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The Accüsed - Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told cover art

Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal, Crossover
LabelsCombat Records
Album rating :  -
Votes :  0
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Martha Splatterhead's Maddest Stories Ever Told Lyrics

Submitted by level DevilDoll (2011-03-01)
1. Psychomania (She's Dead) (3:18)
She's in a cold room
Lacking meaning and significance
Sweating out her life
Locked behind the door
The walls are all white
Her mind is a blank

She's in a cold room
Lacking meaning and significance
Sweating out her life
A dim lit bulb
Glows for hours on end
It's the only thing to keep the body warm

Out of the room
Of the room
Reality is harsh
Is harsh
Staring out no windows
No windows
There's no beating from her heart
From her heart

She's dead
She's dead
She's dead
She's dead
2. The Bag Lady Song (2:02)
There's this little old lady
She lives on the streets
She's got nappy hair
And rags on her feet
Grimy hands and a dirty face
Every night she sleeps
In a different place

Sometimes I see her
Downtown bumming change
Acting real crazy
Talking to herself

She wears a tattered old coat
In the pouring rain
Drinking cheap wine
Everyday's the same
A two dollar bed at the mission tonight
Man that cheese sandwich
Will sure taste alright

Sometimes I see her
On the street corner
In a shopping cart
She carries her life
3. Inherit the Earth (The Day of Reckoning) (3:15)
Sun baked bones stripped clean
Fangs sparkle and gleam
Claws drip of freshly shed blood
While the corpses
Of our masses
Rot in the mud
Sun falls
As no moon rises
The darkest of nights
Are full of surprises
In the distance a dog howls
Beneath our feet
Lurks something foul

One by one
Bodies rise from the ground
Deafened ears
Hear not a sound
Dead set free
Evil reigns supreme
Gather demon clans
By the light of the moon

Feasting on your flesh
The living dead
Time has no meaning
It's the day we dread
Gazing out of eyes
Decaying and old
Humanity has fallen
The bell tolls
4. Deception (The Imposters) (0:25)
Politicians still practice
Practice their diplomacy
Shallows promises
You know they won't keep
There's no way

They tell us the lies
Tell us the lies
Practiced in deceit
They tell us the lies
Tell us the lies
Practiced in deceit

Our frustration mounts
At a deadly rate
Isn't it time they
They got their priorities straight
Get it straight

They tell us the lies
Tell us the lies
Practiced in deceit
They tell us the lies
Tell us the lies
Practiced in deceit
5. Molly's Xmas '72 (3:16)
6. I'd Love to Change the World (2:26)
7. You Only Die once (3:30)
Shooting smack well that's fine
But I got something quicker
A jagged piece of glass
That ought to do the trick
So gimme, gimme your wrist
Either one will do
I'll give it, give it a slice
That'll be the end of you
You're dead

You only die once
Let me give you a hand
You only die once
Let me give you a hand

You're playing, playing with needles
Yeah that's a lot of fun
Under the seat of my car
I got a loaded, a loaded handgun
Let me pull the trigger
Put it up to your head
Go ahead pull the, pull the trigger
Bang, bang you're dead, bye bye

You only die once
Let me give you a hand
You only die once
Let me give you a hand
A hand
A hand
8. Sick Boy (live) (1:12)
[GBH cover]
9. Chicago (0:22)
10. Starved to Death (Eatin' Your Buddies) (2:53)
To the
Empty safety
Of the womb
Forgotten doors
Sealed in your tomb
In the back
Of your head
You hear this laughing
Trapped here
For so long
Your mind is cracking

Evil thoughts
You no longer control
Starvation growing
Taking its toll
Bodies crushed
They lay everywhere
You're so hungry
They won't care

Skin pulled tight
Bones poking through
Insatiable hunger
You must satisfy
Rotting flesh
That's what's in store
Hunger's sharp pains
You can't ignore

You won't go to bed hungry
No not tonight
This flesh is so tender
You don't even need a knife
Eatin' yer buddies
11. War = Death '88 (And Beyond) (1:56)
The war goes on everyday
We're not fighting
There ain't no way
Turn off the news on your TV
Fooling yourself
You won't fool me

Push a button, the missile's armed
Wake up the planet's gone
Billions spent on their power games
Dead men now forgotten games

War equals death and death
Death is cold
We're all facing death
War equals death
And death is cold
Are we all facing death
12. The Maddest Story Ever Told (2:09)
13. Intro (From the Tingler) (0:27)
14. Scared of the Dark (3:08)
Disguised as the beast
In the shadows I sit
Lurking in the dark
I'm the fears in your mind
I've got you on the run
You're scared to death
Like a beast in the cellar
The fears in your mind

I'm the barbed hook
The needle in the hay
A fence enclosing your dreams
The fears in your mind
You tell yourself
You must mow down this thing
Destroy the emotions
That plague your thoughts

Scared of the dark
Why don't you
Stay awake
A little bit longer
The next time
You fall asleep
It may be forever
Scared of the dark
15. Losing Your Mind (2:41)
The memories slowly slip away
Your brain rotting more everyday
Can't remember friends of old
Withered and grey they surround you
Losing, losing your mind
You haven't got a clue

I hold your hand
You wonder why
Squeeze it real tight
I can't help but cry
Lead you to your room
It's dark and bare
Nothing left for you
You just sit
Sit and stare
Sit and stare
Sit and stare
Sit and stare
16. Smothered Her Trust (3:40)
Your own daughter
You smothered her trust
Soul drenched forever
The memory your lust

She was your creation of your blood
But you didn't think twice how she felt
As long as your cravings were satisfied
She didn't know any better
Know any better
What you did to her she didn't like

She was your darling little flower
Stripped of petals now just a stem
Her colorful soul peeled to black
A tear rips out the glow of your child's eye
Daddy deprived her of the privacy
Of her body and mind

Your daughter was good at keeping secrets
Too bad she wasn't a little bit older
Then maybe she would have understood
That you used her to your sickening advantage
The crying has drowned her happiness
She screams the screams that nobody hears
17. Lights Out (0:52)
18. The Hearse (Traditional Nursery Rhyme) (1:11)
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