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Cephalectomy - An Epitaph to Tranquility cover art

An Epitaph to Tranquility

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBrutal Death Metal, Grindcore
LabelsDiscorporate Music
Album rating :  60 / 100
Votes :  1
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An Epitaph to Tranquility Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2011-06-03)
1. The Obliterating Swarm
2. The Splintered Pupil
Abhor the pristine whore
The glowing white eye in my head will not shut

Cease this at once! I am the chosen leper
I falling inward
The internal void swallowing matter, time and space!

I met myself in a shadow and god was sleeping there
I asked for a cure but he could not be woken
So I stabbed at his neck and was absorbed
Now I crawl like an insect
Burrowing into flesh like needles

To the great white eye I saw pass the scalpel
Drain the fluid and bathe yourself
You stink of the virgin.
Your face now in my window
Recoil and jump to fear

With despair it walks
You shall be silenced when the fluid fills your lungs
I am the abhorring stench
The flies of his reckoning shall feast upon your slavery

Turn your eye elsewhere
Your pupil churns blood and bone
To the carpet it goes, so I may walk upon graves

I shall banish the kingdom
The kingdom of your moral string
Snapping like sinews of bone
Splintering the eye

Define your encroaching mass
You whore amongst flesh
Flesh of the senile corpse

The whore reeks in her cave
Her sullen white skull
Illuminated like the moon
The eye shuts and I can sleep.
3. A Submergence Of Will
Wanting, Nothing Asking Nothing
Bleak is her absolution from god
And she holds him tight like vines
Clutching and climbing a pillar to heaven

Nothing seen and nothing heard
The weakness displayed by abandon
Abandon the mind and the body
Let the wolves in and kneel in hope
All is great and good

To those whom speak and the name of god
in broken passages and burning arches
Let your end be slow and pitiful so you know
He is not with you and you are alone

Swear off the wonderment of neutrality
Wrap your eyes in the cloth of theism
For we are the children of the god and yes
We are here to hold sway over all life
Let all who disbelieve lay in waste

One true god one true path
Follow suit fellow humans or suffer his wrath
Lest ya suffer the fire of hell here on earth
Or be bound and sent to the deep blue sea
One god, one path

Her eyes are sewn shut
Blindly she follows the whims of her god patiently
Until her will is submerged and she learns to serve
As your god taught and blinded you with crosses
To me it simply appears discourteous to wear the symbol
Of a deity long dead...

Can you look around this world and believe
In the goodness of a god who rules it.
Famine, Pestilence, Squalor, Disease and Death
They rule this world.
There is little hope I assure you.
If a god of love and light ever did exist he is long since dead
And someone... something, rules in his place...
4. The Accumulated Conscious
In the beginning there was darkness so pitch
I awoke with my nose in the earth
The sweet stench of dirt and decay fills my senses
I am carrion and I am the infinite
Alpha and Omega. I am defective perfection

I am the soul of rebellion and chaos
The will to fight, fuck and kill
The plasma in the veins of like
Et Proavus Satanas!

Humanity greases the cogs of my existence
Like ants they scurry to and fro
Unaware of my ever judging eye
I should love to annihilate them in on fragment of time
Quell their presence under my thumb
Alas... I am the bastard scion...

I should liken myself to a lone cult of suffering
With a following so numerous to fill the universe
The beasts gather as the sun withers
Upon the horns of the great divinity
Et Proavus Satanas!

The circulation of the cosmos without rest
Swirling in infinity motion of time and space
I am the carrion and I am the infinite...

The carvings of civilizations passed...
Writings on the walls of blood and stone
Handed down through the ages of torture
The chance of men to forsake their future
The defy fate is to deny conception
All things must come to an end

To sacrifice my awareness for one moment of adulation
The wipe free the canvas of mortal existence
And snuff out the boundaries of being
The time has come...

Et Proavus Satanas!, I put my nose to the earth
The sweet smell of earth fills my senses, I close my eyes...
5. Feast Of The Saints
It deteriorates to the point of indefinable shadows
Nothing left from which to feed this basic contemptibility

I have come from the bowels of the earth
Born unto this world by the marriage of disgust and rage
To feed the flames and stoke the fires of his will
I am the anti-divinity and true soul of man

To spread my crimson wings upon the earth
Draping an inescapable shadow over all of humanity
Concealing all light from an already shaded course
Drown all in a void where none may enter and none shall escape

There be no feeling in men which I have not cultivated
There be no thought in men which has not been given
Pass unto me the symbol of your deity
Be repentant unto the cross as you burn
Inhale the sulfur of our new torment and prepare for eternity

Welcome our faustian spirit of the earth
the binding of flesh and fire
Wreaking is affliction upon every screaming nerve
A marriage of pain and horror

There be no redemption here you whores of the flesh
Your erroneous ideology has hastened your descent
O' children of god you're welcome to Milton's paradise lost
Welcome to the meal of saints.. The eternal feast

The unity of black souls, a creeping of fractures
The source is hidden, the undefined shadows
Children of tomorrow
Eternal eyes of the goat

I have come from the bowels of the earth
Born unto this world by the marriage of disgust and rage
To fee the flames and stoke the fires of his will
I am the anti-divinity and the true soul of man

As the locusts gather, the flies surround flesh
The viper's venom courses
Imprisoned in black
6. Tide Of Substance
The sun, so far away
Casts such a luminance
Enveloping all in its path
Casting shadows
And fading into dusk

Over the horizon it falls
And the sun casts a shadow
A note fills the air
Vibration sets innocent tone

Asylum from the tremors of the sun
As the moon blooms in the ebon sky
Embracing the sea of a raven universe
And stars fill the sky like silver sand

the tide of substance ebbing and flowing
Spines from the core of a furious force
Evolving never ceasing like vines in time
Reaching for the failure of our future

Shifting of matter, to chaos and disorder
Forming of life and existence, absorb and split
Swirling around the sun of all things
I have seen the harmony of havoc
I have felt the mortal push of existence

Gather in the storms of the universe
Let the course sharpen its destination
An absolute infinity of shapeless manifest
Falling upon the leaves of absolute mortality

A melting of frequencies
Betray our reality
Lending us fantasy
To the endless horizon

An era of spatial fragmentation
Melting and dividing creation
Relation of ruminant diversion
Architectural definition of solemnity
Expressed visions of burdens we bare...
7. For Our Fetid Fathers
8. Freedom Of The Enlightened
Wade waist deep into the emulsion
the freedom of a weakened mind
You revel in the innocence of singularity
While embracing the holy masses

Your armchair rhetoric and ignorance
Makes for strange bedfellows
With your search for enlightenment and knowledge
I see not but the weakest of minds

To pick and choose what suits your needs
While denying what was writ as modern cruelties
Does not make you a believer with the opiate masses
Yet fly high with your faith and your fear
So your fall may be long and fast and hard

To deny the natural law of life is absurd
To look around this world with faith in humanity
As the chosen prophecies of your absent deity
Fills me with the urge to defecate

The world of humanity lies in wait
While your beliefs hold us back from our true course
the tolerance of freedom for the mind
Abolishment of laws from centuries of distain

To see the world not as our own
But as 1 of billions of species of equal right
So with distain I look upon thee
In a mindset of attrition and absolute confidence
In what I know as fact and not as blind faith

Hold your head high in the clouds
Follow your Sheppard and be herded
Live life in constant hope of appeasing him
And constant fear that you have done him wrong

The lord as my Sheppard I shall not want
He maketh me lie down with blind obedience
He leadeth me into deception and intolerance
He corrupts the ideal of a soul, He steers me
From paths of righeousness in hie name's sake
9. The Urchin Peel
Open the urchin and peel back the layers
Before the crows come... Pecking, pecking
Flies have infested my skull and the buzzing never ceases
Pecking they come pecking and digging
Before the man in blue may open your skull

Like soldiers they fly in formation...
Onward into battle lest one who stayed behind
To freeze in the barren white fields
But release these straps sir
I am free to fly and I have many miles to go
To fly or flutter I must get out.

In this skin I am unclean...
Peel it from me so I may reveal myself
Shall I peel it from myself then?
Inside I am disgusting and unclean
But it needs to be seen...
There is a monster in here
Summon the wolves to clean my bones

I crave sleep...Sleep without dreams
Pecking... Pecking and digging they come
Searching for the worms...
My head is full of dirt and the worms may feast
In my skin I am filthy, disgusting, dirty and diseased
Please release these straps sir...

I've found a way out...
The smallest crack in the wall
It's free and bright and light seeps through like fire
The smallest crack in the wall in much to small

I check under bed and behind for you
I can head you breathing in my ear
Telling me things... How to fit through
The smallest crack in the wall

Open the urchin and peel back the layers
Summon the wolves...
I slice and slice... Peeling off skin
It's the only way I can fit...
the only way out is in...
10. Architect Of Abomination
I have risen like a locust storm
The abolish the benevolent disease
To reap upon the earth
A ceaseless demoralizing hellfire
Raping the lands of light
Your towers of glass and steel
Bathed in the light of the sun
Shall bear witness to abomination
As rivers flow with crimson tide
And misshapen beasts fill your streets
So cower far and wide
No place to run, no place to hide
The time of eve draws ever near
No room for cover, you shudder in fear

The dreams of man shall rot and burn
Free of the cloak of imagined morality
They shackle upon your very will
The feral beast inside us all does return
To absolve their millennia of disease

I am the architect of abomination
the captor of souls
I am the architect of anathema
Destroyer of decency
An enlightening of the mind presented
Upon the altar of madness and depravity
the sole reason for mans existence
Is as a creature of my will and amusement

There shall be no fathers
No one for you to run to
In my hand I hold fate and destiny
And i release thee upon my creation
So cower far and wide
No place to run, no place to hide
The time of eve draws ever near
No room for cover, you shudder in fear
I have overtaken like a locust storm
Abolished the benevolent disease
Reaped my will upon the earth
Swept the lands with hellfire
Raping the world of its light
11. The Sons Of Tellervo
I come from the deep forest
I am one with the trees and paths
The night comes fast and far
And my brothers are free as the eagle flies
The camp fire crackles and shines so bright
We raise our wooden pints and drink
Singing long throughout the dark night
Until the forest ceiling cracks
And down come the sobering light

I wander with the old ones by day
Hearing tales of men and gods
Of gods and women and men
Walking with the wolves as we sing
Of times when the wind whispered your name

It is the time of feasting
And the bow pulls taught and snaps
The arrow flies far and finds its home
Gather the mushrooms and berries
Tonight we feast on the offerings of Tellevero

Goddess of the forest we raise our tankards high
We eat this meat in thanks of you
We drink this because it tastes so good
The sun is high and we've no worries of sin
This ale tastes so good and out stomachs are full
The night comes fast and the night goes far
Flames dance high and flames dance bright
We raise our tankards and raise them high
Our legs love to dance and arms reach the sky

Come my child and dance with my
Ill tell you tales of the mother you never knew
With hair like fire and a smile so bright
As you entered this world
Ajatar stole her away into the night

I grew up with the bears and wolves
I call these woods home, no desire to go
My belly is full and my heart is too
I live life a child of the forest
Proud and mighty a son of Tellervo
12. A Loathsome Ceremony
An intermittent pulse
the defeating rhythm of continuance
Defining abject mediocrity
Surrendered upon a mountain of shit
You're climbing to the peak

Breaking the mould of a social disease
The cries you make across the globe
Self serving narcissist in you fucking tower
Begging for cries of empathy from your onetime friends
The death of man by the cry of a million pussies

So show your status you diseased fucking monkey
Cry out to those who share your symptoms
Your whimpers and moans fuel my disgust
Fill me with what I need to rise above your shit
Laughing at their empathy with a vengeful apathy

I am a soulless monster
With a distaste for ceremony
Feeding on the skeletons you parade
With a craving for your weakness brigade
So stand the fuck up and step aside
Your bullshit will no longer be tolerated
this nation of self serving pussies is tired
Sp wipe your eyes and form a backbone
You don't know fucking pain
You self absorbed pussy fucks.

How about you spend a month in a 3rd world country
Get cancer of the fucking brain
Fight every day for a fucking piece of food
Gain a broader scope of life outside your bloated fucking skull

I'm sick of your shit
I'm sick of your indulgence
I'm sick of your selfishness
I'm sick of your ego-centric fucking bullshit
Stand up and grow a fucking pair
Strength comes from self improvement
Your whiny bullshit breeds decrepitude
And we aren't going to take it anymore
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