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From Beyond the Vein Full Album Lyrics

Tunes of Despair - From Beyond the Vein cover art

From Beyond the Vein

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-27)
1. Eleven Tűz (Flames Alive) (10:21)
Lángok húznak a mélybe.
Sosem volt csendességbe.
Éltető méreg, eleven tűz rohan át
ereimben feloldódva
perzselő láthatár.
Táncoló tűzvermek, vetett árnyak
határtalansága a téli sárba úszik át
felhasítják elkérgesült lényem.
Mámoros álmok viharai
füstillatú hideg messzeségben.

Az elfagyott, eleven-halott némaságban
örök szunnyadás fészke vár
langymeleg halál ízét ontja
ajkaim véres átkán.

A mélybe vonz egy sötét láng.
Időtlenségbe hajló idő.
Szertefoszló órák a távolság ölén.

Az örök zuhanás síkjain
A fájdalom elázott földjein
mélyebbre, s mélyebbre visznek
míg fekszem a végtelen ürességben
- lángok nyaldossák kihűlt testem
2. The Unspeakable (10:34)
Unspeakable secrets in the beds of blood...
Fires, turning into burning coals...
As shivering preys to the raining flood...
Thus let this grey dawn be greeted
the feeble decease of streaming veins
in solitude's yawning, inhuman lair

In a faltering voice
wishes fade and die away now
wounds of obsession's presence -
burning me down
taking the last of me
leaving a scorched shell

One moment of flawless silence
left motionless and quiet
in rising tides of a lethal decision
the incision of (this) final pleasure was taken

Giving into the drifting beats of my pulse
nothing and none should be reversed
3. To Open Doors (To Be Devoured) (9:24)
This is a daylight descending
into the miscarried rivers of sorrow.
When even words seem to be pieces,
matching a fathomless chasm of decadence
at the loss of everything mundane
the clearest substance whispers,
grasps my wrists
to hold them against
the surfaces of a lethal trance.

Transition, a knowing kept always warm
To open doors everyday
To find the one that closes behind
To find eternal darkness
To leave the precipice of life

To open doors everyday
With damaged tissues, moisted bandages
To find fearless, flawless, faceless beauty
over the bonds of human minds.

To comprehend, to subside, to dissolute, to dematerialise.
From the highest peaks a nameless sacrifice
is offered as a half-bled prey.
To open and be devoured by the gates to the outside
4. Gates to the Slumbering Depths (11:33)
Swept through the familiar lands of passing
Through this lethal sense of death's coldness
I'm standing above the place
Where breath shall perish
All is complete
The circle ends
At my own will

It's closing in
Right in my hands
In my innermost
Tranquillity descends

Over the borders of structures
I'm falling into dissolution
Nothingness and completion
A deathly shroud covers, descends

Tides of unconsciousness
Draw me in their roaring pulse
The depths of fathomless waters
Of the untouched, black vastness
Of the dreaming breathless

Pain had never existed in this form
These very last motions arise
Nothing of these dimensions
Nothing ties
5. The Waves of Bleeding (7:57)
Leaning against walls, perspiring cold
being drifted, overwhelmed
by leaden forces of helplessness
inhuman urges, to senseless they push -
pressed heavy on my posture
thoughts pierce through my pulse
unable functions to hold
minutes of ending it all

Gather around me
all ye deathly forces
Take me through
the waves of bleeding
I swear I shall bear it
to wallow through the thinnest crack ever
to destroy this body
to stop it in a moment
to never feel

Unite me, thirst
Divide me, ye whisperers of long days
Wound me, ye rapist of years
Despair's crawling on my fluid loss

make your way
I crave for...
in death it devours me

As I fall into the void
take me through
the waves of bleeding
I swear I shall bear it!
to wallow through the thinnest crack ever
to destroy this body
to stop it in a moment
to never feel

Bleed me out... bleed me out... bleed
6. Into Dissolution (6:16)
Enervate stiffening turns in its vessel.
Lifeless ascending, a fatal disease, inside the shell of unease... absorbing.
The journey incomplete now equals complete, I leave.
Forget these lines in oblivious memory of me.
Nothing ties but to death.
Bloodless. Deprived of structures.
Standing on the verge of alluring depths.
At the severance of these crushed threads.

Shatter. Displace all life.
Breaking loose, I expire.
Vanishing is the state I aspire -
A moment of knowing, the lair of Nothing.
A body of ash, the dissolution of the I
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