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Destined to Suffer | Full Album Lyrics

Third Sovereign - Destined to Suffer cover art

Destined to Suffer

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsDemonstealer Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-07)
1. Pathetic Ignorance (3:12)
Children of tomorrow, Fading from the past
Already dead before they ever cried
They die in the streets of massacre
And no one knows where they belong

Praying in the streets and public
Becomes the habit of those in ties and suits
Burning down the law before their eyes
But no one knows that they've become blind
Blinded by the life of dreams and emotions
Turning out to be the fate of contortions

What you sow is what they reap and gain
You'll be blamed for what you do or don't
In pain you'll beg for what you don't know
Life is hell for those who dwell in truth

Welcome to this crazy world of dreams
They'll reap what you sow and leave you dead
2. Necrophobia (2:50)
Every mortal and their fate
Controlled by their death
The masterplan of the day
Has the clock tickin' away
Fate of birth in the lapse of time
Have no fear, face your death
I see the light calling our names
Have no fear, face your death
With each passing day
Begins a slow decay
So far, yet so close
It's for the conscience to know
Have no fear, death is near
3. Destined to Suffer (3:21)
Am i destined to suffer
Trapped between life and dead
Can i escape from this fate
Deed to the world of hate

The world i know is suffering
The world i know is pain
The world i know is hate
The world i know is despair

No hope for me
No love for me
No care for me
No love lost

Want an unfit earth for me

Am i cursed?
Am i right?
Am i evil?
Am i wrong?

Is this the place you called a peaceful earth
Is this the place where you enjoyed
Is this the place where there's no secret
But the world for me is just suffering

Am i standing alone
Am i betrayed
Am i cared for
What have i done wrong
4. Dying Sun (3:18)
Who am i?
Who cares for me when I'm dying alone
Where am i?
Why have you forsaken me
Why am i?
Why do i care for nothingness
Who am i?
Whom do they seek for what?

Who am i? Where am i?
Who am i? Where am i?

Look into the mirror of hate
Suffering seems to be my fate
Terrorized by one's defeat
Nothing seems to be complete
Desensitized by the values of life
Despaired by surrounding lies

Abuse beyond life corruption
Madness above continuation
Dying sun burns with contempt

Upon the sky with dishonest
Welcomes the therapy of pain
No mercy for the abandoned

Who am i?
Who cares for me when I'm dying alone
Where am i?
Why have you forsaken me
Why am i?
Why do i care for nothingness
Who am i?
Whom do they seek for what?
5. Gathering of Lies (2:55)
Stranded between the lies of your ignorance
Sacrifice thy human spirituality
Favor none whose deeds are done
Hear the echos of innocent lives

Murder - slit wide open
Crucify - Gathering of lies

Blather your underway of new world
Shame is too worthless to show
Jaded between the walls of tomorrow
Your intimidation is no more relevant

Ventilate for we seek the truth
No return for those mere puppets
Rundown of your heretic beliefs
Pride of place are being taken
6. Life of Mortal (2:53)
Possessed to power
of eternal life
The ultimate life
That you seek
that you've been
Trying to forge
No element of earth
Can complete
For it has been
Created by him
Who created life
Guarded by blades
It is bound with fire

And if you're the one to suffer
Remember there's no turning back
Once you've chosen that path
7. Victimized (2:36)
Filled with hatred, never find a way to go
Blind with tears, my eyes wired with thorns
No escape, tangled in a wire of hate
Suffering intensity, I'm shreddin' my remains

I see red through the exploding of hate
My vision tells me that it is blood
Spilling the blood of innocent victims
Waiting to rot in mutual hate

Fear the hate
Face the pain
Stand against
Of what have been
Pulverized in hate

Silent screams, torment of jealousy
Reminds me of the pain inside myself
Faces of lies, splashing on my face
What i hate is war inside my head

Feel the pain
Hate the rage
Victory's mine
You cannot hide
From what you've done
8. Suicidal Corpse (2:29)
Existence of failure seen
Reality struck to justify
Manipulate your disgrace
On your face

Reflected by your sins
Once condemned to demise
Revengeful hordes to rise
Upon lies

Cut 'em out to raise the gates
Pleasure from your lost soul
Forsake the alliance that please
Terrors reign to win the war
9. Funeral Rites (2:57)
Vices and nices came in black dress
To mourn your death without stress
As your sympathy mingles with lies
And your sweet words with poison ties
Cursed worms will relish your flesh
When, you, to hell their blest

I'll shed no tears at your funeral
I'll shake and fears at your funeral
It's the end of scary nightmares
That haunts life's daring dares
Your hearth filled with venom of destruction
Your love is fake, filled with extortion
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