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Coprofago - Unorthodox Creative Criteria cover art

Unorthodox Creative Criteria

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsAppease Me, Candlelight Records
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  3
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Unorthodox Creative Criteria Lyrics

Submitted by level 록스타 (2017-04-07)
1. Crippled Tracker (3:19)
Self negation, illusion and contradiction stands as basis of human nature, sometimes letting us
apparently no other choice to understand our natural ways, besides wrong, sin or desease.

Devouring all natural frames, induced to compliance but programmed to disobey

(A disguised command,
under the form of choice,
it generates the illusion of freewill)

A Darwinian game where what's natural fails
absurb divine complains, imposed misery attached
o man...idiotic tests of infringement

Every trace was locked up, will and body settled to get outselves in futile searches for non-existent ways
2. The Inborn Mechanics (3:52)
Sometimes glints of intentionality seem to be founded in natural events, those experiences motivate the conception of nature as an exoressive creation made and controlled by superior ways of existence. In a effort to find messages or meanings in nature,I see no stronger tendency than the complete cancellation of every living form, no matter our eagerness and beliefs, the cicarest message in nature seems to be that everything evolves towards its end.

As we are dropped from this life
manifest of will towards release
mechanic sights of truth.
A new setup for what is now on coming
set your senses to recognize what's going to be
replaced one way changes coming soon
hopeless, reckless... just set your senses still
3. Neutralized (3:28)
The need to belong...and attached relief through
self dometication.

Neutralized by peaceful aesthetics...let there be
creatures tamed by the safe beauty of symmetry

Cursed with the need to fill empty spaced,
programmed patterns disguised in the shape of

Shapeless stains in transformation, survivors of weak rebellions that gave birth to the basis of normality

Cursed with the need to fill empty spaces,
programmed patterns disguised in the shape of

Diseases now on recovering
...a new gathering is on coming
4. Merge Into (1:27)
5. Fractures (2:17)
..Bless them with consciousness, a distinction between the "I" and the rest, a bi-dimensional path, the source of every border...a mirror that reflects every image as its own boundary.

Muted ways of release, presents of flowing
insipidness turning the functions of meaning into
a clever insult

I, my own fracture, in spiral climbing towards a
foundational negation of sense

Staring through static waters, engulfed by perfect
reflections, portraits of compulsive fiction, lifeless reminders of our exile, sweet omens of forced organic refund

...A one way quest is about to begin
6. Hostile Silent Raptures (5:09)
Do we have the choice to change our ways?

I pray for an abrupt takeover
my will is to see the erasing of all truth, a structural falling...evolution through derange
convulsive new statements arise!

Now is time for unorthodox master plans, a
whole of new ways yet to be born...creation
through disease

Let the grammars of change be brutally raped
force my sights to mutate
i invoke error and disease; they are the only way
to achieve the banishment of every preset

...Finally, the glow of truth will fade

Incubate, hidden while growing, hibernate...then
became the disguised putrefaction spreading

Induced banishment

Cast out perspectives are rising, silent infections
now on command
let plagues run free inside me, let them
deploy hostile silent ruptures
7. Streams (2:10)
8. Isolated Through Multiplicity (5:12)
Everything seems to move on, to evolve....
everything besides the unanswered

created by us to keep the illusion of knowledge
grasp trough constriction the embrace of an
incoming sleep, a true shapeless saviour

move one, descending trhough frostbitten
stages, chasing the key to deshumanize all.
let rats take the lead...the embodiment of
mandatory new virtues

created by us to seep the words to be
grasp trough constriction the embrace
of an incoming sleep

Let's keep descending through frostbitten
stages chasing the key to deshumanize all
9. Individual Choice (3:10)
10. Glimpses (2:45)
Interior and exterior; fragment as we are
we have found delight floating in the joy of

Wavelength control my thoughts, the air
pushed to my ears, the light that defines

Shades and forms...the rhythm of my breath, infrared-
controlled cells...Nature seems to express sepectral content on everything

A non stop antiphony breaks a stalking silence designed to feed pathetic dialectics between perception and the idea of thruth...our holy gift: Beautiful sights of nowhere

A story tolled by animated systems digging and exit, hordes standing upon entwined dominions where every exit leads to the same beggining

Easily overwhelmed by what seems to be new, astonished,
we keep walking straight to the default answer that is to create a new beggining, becomeing the bricklayers of canocical illusionary constructions, self taught architects
of functional start points

Beautiful sights of nowhere

...Those instrospective constant returns to zero seem to be the main function of understanding, and the invention of meaning, the main human response to its initial condition
11. Constriction (2:25)
12. Motion (7:09)
13. Wavelength (7:02)
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