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Mortuary Drape - Tolling 13 Knell cover art

Tolling 13 Knell

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
LabelsAvantgarde Music
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Tolling 13 Knell Lyrics

Submitted by level 모흐 (2014-11-15)
1. Dreadful Discovery (4:00)
Levitation upon the atmosphere, slowing inside become real my fear.
Out of planet, out of body, find behind the casual veil.
Suicide or vertical laugh or passive accept aware.
I see any entertainment, any role, any alternative ad then death.
God is an invention to satisfy illusions and faith.
In the gnostic year of 29, I've discovered with amazement,
understand if in mists of time, there was a possibility . . .
when right angle became flat, like an encephalogram.
Geometrical initiation, verticalization or zombie, wandering in the planet.
But now I destroy this song, this lyrica and these words,
I'm discovered dreadfully belongs to me.
2. Liar Jubileum (5:06)
Rise the I individual, out from this shapeless mass.
Waiting for an Event which will never happen. Poor illusion and sleeping hypocrisy.
Fearful criminals of mass mediocrity, they've got the crazy of fanatics.
Someone speaks about the end of an old millennium,
someone else be trust began age of culture spiritual,
but I think it s the end for ambitions of the men,
cause the illusion of 'em all, make think be what they're not.
Roman Jubileum triumph of illusion. Blood Sectarianism, violence explosion.
Liar Jubileum of cadaver religion I need other things, want to celebrate.
Rise the altar bestial morfic God. Idol Goddog, hail the name Hecate.
Parade of rotten faces stage of holy see.
Business clerical, establishment guided by Polach Pope, holy fucking father.
Pilgrimage of tourism, massification.
Honest indifference, cause the things are the same.
Just event could happen in a different way.
It's the cult of the man, golem automaton.
Instead I celebrate calendar of the moon.
They are concentrate on a fictious date, date will never strike the two thousand,
Priest have built miracles for all believers, even stake and torments for their martyrs.
3. Vertical (3:00)
Coming to destroy, creeds and certainties.
I am arrived to revealed the fourth.
Mystery of the cross . . . dreadful prophecy.
They will rend the veil . . . waiting in rage and silence.
New cycle is reborn . . . obscure eyes see you BEYOND.
4. Not Stillborn (The Unborn Plane) (7:12)
Where I was before my birth? In the plane of the unborn.
Awaiting from the dream dimension, to pervade the fine veil of separation.The dream is a former plane's remember, therefore when I'll die I'll dream the earth.
Is there a limit to the being extent?
Wanna know what's limit's secret number.
A voice who recommends me "Beware! Don't Rip, don't lacerate, could be an handicap life".
The lamknell bell, a voice who tells Don't this fatal veil.
The unborn plane sings the omen birth.
Devily creatures, drawing by unpure seed,
borning with tail, as ombelical cord freak new born child.
Hands with the claws, feet like sabot, casting fetus fallen!
Intercept the seed of reincarnation. Am I lying in a cradle or in a tomb?
Feeling that the time has come for me, I see my new body as a shape.
For someone eternal circlecross, can become a double Pentagon.
In this moment millions of dream souls are descending in the Karmic wheel.
5. Laylah (7:47)
Laylah impose her event, creatures from the depths unconscious possessed.
She is mother among the mothers, Layla the courtesan disturbing the partorient.
Layla the name of night. Laylah hypnotized tonight.
Awaken in the middle of the night, what have you seen? Shades in movement on the wall.
Flash through the window, pallid face, pf woman with a crown of thorns.
She awaits beside the bed while you're sleeping you dream she,
suddenly awakening from a nightmare, is what she wants.
She's your nightmare, your succubus.
One half hour of silence and calm, tower bell with waning moon background.
Tolling of a bell in the dead of night, but there is nobody inside the church.
Wings made of wind slowly slowly daze, reddish thin fog aura of the moon.
Leave this charm unwind tonight, sylphes on somnambulist's shoulder take themselves.
Laughing and make fun.
6. Winged Priestess (4:32)
There are presences inside the wood, in the glade a feast of elf.
Flying through the wind and time . . . elemental exhalation.
Conventicola of the night, every breath blow with the flame.
Shining sky last days of April . . . every one is free to be.
A ties of blood, body spirit, nocturnal copulation tantric.
dream, earth and the beyond . . . an elf, a monster, a man, a spirit.
Behind the veil, a severe woman seated on the throne.
Between her eyes the immortal flame.
Exhausting dance, embrace on the altar.
Winged Priestess making love, with all her children.
7. The Last Supper (6:29)
A rite of Blood and Cannibalism. Jesus, Magus, officiator of the rite.
A legacy for humanity, mangling and pollution by deceiving fearful priests.
A Black Mass between Christ and the Apostoles . . . pagans arise.
The cup filled with blood of thirteen people, they drink Blood shed one's blood . . . Sacrifice.
"This is my body, mutilate me in twelve parts, every one eat a part . . ." .
"This is our blood and our sperm, drink all of you . . . ".
The Last Supper, a human meat supper. Last Testament is an astral ties.
The last Rite, to the Moon.
Making Sacred their gathering coven.
Three thousand years, Christianity is dead . . . Equinox of a new Gospel . . .
A new Advent is at the Edge.
Supreme cosmical comprehension, Bible is become a Necronomicon.
A Ties of Blood, a fine communion.
MAKING SACRED . . . 3000 YEARS . . .
8. Birth's End (4:35)
Birth's End leaves the space to another reign.
Birth's End, lateral moving for an old Rigeneration.
My secret prophecy has been utter.
As contrary, contrary flux insinuating in the mind.
Sexual energy, it has failed.
It grants us natural death, it removes the fecundation.
Union of tow fine dimension.
Bridge of life, of life material has collapsed.
Umanity will fall in the Abyss of desolation and Void.
Primordial creatures dwell on this earth.
The essence of the elements will Rule.
9. Defuncts (4:54)
From the halter, from a crime, from a seance;
from a Burial, from a child, die in July;
from the pain . . . The Black Man.
Of Defuncts . . . who appear in the dreams.
Of Defuncts . . . lying on the plankbed morgue.
Of Defuncts . . . who made to ring bells.
Of Defuncts . . . who touch with their cold hands.
Of Defuncts . . . who die young in summer dead.
Of Defuncts, tales of hunted medianic.
Of Defuncts . . . buried in desecrated ground.
Of Defuncts who screamm from the Coffin . . .
What's the life for a Defunet? It's a life that should be.
What's the life for a living? It's a mask on borrow time . . .
When the Defuncts deceased violently in pain.
Of Defuncts . . . who don't realize be dead.
Of Defuncts spit em out from medium mouth.
Of Defuncts . . . summon back by conjuration.
10. Lantern (8:37)
A man who reflected his body in a lake, realize the, illusion of the world.
If his hand keep the lantern oracle, it shines the path in a day of raining.
So I am, I'm here under the rain, in front the lake a lantern in my hand...
I can say In your time . . . I don't belong.
Rise the ladder this path go back. Feel this deep sound from the space.
A face in profile . . . to indicate the direction to the source.
A cross that became a circle. An horizon that became vertical.
A creed that became a dubt. A lantern . . . that shines the path.
A faith that one day will die. A vocation soon collapse.
Simply light of a lantern; it's a lantern built with my hands.
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