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Vision of Disorder Lyrics

Vision of Disorder - Vision of Disorder cover art

Vision of Disorder

TypeStudio Full-length
Album rating :  83.8 / 100
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-02-11)
1. Element (3:13)
And to the brink I will rise
You wanna be on top you'd better stay on top
Fight the wake keep your distance
Loss of everything beat your face in
Nine to five keep your distance
You, you keep away from me
You keep away from their ingenuity
Never gonna get what you want
Unless you stay dedicated
You ain't never gonna be the gleam
That keeps us all together
Strength from within
Regulate and Isolate
Break yourself make mistakes
Rearrange and learn from what you've done
Reinstate, Copulate loss of fate be yourself
To you want tell yourself you'll be what you want to be
Sometimes the violence gets to me
Makes me so sick I can't even see
I will prevail
Good times followed by the hard times
And the good shall return and this I do swear
Though my eyes I have seen your o.k.
Through suffocation, dedication I will rise
Through the heartbreak through the sorrow
Let it pass by till tomorrow
Yes the city breathes still you run
Harm yourself from yourself
Still we crawl on this wall
Faces pale afraid to fall
As we plummet as we plunder
We learn a lesson that lasts forever
No more compromise
2. Watering Disease (2:34)
Get away
Get away, that's what they always say
Though I can't relate
I try and try and trying to undo
So convincing all that way
Though I detest
I will choose to
Choose to neglect all the thoughts of false communication
Though you reject concentrating, contemplating on
What they want of me
What they'll never see
What they perceive is burning in the grass
Try to lose your own
Confusion as melts upon your back
And you resist in-tact
So this is what you see
Come and taste misery
As it burns on my tounge
This is this is dread
I think I will for your thrill
I think I'll try all this time
Shelter me, bury me
Get away-Rage
Where we settle in the paths
As I look as I look on back I realize
The faceless dead
3. Through My Eyes (3:39)
My perception my infection
Lazy bloody eyes
Self destruct so addictive
Here's a taste of death here's your taste of death
And I wish that I could feel the things you feel
And I wish that I could see the things you see
And through my eyes I see all your disgust
I don't feel content
You don't understand
Stomach still uneasy
Can't escape the hate
And from it I'll run
Put you in the river
And from you I'll hide
Standing in the rain
And I'll cut myself in a muddy cove
So when I die
There will be no
Processed information makes the world go round
You've made me change so
I'll pull the fuckin' trigger watch your head combust
Pull the fuckin trigger watch your head combust
By pointing your fingers
You alienated me and made me the stranger
So instill the values you protect
This disease will spread and infect
And through my eyes
I see all your disgust
Yellow running red becoming
Just waiting for the pain
Don't you take my actions
Turn them against me
I feel myself breaking
I feel myself break
4. Viola (4:18)
Viola she watch me reign
Viola my head engaged
As she dances the Lilac bloom
Viola can't watch you
I Let her into the sun in a jaded shade
I threw the people in a shallow grave
And then she dances through the tear in my eye
I gave them candy
A mouthful of dirt
Don't think I forgot
And don't think I'm so strange
I ain't your typical human and I'll tear your world apart
I Left them in their heads
As I ran their Line
I've seen their vision as it all did die
I've seen their faces as they took them to their helm
I gave them shadows that never emerged
Father, where did you go?
Mother, what have you done?
Well you bashed my head in
You made me crazy
I'll murder her
Shallow days in my eyes
Something's wrong
I'll lay you on the ground
It's too long
It's too long since I tasted control
It's too long
So long since I tasted control.
In my head I feel my pain
I saw your game
All is dead
I'll cut you down Viola
I'll cut you down my mother
I'll cut you down
5. Liberation (3:37)
It's something that's inside
Something that makes us strive
It's not the voice in my head
Or your poor streets
They place the blame on you
They place the blame on me
There's nothing you can do
To change this world
Is it the desperation?
Is it the weakness?
Is it the solemn faces in the tower?
Convincing eyes-multiple
Contributing to the aggression
That persuades me to
Take up arms upon you
They claim the states in distress
Due to the rise in crime
I feel the manifest
Has broken far west
Was it a suicide? Was it a homicide?
No one really cares so it's your death
We are the ones who will suffer cause in 2001
Nothing has changed cause nothing was done
To control our resources to contain out pollutants
Well hemp could have saved the world
But you're too scared
In fear of your economy
Tripping, falling, locked out inside
Control, resist products that left us
Slipping, drowning, crumble down
Dwindled, endangered, dying extinct
You say we caught this disease
It's running through our veins
It's gonna end this world
Spread through your culture
We're growing every day
Your children turning to us
The pleasant way is gone
Cause it doesn't work
Yes this world you've wasted
Don't you think you've tasted
The fruits of this life
This will be your restraint
6. Divide (1:50)
Divide - Street force
Street force will win the wars
We were the ones to win
You are the grateful
We were the ones to lose
You were the spiteful
Show us the way
We shall never fall
Show us the way
We shall never fall
Divide - Street force
Street force will win the wars
No more patience
We were the ones to protect
You are the fortunate
You were the ones to spit
You are the ignorant
Show us the way
We shall never fall
Divide - Street force
7. Ways to Destroy One's Ambition (2:53)
Level, Crumble
Level by the hatred
Can't really explain our nature
Genocide was created
Blown into the backs of children
Pushing - miles away
There's no acceptance
There is no control
Breeding adolence
Come on
I said it's to me
To me there is nothing
But total annihilation
Come to us Armageddon
Give us all what we deserve
I lack the provision
I lack the self control
I lack the way to be
Will to grow old
I pull the shotgun close;
close to my chest
Grants me security in the New York City mirth
Your eyes bleed
Level, Crumble
8. Suffer (2:55)
To be young and to be pure and to be bold
Only to rise one way to the
strength on way to perceive
Our sacrificial tendencies
These were the gifts provided by our statured gods
They gave us their definition
To religion to destruction to whom to believe
Can't they see their days are fading?
This is how it's gonna be until we die
Life is deceptive to all the believers
Our objective - to sort and decipher
Their generation will rot in their golden grooves
Our generation slapped with a fuckin' "X"
And don't you bitch about your pain
That you hide
Deep inside
To be young and to be bold
Only to rise is one way to the strength
One way to perceive our sacrificial tendencies
These were the gifts provided by our statured gods
They gave us their definition
To religion to destruction to whom to believe
Can't they see their days are fading?
This is how it's gonna be until we die
Fall down
Ruptured focus
Sown at the eye
Some people are just too stupid to realize
That they have vision for you and I
I'll do my very best to try and fight against
Their invasion coming from the dying fields
Their days of labor withers their alliance
Their generation will rot in the golden grooves
Our generation prevails in the fucking end
To destroy to employ
To cock that gun
One time too many - don't choose this one
One way sight point of view, point of disclaim
Our destruction is for memory
9. Zone Zero (3:59)
Litigation got me thinking
In the window all these letters
This will be your own catastrophe
As you wait zone zero
I don't care what you think
I don't care what you say
I don't care about them
I don't care any
I don't care what you think
I don't care what you say
I don't care about them
I don't care anything
No hope - for alliance
No hope - for sadness
No chance - for forgiveness
Nothing - but your misery
Nothing - you can do
As it - melts and grinds you
Inside - pain you spent
In the - misery
Sometimes it will tell
Where you've been and what I've seen
What I've found as I lay
In your ground by your side
Mass polution
My solution
Kill the humans
Los Angeles
Engrossed in flame
I don't care what you think
I don't care what you say
I don't care about them
I don't care any
Lost in time in your mind
Nothing's left they all died
I don't care what you think
I don't care what you say
I don't care about them
I don't care anything
Generation caught beneath
All these guns
Out of reach
Where were all your profits during
the atomic Shower of flesh
Kiss it goodbye
10. D.T.O. (4:05)
Get up, look around
And you will see the lies
That I see each and every day
I deal with them in my own way
I try to breed myself right
I try to breed my thoughts right
All you people stand against me
Your talk behind my back
The threat of your hostility
Induces my attack
What the fuck should I do?
To make myself a man
What the fuck should I do
I'm doing the best that I can
I'll never give up my pride
And I'll never surrender my hate
You on the opposite side
You're the one who made me this way
Suppressed anger for all these years now
Disgusting people, you stand and point at me
They are all but the pathetic
Embarking on a crusade that is so damn addictive
Therefore their prosperity
It will never ever be granted
What's up with this world?
What the fuck, I can't breathe
Pray for the forgiveness as you're stripped of your rights
White collared people always seem to decide
Ask yourself a question, do you need to conform?
With the brain-washing games that are engaged to restrain now
The power to cure the power to kill
The power is ours we'll use it at will
Complexed is society, waging pressure upon our backs
And punishing our methods with their profits
These lashes killing and it pushes down, breaking our knees deep into the ground
And faulting, on the preside, once again I just can't decide
What's up with this world, what the fuck I can't breathe
Books of knowledge showing their glint forms of torture
Dropping the oppressor is our only solution
Psychanalytical ways will never ever succeed
In finding a way into our brains and motives
Our lives are neglected our thoughts are invaded
But we had fought for conformity?
Get up and step to conformity
This is not the end
11. Excess (3:14)
Something's stuck inside my head
You know I never really heard of a thing called time
Cause excess has made me reckless
I don't give a fuck about your dawn cause
Some day I will lay here as your children play
Above my head, I hear your feet above my head
Cause you can't hide
From the side
That left you high
Moderation; what a notion
A waste of time in the face of indulgence
Excess is always best
I'll stick it in your vein
Sometimes these chains they do claim
But something's got me coming back for more
Gripping, tearing
Pulling at the walls of that vanity
Melting, pounding
Change inside you
Bleeding, crawling
Scratching out the path beneath your feet
Consist, constrict
But something's got me going down this land
This lane.
Fade away
Cause of this excess
I've been left in a state of delirium
12. Gloom (2:57)
Pray for me
Cause I'm struggling down
This needle and rock
In a daze I don't mind
The sun brought terror straight
From two o'clock sun
Into my system I lay wasted
From the pain scarred by all the mute remorse inside my head
Slice and begin again, again
Slice this skin again
Pray for all this Beckoning down on my soul
Like in pain, rests inside this
When I'm down
Short thin road
In my head
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