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Blackhorned - Dawn of Doom cover art

Dawn of Doom

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresBlack Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsGoathorned Productions
Album rating :  -
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Dawn of Doom Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-13)
1. Dark Towers Rising (intro) (1:19)
2. Weak Pathetic Humanity (3:59)
Weak Pathetic Humanity

Pestilence and plague in growth – a sickening hate
Worship of stupidity – pathetic human race
For far too long – have I watched this comedy
The urge for death – the lust for torture. Now it’s time to kill.

Weak Pathetic Humanity. The shadow is rising
Weak Pathetic Humanity. The price of death is yours

Naivety and blind faith in a lying book of shit
Slavery of light and time – utopian believes.
Impossible perfection of the human race
The price is high – all shall die. Accept my sacrifice!!

Weak Pathetic Humanity. Your time has come
Weak Pathetic Humanity. Embrace your own destruction
3. The Fall From Grace (3:24)
The Fall from Grace

Once proud and standing tall. A kingdom of grace and honour
No disturbance in the pride. We hailed the High Ones in respect
Ancient dignity – the ways of old. The filth had not yet arrived
Rituals and sacrifices for the pride. Soon this would be ancient history.

Grace turned to greed. Pride turned into stupidity
Too much respect for the lower. Misuse of mercy lost control
Corruption and lies, filth and decay. Pathetic beliefs in life
Mankind turned into a plague. The fall from Grace.

I watch in disgust as life goes by. The plague is growing day by day
I have no hope for humanity. I hate the way they breed and breed
I wish for death and eternal torment for all of mankind.
Pride is lost. The grace have gone. It’s just a waste of flesh that fills the earth.
4. A Growing Darkness (4:38)
A Growing Darkness

Shadows are dancing – on the walls in my cell
Horrific figures – voices chill my bones
Piercing my mind – the speech of the dead
Helplessly trapped – I cannot escape

Feeling empty – I have no control of myself
The Dark Shades are growing – creeping deep inside me
Hallucinating – visions of things to come
Darkness is rising – there is no turning back

They are speaking to me
Haunting my mind
A growing darkness
Surrounds me in my sleep

Hope is an illusion. Life is pain.
My mind is dark and empty. My souls has gone
Enslaved am I. With shadows of death I am dancing
By the blade on my skin – I surrender myself to you…
5. Whispers of a Nameless Fear (7:20)
Whispers of a Nameless Fear

Here I am. In this emptiness.
I cannot feel myself no more
Only the voice of the One below
Naked and cold I am. Left in a void
I gaze on this black wall of stone
My mind is haunted by the whispers of a Nameless Fear

Voices in the night. Ghostly shadows in the forest
All so silent and eerie, but still an inexplicable unrest
Surrounded by nothingness. Life is not present
Silent screams and tortured faces hits me in a vision
Still all is silent as evil spreads
The whispers of a Nameless Fear
6. The Forces of Evil (2:10)
The Forces of Evil

Come forth, Come forth
I summon thee, demons and shadows
Enemies of man, slayer of the light
To the Gates you are called
Master of Death, your forces will gather
I can only wish for your total victory

From all places of this damned world
Your shall come to serve Him

Raising an army of terrible grace
For the Master will never be defeated
Deathmaster worship in the name of pain
Rise, Forces of Evil, to spread your plague
Swear your oaths to the Lord of Darkness
Let there be terror and endless war

For the Dark One will have dominion of the world
Even to the ending of it all
7. A Red Dawn (4:41)
A Red Dawn

Eerie crimson horizon
The light of dawn, not at before
Dark clouds of smoke and dust rises
A cold silence, whispers in the air
The warning of what’s to come
The deep breath before the storm

Day of the Damned
For wrath and ruin
Hail the world’s ending
A red Dawn of Doom

From the dark barren wastelands
The armies of death are gathered
Ready to invade the world of men
Fear and horror, grief and doubt
Pure feeding for the Evil One
Monsters of terror, Doomsday has begun

Day of the Damned
For wrath and ruin
Hail the world’s ending
A red Dawn of Doom

Black, threatening clouds of thunder
Blocking the light of the sun
The air is shivering
The earth is shaking
Hear the distant rumble of Death approaching
Awoken we have – to the Dawn of Doom
8. The Invasion (5:19)
The Invasion

From the South – From the North
Form the East – From the West
From the lowest depths
From the highest peaks
Flights of demons and armies of beasts
All marching out for terror and war

Under skies of rain red as blood
Evil approaches for the battle to come
Ear splitting screams from the warlords of Hell
Awaking the bloodlust and power to kill
Feeble screams of dying humans
Scattered limbs in streams of blood

Twisted faces in pain through the black rain
Terror piercing through the souls of the innocent
Slaughtering through the masses of flesh
Violent revenge on mankind of hypocrisy
The Legions of Doom with eyes of fire
There’s only one solution: Destroy the world of Men!
9. Black Shadows of Death (4:59)
Black Shadows of Death

Appearing from the deep dark void of nothingness
In the mist of death and the smell of blood and smoke
Dark shades of horror and cold dead faces
Followed by rotten crows spreading death by their wings

My fearful visions has become painful reality
From everywhere I see, the ghosts of death appears
My dark prophecy beholds in satanic majesty
The black shadows of death in disfigured shades of corpses

Hordes of black rats running in front of the dead
Spreading plague and disease and infecting the earth
The crows of death in the air and the shades of black
The black shadows of death – the inescapable ending

Their hollow screams and empty voices – paralysing fear
Piercing your skin and ripping your flesh, melting your eyes
Choking life in its deadly breath
For they have come to end it all
10. Mankind Reduced to Ashes (6:51)
Mankind Reduced to Ashes

Daylight has turned to dark night
The moon is full and shines cold
All is silent and the air is tense
Silent prayers from those who soon shall die

A black star rises and reduces the light of the moon
The sound of growls from demons in the distance
Dark clouds are gathering – sound of thunder
It is the horror of the Dark Lord approaching

With a mighty roar, the ground explodes
The earth shakes and fire bursts
Demons attacks from everywhere with forces of death
With a giant burst, an atomic cloud rises
Fire from the depth of Hell arise in mighty flames
Infernal suffering as people burst into flames
Mountains crack and cities are destroyed
Through the mighty atomic cloud
His majesty appears with wings of death
Satan – the Dark Lord has risen to bring the End
In demonic might, the Dark One is supreme
Fire cleanse the Earth from the plague of Mankind
In a giant black hole the world of men implodes
Mankind Reduces to Ashes!!!
11. Eerie Cold Emptiness (6:43)
Eerie Cold Emptiness

So cold so dark so silent so lonely
No sound no voices no birds no air
All withered all burned all gone all dead
Alone in emptiness alone in darkness
Lost in despair lost in the void
There is no life in the void only death
Ghostly ruins none has survived all has perished
Here I am all has ended I’m free …
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