadistic copromania
Fuckin choking sanguaza out of the labia

Rigor mortis gnawing and relentless usurp
Of this body, infested of sodomic turds
Mixed sensations of these drugs
Deranges in reek and so absurd


Addicted to the excrement of the dead
Bestial holocaustic discharges of hate
Predating your anatomy start from your a**l tract
Reeking odours turns me hunger
As insatiable filthy beast of corrupture
Copromaniacal needs blobs through my being

Delight by open wide tracts
Fulfilling shit
Loads raining

Bursting my senses, in virulent poisoning

Scalded and excoriated
My a**l extracts
Excremential lust
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Disgorge - Necrholocaust
Necrholocaust - Lyrics
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Disgorge - Necrholocaust
Necrholocaust - Album Credits
  • Edgar Garcia : Guitars
  • Guillermo : Drums
  • Antimo Buonnano : Vocals, Bass, Lyrics
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