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Spirit Caravan - Elusive Truth cover art

Elusive Truth

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDoom Metal, Stoner Metal
LabelsTolotta Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Elusive Truth Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2014-02-20)
1. Spirit Caravan (3:06)
Conventions, rejections to being and that perceived
Contentions, inventions, atrophy’s a pale reprieve
Tensions, injections, passion’s pain to be bereaved

Illusions, seclusions, outlaws and castaways
Losin’ confusion, ain’t no winning, ain’t no pay
Fuck your laws and your ways

Predictions, diction, why and when it was conceived
Contradictions, sorry fiction, cast aside for victory
Caravan flies onward, love and faith is a trusty steed!
2. Black Flower (5:29)
On a steamy breeze amongst emarald trees
She stared into a crystal pool of water
Carved in the cliffs were petroglyphs
That told the story of the mystic jaguar flower

Black Flower

Like the waters divined so the priestess must find
A cure for the woes of her stone city
Seeks the flower so fine, its tendrils entwined
It's the psychedelic child of a jaguar father

Black Flower

Black petals like night with a face of blue light
Her essence holds the timeless answers
Frozen as the petals fall there, the Priestess lays bare
And she tastes the petal's power coming over

Black Flower
3. Retroman (5:33)
Sideburn sporting, riding a Norton
Stone cold leader if you ever seen one
Smokin' weed since the day he was born
Demon seed, screamin' piss poor

Pentagram tatoo on his arm
Got holes on his face where they don't belong
Snortin' white, singing his song
He's one step farther than you've ever gone!

Can't bring him down if you think you can
Got the power of the ace in hand
He's the one gonna rule the land
That's right, Retroman

Bell-bottom rockin' wicked sound
So fuckin' high never touch the ground
Kind of the lizard can't be beat
One of a kind super freak

Can't bring him down if you think you can
Got the power of the world in hand
He's the one taken over your land
That's right, Retroman.
4. Find It (3:51)
Twas a snake it woulda bit ya
So close you know it's in ya
Urgently move forward because elements of change
Ruby shield of greed consumes
All the garnered trust misused
Ain't nothin' but a shame

Your sickness of the heart ain't cured
With only golden medicine
Witness of a heart unpure
With coldness as the lesson

The crucial pieces of the plan
Must watch what they are doin'
Takin' everything they can is the plot they're brewin'
A creature now of habit sworn
On the sleeve the heart is worn
His lock we must undo it!
Soldiered on philosophy every word profound
Smolderin' aminosity free voices resound!

Find it now you'll find your way
Understanding how to play
Their blind is up, now see through it
Seems your luck is runnin' down
You can always turn around
Get up and do it!

I've done some hurtin', you felt betrayed
We're always learnin' from yesterday
5. Futility's Reasons (5:12)
music & lyrics: Spirit Caravan

All - seeing eye, mocks lives that go by
Currency inflates, suffering propagates
Ideology designed to spawn hate and crime
Religions to create, to incite not placate

Is there something more to strive to live for
Than to toil every day to have it taken away?

Dark deals are made, in blood debts are paid
And the true Samaritans are framed as charlatans
Because his faith's a different name
Families lay slain
Why do you teach them it's alright
To load a gun and fight

How can this be called humanity
When you poison your own kind knowing all the time

Don't raise your hand against your fellow man
And the children must hear love will always be near
In the schools they must teach immortality's in reach
Through your strength they will find
Peace in heart, breath and mind

Is there something more to strive to live for
Than to toil every day to have it taken away?
6. Cloudy Mirror (3:27)
Wake up from your sleep
It's your soul you want to keep

The story's the same, and you're to blame
I'm sick of hearin' about your games
Your lyin' and your cheatin'
Your stealin' from your friends
As far as I'm concerned it's never the end

You got to get away
Got to live for better days
Make your bed in the clouds above
Or take a walk out in the sun

You think you're flyin' high
You think you got it straight
I can see it in your eyes
You ain't doin' so great
Your lyin' and your cheatin'
Your stealin' from your friends
As far as I'm concerned it's never the end
7. Elusive Truth (4:28)
Fly on angel, fly through hatred's veil
Fly on, fly on, lofty heights prevail
Stride on warrior, still your path's in shadow
Stride on, stride on, find the golden meadow

Glide on true bloodwing, your noble course is set
Glide on, glide on, until your cause is met
Press on pilgrim, until your feet they bleed
Press on, press on, find the truth you seek!

Sail on skyship, silver beam of meaning
Sail on, Sail on, the spark of life is gleaming
Fly on seeker, into the dawn so pure
Fly on, fly on, with hope your trial's endured!
8. Darkness & Longing (4:10)
To smile, not fear unknown
Light miles, light years dimensions fold
Sublime is the dawning of awareness

As I climb into the darkness past your sun
To find a place not heartless, ours is done
With mind and breath the will forestalls certain death
To find sanctuary for the children
As I pine for the touch for which I long
To smile, not fear unknown
9. Lifer City (2:21)
Be lucky you've got the mind enough to
Take a look now and stop and think
Not trudge through life with boots of lead
Living for eat, sleep and drink
It's like a sense of instinct restless and aware
So little satisfies, yet there's so much there

It's like a vision baby of how you'd love to be
But the pain in your stomach, ain't on TV

Here we are in Lifer City
Here we are in another fuckin' city
Animals with machines from steel to dust
Thoughts stored in special vials
Drained from a brain before it rots away
Electro, techno, super power
Steel set in the mud and clay

It ain't gettin' no better and it will get worse
Understanding life today - maybe death ain't no curse

It's a rat race and you're in the trap
You're a Lifer, yeah what can you say?
10. Outlaw Wizard (1:31)
11. The Departure (5:49)
His departure on a raft of snakes
Embodiment of earthly mistakes
Visitors, they cannot feel
Inquisitors must know that they're real
From the lake a stranger rose
Bearded, fair with priestly robes

He taught about living
To trust and be kind
Life blood not given
Just flowers and wine

Iridescent plumes of light
All behold the seed of life

Still his wisdom they did spurn
Hail Morning star his light returns

May your gaze be filled with beauty
May your words be strong and true
May you understand your duty
For living is a gift of love for you

All extol the priest of light
All extol the feast of life
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