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Nocturnal Breed - Fields of Rot cover art

Fields of Rot

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresThrash Metal, Black Metal
LabelsAgonia Records
Album rating :  -
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Fields of Rot Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-12)
1. Wicked, Vicious & Violent (4:11)
Into the scablands
To the end and to your death
There's something evil in these hills

Hiding in corpse-chariots
Into the winter desert-Hell
As spoils of war - The butchers' bill

The mortuary wagons stops
Bloodletting time is here
Tied-up neck to heels
Dragged off by your hair
Into the charnel house we go
Steadfast - With vicious speed
Nailed onto a wooden cross
Hung from the walls to bleed

One by one - Stretched out on a butchers block
With a ripping sound - Like tearing meat
The scalped hide comes off
As bait on hook - Skull-fucked to death
They're carving flesh from bone
Dejointed - Limb by limb
As pigs they feast with rabid moans

Wicked ... Vicious and Violent

For 7 times 7 nights
They ate away our flesh
Flesh-meister's funeral feast
Rawhide and ravenous death
Sliced and diced and cleaved in two
A master piece of meat
Mouth and eyes sewn shut with wire
Upon the table of Hell you reek

Picked clean of skin and meat
The flesh-hooks pin you down
Licking corpse-grey lips
As bone saws grind with cracking sounds
Festering and flayed alive
In prolonged agony
As you smell your own flesh cooking
Cramped in terror - Viciously

An all enclosing wickedness
The savage in their core
Cannibal - Flesh-ripper crawl
The scavengers of war

Are you wicked?

Damned in the desert-foothills
Meat hooks lick your flesh
As they're ripping out your tongue
With rusty needles - Black as death
Flayed and chained and ripped to shreds
Skin peels from yellow bones
Cannibalistic-evil calls
The sadist in our soul
2. Fields of Rot (2:53)
We blasted through the front-line
Crossing the carnage remains
Into the meat grinders rattle
Chain-fed in lunatic waves

Through clouds of poisoned gasses
Ankle-deep in blood
We did not see - The chain-gun front
Bullet-bait for the Gods

No... Please don't leave me here
On the fields of rot
Send me home in pieces instead
I feel it coming
Lung-rot - Gang green
Inflectional disease
In rotting white flesh
More maggot now than meat
Slowly blood-flies eat me up
My hands are rotting off
Hacked apart - The living Hell
Upon the fields of rot

Buried alive in mass graves
Side by side with the dead
Abandoned here - In no-man's land
Flung to the four winds we're spread

Out of the trench it came
Into the midnight black
His rottenness - The Ghost of war
The Devil's on his back
To walk the fields of bone
The curse of necrotising black
A rotted ruin of a face
Is licking at my soul

Burning with the fever
It is tearing down at me
A lipless grin - And rotten teeth
Insane and splenderously
Rotting and forgotten
Buried face up in the mud
Through the stink of death
My soul cries out
Last breath of sanity
Oh God... Please kill me

Crawling through leprous-white corpse-flesh
Bone-ash is choking my lungs
Forced to drink rottified corpse-blood
I'll crawl back to Hell on my bones

Massacre beyond all sickness
Nothing but eternal rot
Left to die - Born to rot
Worm-eaten into your soul
3. Too Damned To Conquer (2:50)
One down - The world to go
Into a rip-tide of atomic war
Extinction - Virus nation
... damnation's underdog
Termination - Eradication
Fatalistic monumentum
Pungent to the bone
Omnissiah - Napalm God
There is a rot within us
Burning like a dying sun

Breakdown - Confess
There shall never be another dawn
Soulless sulphur nation
... Breeding mongrel scum
Abberation - Annihilation
Mutagenic viruses oblivion has come
Pandemic hyper-disease
You walk the path to ruin
In a state of nuclear bliss
10,000 Megatons of evil
A hydrogen - deceiver
The undoing of us all

Contagious Idiosyncrasy
In lobotomized silence you fall
Too Damned To Conquer...
You're breathing lungs of fire
Black lungs pumping death
You boneless human cattle
Erased from your existence
There is a bad moon rising
What the Fuck? You know it's yours

We should have seen the rot
Before it started - And ripped it out
Too Damned To Conquer...
Melt down - The world is gone
Into the ripper-storms of holocaust
Damnation - Plague Nation
Invisible death - infinite Hell to come
Radiation - E-limination
Detonation-malediction - ignorance is bliss
Suicidal - Funeral-world
Racing for the rim of Hell
A spineless - Gutless herd
4. Manskinner (3:01)
Riding the rattler
Destination Hell
Blades bared - Skin snaps
Clad in hooks and razor-nails

Like a diabolic Flesh-defiler
Master of the swarm
Corpse-strung - Whore-sons
Crucified and nailed to the wall

"Skin you alive... I'll skin you alive..."

Butcher - Flay them
Proceed with the slaughter
Total dehumanisation

Brooding over rags of skin
A Devils burning gaze
Rip-saw - Mutator
A myriad of blades
Inquisitor of pain
Leave the corpses for the crows
The skin is what I need

Impassive mask staring at you
With a sodium-glare
Hell-ridden determination

Corpse-plower - Carrion beast
The slow pulse of all dying meat
You struck a raw-deal
Fleshless bodies crawl
Sky turns black
The Manskinner calls

Termination - By the butcher's knife
Flesh Parting like a scalped hide
It's a butchery
Of the first degree
A vivisecting nightmare
Hung and strung to bleed
5. In Sickness and in Hell (4:17)
Ripe with the sickness
Vanity and Hell
Pointing claws in arrogance

Riot rising - Contemplation ends
Cast your eyes into the burning skies
Can you hear the funeral bells?
As you plough on towards Hell
Excommunicating everything in sight

In sickness and in Hell we stand
Beast of Bourbon - The Devil's hand
You have a dawn appointment with the gallows

"When you fucked with us... An Army was born..."

Ice cold - Riot stare
Horns locked
And metal to the bone I swear

I don't want you here
You don't mean shit to me, No
I bite the hand that feeds me
Hah, I can't take it no more
I'm going straight to the core

Cry... Havoc
It's foaming at my mouth
Better run for your life
No more warnings, no more signs
Scream for retribution
This time I'm first in line

In sickness and in Hell

Primus - Denominator
Spitting bolts in tongues of fire
Enforcer - Eradicator
'Come drag you to the funeral pyre
It's quite a sight, we've come full circle
You have to kill me now to shut me now
Inflictor - Annihilator
You better check your pulse
You might be dead I the ground

Objective - Damnation
Objective - Dead ahead
Drunk on blood I smell your fear
The Blood-froth's in my veins

In sickness and in Hell
6. Invasion of the Body-Thrashers (3:26)
Iron-studded - Denim-Hell
Demon - Dynamo
Forwards - You can sleep when you're dead
Let it rip - Thrashing your soul

A walking nightmare
In liquid mercury
Burning with the tombstone-courage
A parasitic Breed
Optimum arises
No need to call the priest
Invasion of the body-thrashers
Ripped to smithereens...

Cold blast - Cold run - Into neutron-fires
Born bastard to the bone
Outburst - You'll be whipped in the streets
Like a Jackal raping your soul

A walking nightmare
Famine spreads our name
Creeping through the desert sand
Sledge-hammering insane
Optimum arises
Thrashing wild from side to side
Invasion of the Body-thrashers
Systematic blight...

Pandemonic nemesis
Nocturnal in our hearts
Wel'll hut you down with butchers
And track you down with hounds
We'll track you down with hounds

Invasion - Through the nation
Ripe for the plucking
C'mon fuckers don't you know
This is the night of the hunters
There is no parallel
In helix synchronicity
Dancing to the doomsday-bells

You stand in silence
As world-damnation burns
Screaming out in chainsaw-hymns
You're babbling your last words
Omega rises - In hybrid sanctity
Drumming death through out the land
To the beat of nuclear winds

Spiked knuckles - Leathered Hell
Damnation - Dynamo
Thrashers - Feel the beast within, stir
The straight-jacket-waltz in your soul
7. Iron Bitch (3:14)
All right you mother fuckers
This one is metal to the bone
On your hands and knees bitch

Com' on

Here comes the Dog-bitch
In a funerary Cadillac
Outlaw on high parole
Two faced electric Hell
"Thou shalt not suffer a bitch to live"
Hag-ridden - woman pest control

Black lizard - Fire soul
A dirt side southern twitch
Out from her rotten crib she calls
The devil on her lips
Here comes the meat-wagon
A razor eating witch
No I don't need no violins
I bleed the Iron Bitch

Saw blades and rattle snakes
Prime mover in the devils wake
No nun this one - Switchblades and lizard tails
Slut-bucket - Slut-Machine
Undertaker - She's quite obscene
A speed machine - High voltage discipline

Bad tempered night mover
She's a whip-cord seducer
Incorporated motor slut
Whoremonger demonette of rot
Drinking whiskey as if riding outta Hell
Oh, can't you tell ... No no no no

With drunken clarity
Into her serpents nest
Skull pounding rampant hag
Death dealing fever pitch
Mean Jean bitch machine
Overmedicated in the head-lights beam
Cut throat business
Cutting through the chase
8. Code of Conduct (2:19)
Blood runs from the spikes of war
Bring your sons to their slaughter
Into a nameless - Shallow grave

To the victor belong the spoils
Enter Hell land of slime
I live to triumph in your ruins
Remorseless - Strike you down
Fast forward - Corpse-shredders
Here beats a hideous heart
Pin-pointed core of evil
Scorn defence - Will vaporize

Death is the hunter
Perfect killing machine
Necrotic interceptor
Cruel cause
Condition red - Condition dead

Weapons of war is our religion
Born without a soul inside
I've sworn the oaths
The codes of conduct
Aggressive - Deceptive we fight
No second coming - No more warnings
Here comes the cardinal day
We deal in punishment where punishment is due
You can't keep this onslaught at bay

En mass - Lay low the ramparts
We rise - Like a sudden storm
So fast - Removed from existence
In a flash - As food for the worms
9. The Dead (3:14)
Dig up your bones
Bring us your heads and your young
Cruel truth crawling
On the fields of burning homes
Rise into rottendom
Through piles of gut and blood
'Come Hellstorms and tornadoes
Cure this world right to the ... Bone

They walk this earth like a fever
'Come plague and fire to your towns
The dead - zombie supreme
In harrowing waves
The call towards the abattoirs
Be silent now... Be dead they call

Bring out the beasts
Bring out the butchers from the dark
Bring them to the slaughter-pens
Open wide and let them in
The dead - zombie supreme
Inescapable doom
Lavished onto earth in hideous details

You will rot in the streets
You will rot in your beds
As acid storms
Leaves monuments of flesh
Rise necrophilia
Through rictus howls of death
Force-fed limbs from mass-graves
'Come cleanse this world of flesh

"And the rivers ran black with corpses..."
10. Scything Harrow (3:05)
She comes at night
Infested harridan
She carves the number 13 on my grave
While the ace is still at my hand

Oh... Each night when she scrapes at my soul
Oh, listen old crone
Why won't you leave me alone?

Black omen
With horrid speed
The whore of Hell I see
She burns the number 13 in my soul
Walk with sin for eternity

Oh... Each night when she scrapes at my soul
Oh, listen you fools
She won't leave me alone
Oh no, She won't leave me alone

Scything harrow
Harancle of the flesh
Out from the very maw of Hell
Her supreme savageness

Insectile and infectious
She's pounding at my gate
You bedevilled carrion woman
Come to take me to my grave

Callous and heartless
Inflictress of pain
As in the heart of every devil there's vain
She's come to root it out
Oh, Death she recommends
To cast the dice of bone
Rip the aces from my hand

Bone deep
The bitch had won
Horrendous harridan
Hacking a number 13 in my wrist
That night scything down on me
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