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Neuraxis - Asylon cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresTechnical Melodic Death Metal
LabelsProsthetic Records
Album rating :  81 / 100
Votes :  2
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Asylon Lyrics

Submitted by level 퀴트린 (2011-05-31)
1. Reptile (2:45)
Incarcerated for future atrocities
Unforgettable crimes not yet committed
Aggressive misfit condemned before birth
Falsely accused, banished from society

Of humanity, he has every sins...
His inability to sustain and express emotions
At a normal rate
Pulverize the very concept
Of good and evil, of love and hate

Hypnotized, paralyzed
Through the horror behind his eyes
Every hope of benevolence dies

Starving lion, trapped in a cage
The angriest beast, a powerful rage... untamed
Unleash the fury
Animal instincts, (a) deadly rampage
The world is the enemy
This planet, the stage

Of humanity, he has every sins
Tattooed on his reptile skin...
Ravaging catharsis
A long-awaited revenge
Violence is bliss
Purging through vengeance
From a supreme injustice
Becoming the danger foreseen
2. Asylum (4:45)
Confined into a cell / a faded glimpse of hope
The cold metal shines / and the walls are too close
An aura suffocates / through the fog, breathes heavily
Prisoner of his fate / remembering the tragedy

Alone, destructive imagination that once created dreams
Morphs the world into nightmare, replacing reality

Perception of time, lost into the dark
Persistence of this chaos, left a fatal mark
Psychotic obscurity covers the horizon
In perpetual tyranny, slave to the horror

Piece by piece, ascending / a tower of dementia
Arises without end / building delirium
Eternally descending / an infinite fall
Reveals the impossible... escaping the asylum
...the asylum

Feeble ray of light, reflecting the guilt
Scarred hands reaching the unreachable
By despair captive, primitive and chained
Sacred minds breaching the unbreachable

Through solitary hell / hopeless and deranged
Frozen in denial / claustrophobia in a cage
The aura suffocates / at the last breath, realizes
(He is the) prisoner of his faith
A tragic memory

Screaming afar like a distant misery
Tormented whispers crying a dismal melody
Those dreaded voices / in the depth, resonate
In a final praise to liberate
But they only decimate...

...the sanity that struggles to remain
Alone, blame the shadow
Confront the enigma / entrapment of the soul

Perception of time, lost in the dark
Persistence of this chaos, has left a fatal mark
Psychotic obscurity covers the horizon
In perpetual tyranny, slave to the other self...

Piece by piece, ascending / a tower of dementia
Arises without end / building delirium
Eternally descending / an infinite fall
Reveals the impossible... escaping the asylum
...the asylum

A universe reduced to nothing
Immensity so small
Existence... existence without life
3. Savior & Destroyer (4:38)
Abnormal level of energy since the day of his birth
Defying the boundaries of time, fragile laws of the earth
Disguised as an outcast, a rebel left aside

Walking among the insects
This God has yet to acknowledge
The truth about his purpose
A mighty protector leading the world to its doom
Unconsciously waiting for the sign

(A terrible secret hidden through dark ages
Once realized will traumatize mankind)

Revered as a messiah
Foreseen as the prophet
The one who brings redemption
Unite the nations
He who will save these lands from disaster

Destiny chose him to be the catalyst of the apocalypse
Trigger of the extinction
The fate of millions lies on the shoulders of this unstable being

[Solo: Rob]

Unaware of his power
The ultimate force that sleeps within
This ability to recreate and heal through merciless destruction

Worship the impossible
Witness this fragile world collapse, break to pieces
And set afire for the greater good

Feared by the mass, infamous persona
There is no limit to his growing cruelty

(In this act of desperation, commits the unthinkable)

An icon reborn in terror
Announce a broken prophecy
From God to monster, the last creator
Unleash a dreadful tyranny
Endless reign of torment and misery

A severe decision
Choice that defines
Echoes of existence
History defied only by his presence...
4. By the Flesh (4:16)
This cage, cold and abused
Once was the tool for power
Physical dominance/the means to remain superior
Potential above the common
Focused psychological state
Devoted to a quest/this urge to perform
Exorcise the demons

This ambition within to attain purity
Grown into an enemy/God-like obsession
Immaculate, flawless, and complete
Those efforts to reach this state of perfection
Grown into an entity/godless obsession

Lead through the pulse/confront mortality
A race against time/driven by the flesh
Persevere, the passion and desire
A flame so fierce
Has blurred the path, blinded by the fire
Blinded by the flesh

Suddenly, deception appears as a malformation to the being
Unknown to suffering, the metabolism into crisis
Now a victim of imperfection
The functions no longer respond
Control is lost

Substances deeply infused
To counter this disease
They have yet to comprehend

Machines of science
Weakening the structure
Syndrome of the century

[Solo: Rob]

Unknown to suffering, the mind goes into crisis
This life, so fragile
Hangs by a thread
Awaiting his fate

Destroyer of morals/rebellion of the body
Organic defiance/betrayed by the flesh
5. Sinister (3:31)
Alone and sleepless
A tangible dream within reach
His obsession grows
The impulse to fulfill
This behemoth of temptation
Far more impressive (and present)
Than the guilt that seems to fade away

Sinister desires... Perversions untold

Only once then it will go away
The urge to dissect
Compelled to obey
This sin to comprehend

Too many questions deform the vision
A world apart, detached from emotions
The thirst above reason
Losing morals and convictions
The act is (finally) done

Awful yet beautiful / attracted by the deed
Horrible and wonderful / mesmerized by the secrets
That the flesh holds

The will becomes the power
Deviance becomes the norm

Broken barrier
A point of no return
Unable to control this envy
That only amplifier with each victim

Superior intellect (and) a flawless lust
Erases the weakness, meticulous through his work

From cult to masterpiece, a perfect crime
Devoid of evidence, respecting the code

Compulsive through discipline
A lack of remorse and apathy
Defines his behavior

(Now a) mysterious figure, cloaked in the shadow
Hiding in the masses, awaiting...
6. Trauma (3:51)
This trauma, severe shock from the past
A moment that changed his world
Unexplainable history
A character cursed... for the worst

This is the fall of confidence/(the) annihilation of trust
The rise of decadence/a point where reality is lost

Destroyed by anxiety
Completely crushed... by the guilt

This mind is a prison filled with deadly illusions
Depression slowly kills the conscience
Surrounded by images, haunted by the voices
Misconception, impossible to escape
Tormented vision, engulfed into a realm of despair

Failure of the soul/distortion of the psyche

Perpetual darkness, a sky forever black
Everlasting sadness, omnipresent obscurity
Following the path to insanity

This trauma, a blood-stained memory
A terrible event, so tragic
Several versions conflicting
This paradox morphing behavior

Pathological sickness, a final invasion
Eradicating all forms of previous beliefs

Paranoid, against all things
A fatal plunge
Driven by conspiracy
Mankind becomes the enemy
Rehabilitation is futile
Unaffected by therapy
A psychological wound that will never heal...
7. Resilience (2:23)
8. Purity (4:20)
Drowning in a sea of doubts
Swallowing the vile relentlessly
An attempt to escape reality
Through smoke and mirror, the failure
Facing true self, twisted behavior

A pain so strong the source of the madness
Inverted process of recovery
The will so weak feeling powerless
A constant nightmare
Driven by this dream of purity...

Without control over his sickness
Taking its toll, hopeless and senseless
Without control, tempted to degrade
Constant abuse, slave to the cancer within

Behind the addiction
Ashamed and rejected
Beyond the fear
Of one day being forced to purify
Purity... through therapy

Despite the consequences
A recurring compulsion
An harmful decadence
Despite the suffering
Unable to counter the curse

Never ending despair
Eternal distress

[Solo: Rob]

Excruciating obsession
An impulsive disorder rages on...
Rules by the laws of chaos
A vicious cycle of defeat
Entangled in a web
Forever caught

A pain so strong
The source of the madness
Impossible to attain this state of purity
9. V (3:33)
A serpent slithering slowly
Secretly crawling towards his (its) next prey
Driven by the urge to feast on the weak
A moral secretion emerges
As the animal approaches

The viper anticipates the strike
The perfect victim awaits the perfect predator

(Bitten by the beast)
The venom injected / the feeble paralyzed
Destroyed by fear, ready for the kill
To be consumed as the strong survives

Piercing the skin / to attain the blood
Struggles to escape / only entraps further
Unable to scream / panic through suffocation
As the enemy violates / possession of the flesh

A metabolism produced to invade
Toxic mixture created to rule
To take over and desecrate
The host from inside (within)
Power in the presence
Of this virulent nemesis

A sudden seizure occurs
A lethal dose
Through the system flows
Incurable forms of parasite

(Bitten by the poison)
The virus injected / the subject diminished
Ruined at its core, bacterial disease
Feeding his way to survival

Piercing the skin / to reach the bloodstream
Attempts to revive / only to empower the sickness
Unable to heal / the infection grows
As the enemy progresses / dominance of the flesh
10. Left to Devour (5:32)
Self-destructive thoughts, alienated from inside
Never-ending trauma, emerging from within
Unconsciously creating a twisted entity
A parallel enigma, only waiting to begin

Acid-like emotions, rage against the structure
The illusion of balance, degrades the conscience
An infectious vermin, feeding on the core
Until there is nothing left to devour

Inception of the plague, loss of precious energy
Corruption of the mind, inversion of personality

Poisonous, malicious: (En)forcing the drama
Treacherous, venomous: Deceiving the karma

Assimilated into darkness
Taste the pale color of misery
Living empty shell
Zombified version of a previous self
Covered in black, the soul has turned
Into an evil form, vicious character

Afflicting the curse to others
Afflicting the curse to others

[Solo: Rob]

The new identity grows, replaces the former
This temptation to surrender, is suddenly stronger
Overwhelmed and terrified, by the force, it slowly dominates
And guides, like a puppet led into demise
Acid-like emotions, control the structure
The illusion of balance is finally escaping
Dropped the mask, killed the armor
Because there is nothing left to devour... left to devour

...At the end, there is nothing left to devour...
Left to devour
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