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Mysteries About Life and Death Full Album Lyrics

Toxodeth - Mysteries About Life and Death cover art

Mysteries About Life and Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Black Metal
Album rating :  92.5 / 100
Votes :  4
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-08)
1. Intro (0:36)
2. The Beacon (6:13)
In a lost zone that seems dead of comunication
a doctor followed a trail
it took him to a destiny in the twilight zone
he looks for help in a small strange port.

He finds a strange man in one of stores of the port
he can not help him and stays that night
everyone look to see who will be next
there laid a sick child and nobody
helped her
but the doctor finds and helps her.

Zet the spirit of the beacon
looks out for all of his descendents
and no one will come in between

Father of everyone in the town
the power of the beacon does ask for something
they will give it to him

Years ago the beacon chose a soul
but it survived and with this came times of doom
brutal cold and furious winds
verwedell almost becomes a ghost town

That year when the town almost perished
they promised that the beacon will never be
no one will escape his will
the light has decreed and what it
decrees must be done!

You were in your house when the light shined
you should obey. You stopped him from taking the child
no one can escape the beacon again.
3. Phantasm (7:03)
I don't know where they come from
maybe from another dimension
armies of creatures
they destroy towns.

Before empty cemeteries
Everyday I'd feel them coming closer
In my visions I'd have seen them
and it's not a dream any longer

There is something strange inside mausoleum
the only use the graveyards for a short time
they have only been in empty towns
they only use the deads, to why?

There are some live being they look for
only the tall man knows why
they use the live and deads for slaves
inside the mausoleum there is a door to another

Inside there is a lot of air
with red and brown light, there is a now
of duorps carring and filling huge cans
to some part of this dimension

They will try to get you
The live beings will try to stop the tall man
but they will not accomplish it
because they are phantasms!!!
4. Visit of the Dead (6:00)
The night
Know things he will return
begin to feel the terror
because everyone has forgotten

He will begin to kill
the cold is began to be felt
and blood begins to flow
feel the fera and the true mystery

This will not happen to you again
take advantage and watch out for the killer
behind his mask there is a look of death

Everyone gets out of your house
the problems start
noises and fear inside your head
he will begin to look for you

You have hidden and seen him
at the end of the hall, he stands, looking
He's seen that there's no one
but you're not saved

There is another person in the house beside
he's found out and the trys to hide
he has felt the same way as you
but a fear colder than yours.

That's what happens all around your block
empty houses, by the murders
it is heard trough the air, and cold begins to be felt
everyone has suddenly gone out

But he has escaped to return!!!
5. Doom Predictions (4:01)
Every one in the world thought
that the prophecy will never come
apocalyptic things begin to happen
and the world a part.

Everybody adored to every beast
care it like a god
everybody blaspheming and spiting God's people
but to all them there will be a doom predictions.

First decay
of the first beast
nobody could
protect or help it
abominog demons and sacred spirits
I've killed the beast son.

They sacrificed god's people
and offered them to the antichrists
now there is no god's people in the earth
I'm sacrificing satanist just for the like

Now you only can hear
the trumpets of God
for his triumph
and tormenting blasphemys
6. Graveyard (6:13)
Dead people!
Rest in peace or pain
some victims of homicides
some, with their memories and remains

There are not many corpses in this cementery
for it is only a small town
but there are strange things, that belong to each one
and only the time know about them

Mystery anyone feels it about death
know it enters, the cold af the dead one
see your funeral. Feel the present
feel the moment of your burial
you are dead!!!

Feel mournfully how you buried
you only know if you will rest in peace of pain
this night you will remember the past
you will recall all your life.

You will recall your memories and worst moments
making you happy or sad
and you'll remember your lonely burial
and where you were taken to be buried
7. Mausoleum (4:12)
She runs through the evil mausoleum
wanted to find her dead mother alive
only found evil constructions and evil spirits
those evil spirits possessed her.

Passed time strangers come
possessed demons inside her will stay
nobody will never enter to the sanctuary
because evil souls are waiting

She didn't know of her evil possession
but the evil time past come
demons making her to kill
slaying people in her house alone and silent place

Living in one lonely place and far from town
her facility to kill was easy
involving everyone with her innocence
slaughtering and kill without mercy

Her transformation in that evil monster
was her total possession of evil
the end of mausoleum was here
finishing her possession was close

A spiritist man found her diseases
he tries to take out that evil spirit
with strange exorcism took out the spirit
the declined end of mausoleum of evil is here
8. Seeing to Our Ages (4:27)
There is even more to add
in all ages, today. Tomorrow and yesterday
just dead, you will know how many lives you had
and them now you will know wich was the best

People with smell of memories
maybe you did see it yet in your other lives
you shall choose your moment for meditation
maybe when it's rain when it is daybreak, or...

You will go on ever seeing life still trail day
to think that if still you feel thing matters
you could really remember the past
maybe you remember your best and worst moments
but you will enjoy them, any way
of the life
that we will never know
why they are
live the life!! and enjoy the ages!!!
9. Tale from the Beyond (3:21)
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