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Wizard - ...Of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes cover art



...Of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal, Heavy Metal
LabelsMassacre Records
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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...Of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes Lyrics

Submitted by level Eagles (2017-06-11)
1. ...of Wariwulfs and Bluotvarwes (4:58)
Standing in the first line
waiting for the sign
lusting for blood and death again.
They are immortal
they live to fight and to kill

A brotherhood of warriors
blessed by the church
they live and die by their own laws.
Kill like you want
but never , never eat human flesh.

...of wariwulfs and bluotvarwes
of bletzer and black vargrs
tales of violence we will sing
nightmares we will bring

There is no 8th death sin
but for a wariwulf
avoid this incredible deed.
he' ll feel the power of their law.

If he made this mistake
a hagre will lead him
from live to eternal pain.
An undead for all time
Than Bletzer is his name
2. Undead Insanity (3:38)
No heart is pounding,
no lounges are breathing.
Cold as a stone,
through darkness I roam.

Creator and destroyer,
ruler and father.
My grief is my griend,
my grudge is my guard.

From god I was blessed,
far away from death.
A Hagre take my life,

brings me to the dark side.

A cradle but no grave
a beginning but no end.
Alife but no death.
(1) undead insanity
(2) endless pain

From dead I woke up
to life I was damned.
They gave me no choice,
they don't hear my voice.

Now I want it back,
that what they take.
A life with an end,
than all things will change.
3. Taste of Fear (4:44)
Formed by evil Witches
and bloodlusting Bletzer
a wolf is born, mad with anger
and driven just by hunger

It hunts you down
It eats your flesh
and never does remember
that once it was a man as well

Lost all that was gentle
all humanity burned away
an image of hellspawn
and not of God anymore

Fangs and claws, a deadly dance
madness raving in their mind
for flesh and blood they ever lust
are humans nevermore

Their packs will kill
no mercy known
strength only do they love
and vicious is their core

when the moon rises
they come out
and start their evil hunt
for all not save inside

no prayer helps
no pleading will be heard
the last thing you will see
are their bloodied fangs

Fangs and claws, a deadly dance
madness raving in their mind
for flesh and blood they ever lust
are humans nevermore
4. Bluotvarwes (3:48)
Like a whisper in a cave
like a spiderweb in your face
like fester is their hate
straight into your brain

The flavour of death in the air
the hope for mercy disappear
try to fight if you dare
like water to blaze they appear.

They are an ode to brutality
the sin of alife, full of agony
a creation to fulfill an unholy rage
the dawn of doom.

the bringer of death
the mistake of nature
artificial Bletzer

Their hate will daze you
greetz from the other side
they bring you far away
to the coasts of sadness

They rush into your soul
to dash your fears and hopes
to left you back in darkness
oblivian and fairytales
5. Messenger of Death (5:39)
I smell your fear when I opened your mind
come to my chamber of pain.

Your soul and your heart are broken and burned
your soul wants to flee from this endless pain.

Now your life will change , look to my innocent eyes.
This truth you now' ll see, brings you much more pain,
you have ever felt before.

I am your agony
I am your pain
I am your destiny
I am your messanger of death.

Deep in your heart you know what I' ve told you
but you don't realise that this is the truth.

I never was and I never will be
this innocent man, you wanna see in me.
6. Sign of the Cross (3:46)
A long time ago
my ancestor died
killed by witchcraft and magic.

A creature of evil,
a thing without soul.
he became in this unholy night.

I was a son
of a warrior for god
my father has told me our legacy.

to search for the man,
who's like cancer in this world.
Now he`ll face his desteny.

My hatred heart is the jail for my soul
My vengeance will be the key to the door.

To kill this mistake of the diviners plan.
to bring it to the end.

I´ve searched throughout the land,
in the sign of the cross.
I`ve fought evil where it dwells,
in the sign of the cross.

I´m a savior of this world
the last in line,
who held up the cross of my father high .

a holy anger
flows through my veins.
I´m the rage of the holy church.

I´m an angle of death,
on a holy crusade.
A sacred warrior called by god.

I wanna see him dying
Hagen von stein.
Now hear my mortal threat
7. Fair Maiden Mine (4:47)

Ulda, sweetest of fair maidens
in Gods own house we met
expiation was what I searched
but love I found - in you!

We danced in the woods
two hearts beating alike
a bliss the almighty gave
but darkness struck again

Fair Maiden mine
forever we shall love
but mind the devils touch
for he comes to get us

When all is good, duty calls,
and honor makes demands
my sword and life for god
I must bring to the fight

When evil stirs in darkest times
no love can stay alive
yet never will my heart forget
what your face looks like

Fair Maiden mine
forever we shall love
but mind the devils touch
for he comes to get us

Through blood and sin I must persist
so I can return to you,
my wife, my friend, my lover
but your mind isn’t true

An evil witch has brought you down
to hellfire and sulfur smell
and raped your mind to lay inside
a story so untrue

Fair Maiden mine
forever we shall love
but mind the devils touch
for he comes to get us

you cooked a meal,
of satans making
sweet but oh so rotten
with meat that is forbidden

and while the old hagr
makes me pay for sins
I did not know
I think about my son
8. Heart Eater (4:33)
Their dark hearts lust for power
their dark minds search for might
their dark eyes see your secrets
their dark soul eats your mind

They’re loyal only to themselves
They follow their own rules
They take your life and freedom
They push you to your doom

Hecetisse - evil witch
Hecetisse - Satans Harlot
Hecetisse - Mans corruption
Hecetisse - Darkness bride

You better look out
You have to take care
You never will know when
you will be caught

In their net of lies
In their dark magic
In their false beauty
In their hole life

Hecetisse - evil witch
Hecetisse - Satans Harlot
Hecetisse - Mans corruption
Hecetisse - Darkness bride

Their craving knows no end
They will break your will
You will become their slave
in all eternity
9. Hagr (3:56)
The hood deep in her face
her old clothes blown by the wind
she' s a restless wanderer in time
the way is her aim in her life.

Her shadow disappear in the forest
changes into deep fog
she is a master of deception
you turn around and just hear her knock.

Thousand years she lives
to protect and heal
to hunt and kill
for the balance of the world

The old wise woman from the wood
you all know what she did?
she destroyed my life
this goddamned wife.

Now I want it back.

She is the breath in every spell
the whispering near a grave
silent murmurs full of might
witchcraft words in the night.

She is the abbys, darkest space
beneath the holy wariwulfe
the punishment hammer of god
to fullfill eternal laws.
10. Bletzer (3:44)
Born in sin
living in shame
to atone for sins of flesh
and mind and heart and soul

on their knees they live
in the dust below
the feet of proud warriors
they once have been themselves

Lurkers in the dark
playing mindtricks endlessly
unseen but feared
mighty but unloved

Masters of the night

Once they will rise,
and kill without remorse
to become again
the masters they have been

The slaves will rule again
and they will eat our minds
so gods children will fall
and humans will be reigned

Lurkers in the dark
playing mindtricks endlessly
unseen but feared
unloved but mighty
Masters of the night

Their saviour is here
to lead them to the battle
but not in open warfare
they will meet

a dagger in the back
that is how Bletzer strike
and in the dark a single howl
will mark the wariwolfs end
11. Hagen von Stein (3:48)
A long time ago
I grew up on a castle
By a wise Hagr
My life was for told

A warrior for god
A slave to the church
My aim is to serve
Not to rule since my birth

I see the world
With other eyes
My friend is a bletzer
So old and wise

He told me the truth
About my live
A man of the night
Borned to fight

Inside my heart light is apart
Anger and hate is my fate
Betrayers around me there is no trust
I am the loser of the dark

I learned to fought
For the holy church
An immortal warrior
For the glory of god

My passion was fighting
Raping and killing
Those who are wrong
With the false belief

They call us immortal
A brotherhood of death
The lost survivor
Of a holy race

I trust them all
My father, my mum
Now I now
They are all betrayers
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