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Autopsy - Macabre Eternal cover art

Macabre Eternal

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsPeaceville Records
Album rating :  91 / 100
Votes :  5
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Macabre Eternal Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-03-30)
1. Hand of Darkness (5:19)
The eye of darknes is in my hand
Seduced by terror, you'll understand
My fingers probe your blackened mind
Sadistic reaping of humankind

Take my hand of darkness
It will lead you to the door
The casket lid is open
For salvation you'll implore
Appease my sickest wishes
Be absorbed by night and death
The hand of darkness steals your dying breath
My very touch assures release from flesh

Reaching out to the sick and insane
Casting all to eternal pain
Jagged scraping, talons red
Rending life, a gift to the dead


Feed the great beyond with fear
Visions of torment grow cold and near
I sacrifice your blood and skin
You're drawn into the tomb within
A thousand paths to darkest depths
Are laid in bone and severed heads
Screaming caverns devour your soul
A feast for oblivion to behold

Lead - Coralles

2. Dirty Gore Whore (5:45)
You're going out for a walk
I follow closely from behind
In my hand I have a rock
To your skull it will grind
I take you back to my room
To have some fun before your doom
Little slices bring big pain
Some would say I'm insane

Your screams go silent in this place
Blood, tears and cum covers your face
One big slash across your chest
Blood splatters from breast to breast
I'll carve you a new fuckhole
And chain you to my toilet bowl
Won't kill you, but you'll wish you were dead
Keep you as my dirty gore whore instead

Rape you, kill you

Lead - Coralles

I'm your keeper, you belong to me
I control the world you see
Never again will you be free
I'm your keeper, you belong to me

Lead - Cutler

Dirty gore whore
Thrust my hips and my blade
Dirty gore whore
Consciousness begins to fade
Dirty gore whore
It's now time to find the next
Dirty gore whore
Fulfill my lust for blood and sex
3. Always About to Die (5:15)
Under the sign of a skull faced moon
We rise from abysmal embryotic doom
Existence as torment, yet locked in a grave
A sick fragile cycle from which no one is saved

Made to be feared, this reaping scythe
No one gets out of this world alive
Doomed to the flow of the river of fear
Damned by the day when the reckoning's here

Suffering through the endless pain
Paranoia drilling brains
Either way we all must perish
Everyone will lose the game

In your sleep or on your knees
Killed in health or by disease
Doom bound train is on your track
Feel your mind about to crack

We are always about to die

Leads - Coralles/Cutler/Coralles/Cutler

Under the sign of a skull faced moon
We rise from abysmal embryotic doom
Existence as torment, yet locked in a grave
A sick fragile cycle from which no one is saved
4. Macabre Eternal (4:39)
We the diseased have taken your world
And thrown it to darkness and plague
The stench of malaise is alive in the air
Forever by horror enslaved

Gone is the time when the sky was not black
Before the structures of doom
He was the one who made this to be
The one of the unhealing wound

Within the bowels of the edifice
That radiates nausea
Waves of blackness perpetually exude
A decaying dystopia

The god of disease with his eyes rolled back
Arms outstretched in decay
Macabre eternal, bringer of rot

The sick kill the sick, tainted blood is shed
In this foul place of freakishness
Mountains of the dead grow in festering piles
No future, no past, just excruciating death
Your world is dead

Teeth render flesh into blood streaming pulp
Filth laden fingers claw into rot holes
A mockery of life while the doom bringer sits
Crawling with maggots with death on his lips
Macabre eternal

Leads - Coralles/Cutler/Coralles/Cutler

We the diseased have taken your world
5. Deliver Me From Sanity (4:24)
Haunted by reality
I cannot bear the pain
Called by unearthly screaming
Sickened by the sane

Deliver me from sanity
My eyes have seen to much
The very skin around my bones
Is horrid to the touch

A tortured specimen of filth
I grovel on the floor
Something's wrong inside my head
I'm not insane but I might be dead

Lead - Cutler


I see reflections on the wall
But there's no mirror there
This place is dark and sick and cold
Why can't my mind be spared

I dig the eyes out of my skull
My mind is tearing at the seams
Self inflicted lunacy
At last fills all my waking dreams
6. Seeds of the Doomed (5:26)
Strangled daylight fading, soon I'll crawl out
To whisper to the bones I've scattered about

Arranging the bones
The bones on the moor
Seeds of the doomed
So perfect they are

We draw closer every time when we speak
They want others like them to be complete


Lead - Cutler

Below the ground when the sun is high
In solitude I deconstruct my prize
I chew the mangled meat right off the bone
In the darkness down here all alone

Skeletal sockets peering out through the mist
Sun bleached fingers point while the stale winds hiss


Lead - Coralles

I've stripped the pieces from their counterparts
Nocturnal placement as a work of art
This place is mine, nobody else comes here
If they do they'll only disappear
7. Bridge of Bones (4:46)
I didn't find this place, it called to me
A reeking from the other side of stone
Underground in hiding as I was
Was that a whisper? But I'm here alone...

There lay a hole in the ground
A hidden portal in the floor
A putrid breeze was seeping out
Against all sense I set out to explore

Lead - Cutler

Through the passage I did climb
Down to a chamber vast as hell itself
Had I lost my mind or did I really see
An abysmal chasm with a bridge of bones
Before me?

A nauseating reddish light filled the gloom
Transfixed I walked up to the bridge bizarre
Horrified I realized the truth
The skulls and legs and arms looked so familiar

In shock I scrambled back up
To the bleakness of the moor
The winds were foul, the bones were gone
I reeled in sickening horror
The abomination of a bridge
Must be the morbid key
I had to go down again and face insanity

Lead - Coralles

A dark descent beneath the earth
And hell was waiting there
I stepped onto the skeletal span
And walked across in terror
I reached the other side
To see a coffin standing bare
And then the voices faded in
Grotesque beyond compare

The box was open, death was near
I heard the casket's calling clear
My victims screaming in my head
I stepped inside and closed the lid
8. Born Undead (4:00)
Aftermath of the deathly plague
Corpses once dormant now arise
Wreckage in the world above
No one sane left alive
Experiments in the ground below
Hidden from the rotting land
Depravity and swarming lust
Undead infatuation

Unholy obsession with the living dead
Maggot filled zombies in chains
Vile procreation with flesh hungry cadavers
The breeding instinct deranged

Fed on the meat of the weak and the old
Stagnant blood now flowing free
The mating continues with psychotic abandon
Creating a horrific breed
Living in a dying womb
A nightmarish creature is spawned
Born undead in a world gone mad
All hope for humanity gone


Humans insane, horrors are bred
Raised on decay, born undead

Leads - Coralles/Cutler

9. Sewn Into One (6:31)
Sunken eyes, deformed brain
Brilliant madman, beyond deranged
Hidden away, amongst the trees
Echoes of tormented pleas

Menacing thunder erupts in the skies
Innocent idiots soon face demise
Panicked and soaked to the tear stained bone
Enter the refuge where death dwells alone

Lead - Cutler

The sickening trap has been shut
You're drugged up and dragged down below
Strapped to last stand of sanity
It's time to be more than you were meant to be
Three you are in nightmare beds
Metamorphosis carefully planned
Your surgeon has sharpened his blades
You'll be changed by his wretched hand

Three screaming pitiful mouths
Dislocated and torn wide obscenely
Sewn in a segmented chain
Mouth to ass, ass to mouth, you're not dreaming
All linked up in unholy connection
Take the thing out for display
Humiliation of what has been wrought
As the sick one revels in his day

No escape, caged and whipped
Paraded for dark pleasure
Intestines pump, throats consume
Ingesting pure infected doom

The head, it dies...
The tail, it dies...
The brain, it fries...

Lead - Coralles
10. Bludgeoned and Brained (4:09)
Explosive violence
Explosive pain
Armageddon of flesh
Bludgeoned and brained
The beating, the beating
So savage and true
Pummeled skull splitting
With brains leaking through

Again and again
The blows are dealt
Watching the death twitch
Inhaling the smell
The glow of life
Fading from the eyes
A pathetic gasp
Replaces the cries

The game is not over
Your brains I will consume
Bone crushing satisfied
Feasting, covered in cerebral grume
11. Sadistic Gratification (11:33)
You're here with me to tell
What you've seen
You tremble and shake knowing
Your life's at stake
All around they know my name
I make a living inflicting pain
My ways are sound and once you're bound
I'll hurt my way to your center
Heroes die while cowards cry
Which one are you... will you end here...

You'll tell me what I want to hear
Or I'll cut you from ear to ear
With all my metal instruments
You'll question all your covenants

Asphyxiation, your face turns blue
Boiling oil burns the skin
Electrocution, fry away your skin
Genital mutilation, never fuck again
It's not too late to change your fate
So use your tongue before I puncture your lungs

You'll tell me what I want to hear
Or I'll cut you from ear to ear
With all my metal instruments
You'll question all your covenants
I have several surprises in store for you
But you have more control than you think I do

Just say the right words and all this stops
While you stall another piece of you drops

One by one, your fingers and toes
I've cut them all, your blood now flows
Your kneecaps crushed, you walk no more
Blackened eyes, you see no more
Broken arms, broken face
Your heart pumps in a mortal race
I do this not only for my occupation
But also for my sadistic gratification

Broken people always tell the truth...
Many argue but never see tomorrow...
It's never their saving grace...
I always rip off their face...
No remorse...
No apologies...
I'm not sorry...
I have no remorse for you...
Your death brings me pleasure...
Pleasure I can't describe...
A pleasure you will never...
You will never understand...
As you lie and you cry...
I sin...
I enjoy...
I enjoy your pain...
Your pain it brings me pleasure...
You'll never... you'll never see another....
Another breath...
Another day...
You'll never know tomorrow...
You're gonna die...

Lead - Coralles
12. Spill My Blood (3:40)
Spill my blood
Our blood it comes from the same line... spill my blood
Still I should have seen all the signs... spill my blood
You're a double crossing cunt... spill my blood
I'll carve you, maim you, shape, shame you... spill my blood

You won the only battle
But still you lost the war
Now it's time you die
You fucking whore

Spill my blood... spill my blood
Not from my body, but from yours... spill my blood
I want to see and taste some more... spill my blood
Not from my body, but from yours... spill my blood

You won the only battle
But still you lost the war
Now it's time you die
You stupid whore

Lead - Coralles

Spill your blood

As you die I celebrate
A bloody mess of you I make
For you, now it's too late
I spill your blood for fuck's sake

Spill my blood

Lead - Cutler
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