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Embrace of Thorns - Atonement Ritual cover art

Atonement Ritual

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  93.8 / 100
Votes :  4
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Atonement Ritual Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-04-11)
1. His Bloodstaind Claws of Victory (Intro) (1:42)
2. Atonement Ritual (3:37)
A plethora of scorching vulgar bodies
Waxlike miasmas, faceless vermin
Whose bodies are sealed by gaping sores...

Fill me with venom to contaminate the "righteous"

Retribution now attained
Atonement for my contrition
Now the venom tastes sweet
Like revitalizing serum
Bury me in the inglorious ruins
Of what was called virtuous mankind

The pain that feeds on the
flesh of the enlightened
Opens wide the path to deification
Petty lice cannot hinder the way...
...for wolves cannot get drowned
In a shallow pond

Celebrate vengeance
The triumphant descend
of the excommunicated
The meek mass which writhes and reeks
Inevitably decimated...
3. Tombs of the Desecrated Zealots (3:26)
Embrace desolation
Kiss those pointed thorns
Caress the tombs of those who
wasted their petty little lives
By maintaining inner weakness
Indulging to self rejection

I am the alpha omega, lux diabolicum.
The light that penetrated your conscience
The vessel of transcendence
to spheres blessed.
Be born again under my radiant embrace
Be caressed by my undefiled wisdom

Knowledge impenetrable
Wisdom unsurpassed
Spirit undefeated
Conqueror of truth

A realm made by marble and brimstone
Chants the requiem for
the humble and meek
Humiliation and demise cast
upon the lambs of jahveh
Evil has flourished

Crematorial pyres reflect in my eyes...
Oh, the radiation of the
flesh consuming flames
De-flourishing mankind
Accept the real consciousness
Awaiting the inevitable
tyranny, despocy turns to necessity
To bless them all with whippings...
4. Impure Orgasm (Intro) (0:46)
5. Nemesis of Impurity (3:43)
When you think that everything is set up
When you think that the prophecy is fulfilled
When you think that your eyes will see...
Then the dead sun shall no longer shine.

Pale are our aspirations
And frozen be the warmth
Concrete the forests shall remain
And dried out the sea

Denial, pain, disillision, bitterness,
Coldness all that remains
Semen stains us with dirt
Hatred crowns the filthy treason

Damnation buries us all
In the mud of contrition
Impure visions of carnality
Satanic justification

Vice be the truth,
Torture be my lust,
Pain be my reason
Filth be my answer
Flames be our purity
Blood stains my vision
6. Venom in Veins (2:06)
Black blood dripping from my eyes
I witnessed thy darkest beautiful void
These impenetrable streams
of bestial enlightenment
Caressed me and anointed me...

Hallucinogenic yet potent reality
Reaching godhood
Mind-numbing utter beauty
Skull drilling visions
of recreation
Phoenix seen spreading his wings
A premonition for our dawnlit

I speak to them in tongues
I have venom in veins
Venom in veins
The elixir of knowledge
I percieved a new epoch
Hail him the master of sin
7. Death Yells in Triumph (3:49)
This soil is fed by the blood of all feeble,
These walls are built by the
milk white skulls of zealots,
Damned is the light of the virtuous ones
Poisoned is the light that radiates in here

I'm choking by this
nobility and kindness,
I'm twisting in despair
by this vile morality
Provide us with some truth
to crush the putrid tentacles
Of holiness

It's the coldness and bitter wrath
that are freezing our blood
These blood drencing leeches
Always breed and procreate
Like the larvae that fed on the
anointed carcass of their father

Our cross is decorated by their limbs
A glorious monument, a tragic fall
Of a laughable, twisted doctrine
I am intoxicated by the
liquids of their bodies,
As I yell and pierce the
eardrums of the bastard
Serpahic leeches
8. Litanies of Inversion (Intro) (1:27)
9. Ceremonial Rites of Fornication (2:27)
Feel your innermost ambience
Flying away towards him...
Flee in agony and awe....

Self indulgence...
Carnal rituals practised
Like leeches exsanguinating you
In lustful nausea
Submitting to a higher form
Of existence...

Creations of our innermost desires
Perverted yet virtuous deeds
Drinking her menstrual blood
Tasteful, like a serum of divination
Caressing this offering
of unparalled beauty....
Sacrificed to the archfiend of
Eternal enlightenment and sin

This conception was never meant to be
This life will never be chained and feeble

Praise our newborn carnal god!
Hail selishness!
10. Hymn to Triumph and Treachery (2:48)
Initiation time...
Let me invite you to a world of pain,
Of ever dying carnal icons.
Scarified for countless reasons,
Humiliated earthlings,
Hazy eyes, aspirations denied, forever
Their sanity devoured

Sathanas, my hope, my devotion,
My unsatisfied desire...
Fruit of my bleeding torment, bringer
of my unconquerable strength
And endurance, Promethean spiritus,
Luciferian brightness
My suffering is petty
For I've seen the
truth, your blazing truth.
The bitterness of treachery,
The weight of expectations,
The triumph of vengeance,
The tragedy of denial,
The bearer of all sins...
My loyal companion and guide

Their common morals put to sleep
Under our will to power...
11. Perdition Hammer (2:52)
Payday, retribution, fatal descend,
scorched skin cries out for blood
principles of eschaton,
we inhale the sulphur winds
and consume the radioactive ashes
it's a way of mayhem
the only way it could ever be...

Leahterclad barbarians, luciferian hordes,
martially superior, howling for relief
raiding condemned chapels
of a stillborn feeble faith,
behold the rise of our perdition hammer!

Brandishing bonescepters,
the waited for so long
religious wreckage, bent down on it's knees
retribution gained, hear
the call of blood and steel
tyrant sharpens it's claws
behold the rise of our perdition hammer

Omnivorous, militant, perdition hammer
devastating, barbaric, perdition hammer,
12. Perished in Mortal Agony (Second Death) (3:59)
Endless litany of grotesque figures
Marching onwards to their burial
Place where elder corpses
Lie dormant

Sweet melodies and chants are cast
Praising saviour
A lucid grotesqurie
For nothing is left to be saved

Putrid once female entties
Are caressing a grey mummified body
The leader than supposedly
could lead them to fertility,
Prosperity and glory...
13. Altars of Malefic Triumph (Outro) (1:48)
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