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SunLess Rise - Promo cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 8 DeftCrow (2013-07-30)
1. Nothing to Save (3:00)
I'm looking for exit,
I'm trying to escape-
Escape from this world,
Escape from myself
I have no sense
In my damn life

Nothing to save
All i've lost,
That i've thought little of,
I'm a cause
All i destroyed
No more hugs,
No more words

I had senseless values,
I was blind fool
Was eager to have money
And richness adored
Thought i was mightful
But didn't prevent mishap

My creed's destroyed,
Life lost it's sense
Colours began to fade
What should i live for?
Want to forget all,
And hide, disappear

Suddenly snow,
Piercing wind, and snow-storm
I don't see a way,
Do not know where i am
I feel something
Is going to occur
I can't go back
I entered strange world
2. Awakening (5:51)
At the end of dense brake of the forest
I see a snowy gloomy plain
With hill beyond. i want to get that hill
I stick in snow, sharp pain i feel
And freezing blood runs in my body,
I'm chilled to bones by deadly frost,
I hear voices everywhere
Recalling me what i have done

How can i find exit from this icy hell,
Severe chill wraps up my body
If i don't hide in any place
I'll kick the bucket anyway

Having reached that hill
I see mysterious hut,
I feel excited, i am directed there,
And having reached that shelter
I pull the heavy wooden door
I enter into old pitch-darkness
Somewhere in the heart of hut
I see white-headed elder

I see shadows of the past
I'll be able to change what i've done,
I was blind and now i pay for mistakes
What for
Why i've come here, in that strange place?
Who says
If it's the place where i'll get answers
And put in order my roving thoughts

The elder fixes eyes on me,
We tacitly look at each other
He says: "you are from dirty world,
From world of frauds, from world of falsehood
Illusions govern people's lives
Illusions govern people's lives
And hide the truth from their minds
You all are slaves of damn illusions,
You don't have chance to see the light

You drift through life along the way
That leads you to deadlock one day,
You fill the earth with useless trash
Turning fast human potential to ash
You make machines instead of working,
Instead of mastering your skills
And you yourself, you wanted to get answers
That's why here you came".

During one's living
Surrounds people
Only after waking one can start true living
Don't doubt!
We hear from everywhere
It cannot last forever,
Changes come from oneself

Don't be afraid of frost, accept it and it'll give
You power to self-development. nature cannot do
Any harm, it'll help you to open your hidden
3. Lost Path (4:46)
I haven't fought against the chill,
I have accepted frost I've got its power,
A lot of thoughts evoked by elder,
Are crowding in my head

How could people lose their way-
Abyss is the only issue

I don't want to bear with it,
How could i live this way,
People're parts of internal machine,
People should come to them-selves
While they still have time

What do we come in this world for?
For leading a meaningless fast life?
Are people really created for
Becoming similar to beasts?

Suddenly I've seen a rum lake,
With mysterious bright shine
Coming nearer I've seen a vision
Strange alluring world with shining men

World, full of perfect concord,
Men with infinite skills

I've seen a lot of strangers
Having invaded the fine world
They've sowed the dissension and disbalance
They've parted world, enthralled the men

Those strangers perverted the truth,
They've destroyed pure ideals
Strangers have held sway over natives,
Concord turned into slavery

I've seen the world where i came from,
Where men are fuddled with grim lie,
Illusion of liberty has dazzled them
And hidden gist of slavery

World, full of broken lots,
Men with bounded senses

All of a sudden i've seen myself among these
I've been a tool in these priests' hands,
I've made an arm that ruined my life

The sights have vanished in the gloom of lake,
They've left just grayish ice
I've realized how world became enslaved
And how the truth sank into the lie

It's time to open eyes and look at the truth,
Admit reality. it's time to understand one's sense
Of life
And live in concord with oneself
4. Sunless Rise (4:13)
Any misfortune you call haphazard,
You do not see real reasons,
You suppose this world big clutter

Try for size every bit of passing things,
And you'll see that everything has cause

Everything you do will come (pay) back,
To be able to see causal effect
You should put together facts

One can develop only on grasping any and all
And at the end of path
I am about to meet
This sunless rise

I've suddenly caught sight of light
On coming hearer I've seen a stream
With water bubbling up despite the chill

I couldn't help desiring to drink
This shining frozen water
I've sipped out of my hands

One can develop only on grasping any and all
And at the end of path
I meet this sunless rise
This bright ascent of soul

Harshly light and might have filled me up
It seems as if I've awaken from sound sleep
(as i f) I've never lived before
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