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Bishop - Centipede cover art




TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, Alternative Rock
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Centipede Lyrics

Submitted by level Besi Karat (2015-03-22)
1. Get Me Down (4:02)
doing fine without the
help of you or time i'll be
living right got no crazy
way to show you that i
care about the universe
together we'll be growing
up around the son in time
i'll learn so grab your
favorite friend and gather
round to think about

try to hold me up,
get me down from here
it's better to be lost
then found

its almost everyday i ask
myself what i leave
behind different jobs
different kinds of love
i'm not so sure they say
that change can bring
you hope again i'm not
so sure so i'll be the
master mind behind
what i say

this time i fed too much
help me to decide on the
things that make it right
let's rise again
2. Got the Way (2:31)
help me out with
something, something i
had planned, something
that will last a gift that i
will give you the toy that i
will share a gem that
shines so brightly

got the way better way
got the way better way
free your empty mind

terminate the blame it's
accidents that change the
method of construction could
you handle me when i decide
to rain to empty out the

all my friends are dying now
could i expect to be alive
much longer help me out with
something, something i had
planned something that will
3. Space Rocker (4:02)
calling out from this earth
calling out for all it's worth
i hope you find your way back
home drifting through the
vacant dark followed by those
shining stars i hope you find
your way back home

give me, something to think
about cause i feel there's
nothing wrong with coming
down i'm petrified, of all the
things that are coming round
and i know there's something
here for everyone

just a sucker for the tease as
i wander aimlessly wouldn't it
be much better to rest can't
you tell i am the best
superstar you past the test i
hope that you don't mind the fact
that we are green

so you better run out
to the supermarket now

there it's me on tv the land of
hopeless empty dreams they
all said that this could never
be take a chance to gravitate
find your strength and let it
race i hope this is your way
back home and we are
lifeless rockers in space
4. Lower (2:38)
aside from what i said
patiently listening to the one
who told me i'm wrong but
wait just wait a minute what
i've shown is my own touch
of life to hold

i heard about your life tell me
more as you found the light
was it more than you thought
on and on and on

what i know is that i'm lower,
lower than the rest well i am
lower what i know is that i'm
lower, lower than the rest

wait just a minute a minute what
i've shown you is my own
touch of life to hold

tell me what is next your the
king of all the late night
scenes wasted dreams
watch me roll on and on
5. Change the Scenery (3:33)
city's been draining me been
here far to long people up in
my face they think i'm always
wrong time and time again
i think of better days in a
place where i will renew
my changing scenery

the streaming traffic of life
has brought me to the edge
but unlike everybody else i
won't take the easy end
insteadi'll make a plan to
leave this lonely place and
make the appropriate time to
change the scenery

change the scenery
change the scenery
6. "83" (5:16)
saturday so bright i heard a
fight in the other room grab
my stuff and head for the door
as fast as i could i head down
to the place i knew so well in
the hood centipede was there
when you where gone and out
of sight those people left so far
behind i don't mind i fought in
ways i never knew that i could
those were the times

i had the time of my life
when i was free, free in 83

coming back was harder than i
thought it would be i don't see
the little boy playing spy vs spy
and my bike is gone and the
yard is black filled with flys
hope, chance, love to start
again a face a time a place
give me strength please i
remember, please i remember
those were the times

where's the time
the time is gone
the time is gone
watcha gonna do
7. Back Again (4:40)
i want you back again to help
me understand i want you
back again to hold me by
the hand to worry all the time
time you were always mine

wasn't it weird
when you found me there
wasn't it strange
when we touched

i want to see you when
you fruits are ripe again i
what to see you when you
have that look again the
one that tears me down
come on make me drown

pick me up clean the rough
make me sick again i know
burn my flesh tell you when
i feel it coming on
8. Dead Time (3:42)
staring face to face i could
not find the grace to react,
confused by the passing
years i find myself all alone
trying to detach from rage
is harder than anyone
should know why does it
have to be so hard, why
do i live this way

i want to walk again,
watch me drown
i want to feel again,
bring me down
i will walk again

anxiously passing time,
read the stories change
the lines i touched your
face it was then that i felt
the wind change you know
when we were young it
was easier to run and hide
but the wind kept blowing
hidden deep were voices
from the past

end the dead time

and for the time being i'm
happier than you will ever be
with all my senses blown the
world looks so beautiful to
me so come and join me let's
watch the people as they
play all their games of life
maybe someday they will
fade into me
9. Fighting You (5:27)
something, there's something
wrong with you and wrong
means right to me yeah, right

tell me some things dead
tell me some things dead,
tell me some things dead,

hey, you know i loved you
all right and hey hey yeah,
could it be all those things
you said every time that you
walk find yourself washed up
ashore did you think that i,
i could of lied never mind the
bad times

i am fighting you, for the
truth tonight, stars so bright
when you thought the time
was perfectly right, did you
think you'd win this
brutal fight
10. Wasted Youth (3:47)
i know there's something
wrong when the wasted
youth are gone we will cry for
their home when the wasted
youth are gone

tell me something i don't
need to feel alive the more
i wonder the less i think
about all the reasons why
i am here

we are the wasted youth
with all the time to kill
and tell me what i must do

what's a home if you're not
there to feed their mind
the more i wonder, the less
i think about all the reasons
why i am here
11. Tear Inside Out (4:02)
help me to redefine what
was yours and what was
mine i'm down with hanging
up on you well i need a
hooker, i need a lover to
make it through the night i
know it's pleasing baby to
be thinking that we could
make it right

you are the one
who tears inside out

broken pieces of bottled
wine i'm feeling pretty fine
i'm at the party they've
been talking about come
over here i want to touch
i want to feel you and blast
you into space i know your
digging what i'm giving so
crack that smiley face

over time it's ill derived it's
time to back it up to the
beginning when you were
giving all the living the hell
when you arrived i know
that people everywhere are
12. Open Road (2:40)
i want to be out on the
open road again to live on
every chance that comes
with the rain what will you
do when you don't find me
there will you be afraid
or won't you even care

jump in the back seat and
grab a pair of pants we
drove a hundred miles
before we had the chance
to think about what we had
done so far there's no
turning back or breaking
us apart

i found myself back where
i began even though we
look the same there is
something just call me
paranoid blame it on the
loss could it be the time
we spent to push the best
things off
13. Love Crush (4:59)
you're just happy when we
play won't you save it for
the rainy days love, love
crush is the game what a
way to watch the biggest
freak show

don't forget me or what i
say it's the words in
context that go in the
wrong ways shut up, or
run away can't take the
pain you're givin me

i hear your live, i feel

so it sounds like you got a new ride but what makes you
think you're so right tired is what you said but excuses can't
pave the way out

it's a back door conspiracy wanna be on the tight rope
walking down the vein of humility watch out it's now my
time to gather up the reasons and clear the air

c'mon let's get it right and try to run away c'mon let's get it
right and try to run away!
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