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Extermination Sworn Lyrics

Angelcorpse - Of Lucifer and Lightning

Of Lucifer and Lightning

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal
LabelsOsmose Productions, The End Records
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5. Extermination Sworn (3:49)
Track rating :  95 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Two warring Dragons and Destinies
War Vultures circle strike endlessly
Grim Demolition shrieking without mercy
Spitting steel and slaughter at prey
Decapitated armor broken and battered
Stirring the cauldron smashing to the ground
Infernal ordinance settles like atomic winters
Shall shocked crews scuttle skeletal remains

Iron Litany Bloody Destiny
War is King and father of all

Whirlwinds of smoke and razorfire
Nest of machineguns incendiaries blaze
Men Thrust lurching morbid beyond life
Battering bluntly as beast to the grave
Decimation from the skies blooded torn asunder
Attack attack under withering fire
Advance into cannot splintered
Serpents of Demise
Machines devour men stoke
The Ritual funeral pyre

Iron Litany bloody Destiny
War is king and father of all
Iron Litany bloody destiny
Extermination Sworn

We can see now for the first time
The fundmental things that matter in life
Things that have been obscured from our vision
By the apathy of affluence
The great flood of luxury and sloth
Which baf submerged the land is receding
And a new nation is rising

Through the turmoil of the battlefield
The brotherhood of the people will be strengthened
And a common desire created
To uplift our folk from this diseased age
The great flood of luxury and sloth Which bad submerged the land is receding
And a new nation is rising

Another Rome is crumbling another day is done
Another darkness reckons beyond the setting Sun
What bleak and barren berald holds
Empires to their end
While the Resolute and stalwart
March out to certain death...
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Submitted by level 14 Sathanas
Angelcorpse - Of Lucifer and Lightning
Of Lucifer and Lightning - Album Credits
  • Pete Helmkamp : Vocals, Bass
  • Gene Palubicki : Guitars
  • John Longstreth : Drums
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