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The March Through Crimson Frost Full Album Lyrics

Sirocco - The March Through Crimson Frost cover art

The March Through Crimson Frost

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFolk Metal, Heavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-23)
1. The March (1:16)
2. Through Crimson Frost (5:04)
Now March!

Sword in the hands, Slay'n in the back
For the need of an enemy
As our nation crumbles...

Downfall of Crimson Frost brings
Death to the tyrant
And a life to soldiers lost
They died for us in silence

Uprising again
For a corpse that can't be named
Supporters raise your hands
And I'll believe in your cries

Downfall of Crimson Frost brings
Death to the tyrant
And a life to soldiers lost
They died for us in violence

March forward and onward
Through the blood stained frost of forests
We crumble, we falter
We will never have to wander
3. Blood & Soil (4:35)
Burning all but few embers
Satisfy settlement
Kills all thought to remember
Process the element
All glass now broken
The silence of war overcomes
No words now spoken
Prepare for the carnage!

On fields and icy plains
Come cries of agonising pain
Knee deep in blood & soil
We hear the warrior's call

Left behind, born to suffer
Slaughter and cut anyone
Cold December
Brings fort the clash of the titan

On battlefields, frozen by death
Stench of war on dead soldier's breath
The blood and soil on the battlefield
The cold dark cry of crimson frost
4. Winter's Solstice (3:33)
Statue covered in leeches. Falling away, final days
A kingdom built on a prophecy
Of crumbling on the Winter's Solstice

Winter, consuming you
A desolate wasteland torn from the womb
Winter is calling you, one be one we hear them fall

Honour, the deceiver, lines of chaos, fallen to ruin
We stand as one and face the sun, waiting for the iron fist

Winter, consuming you
A desolate wasteland, we enter the tomb
Winter, is calling you, one by one we answer the call


No light breaking through
No freedom, just morning dew
We stand and face the winter's solstice
Your time has come too soon

We stand to face our destiny
5. Dorchadas (4:46)
Swelling thoughts weigh inside
Crushed below the depths of sin
And all fell to darkness
Lay in your solitude, watch the memories crawl within

The vertical trail is hard to run
Down the path is steeper still
Broken soldier treads alone
Through forest, marsh, frost and hills

On the brink of giving in
Death is to surrender
The only one to survive the fight
Within his mind he suffers

His feet tread the virgin ground
On hollow hopes, he trudges on
Darkness is descending now
And thoughts of horror reign in

Broken, beaten, battered, frozen
Bushes breathing, Earth awoken
6. At the Serpent's Stone (6:03)
Creation of the unborn
Now surrendered at the stone
Broken beliefs, now realised
For we stand at the highest paradise

The four heads of stone
Emerge from the ash at the dawn of the sun
Crows await the scent of death
On a granite stone they perch

The four heads of stone
Emerge from the ash at the dawn of the sun
Scarred from the earth and black from below
The fires of torment, once more to glow

Destruction in the unknown
Contradiction in the stone
Cease to breath in the forlorn terrain
The venomous mist now concedes the rain

Bow to the stone
7. God's Salvation (3:44)
Sentenced to an arctic hell
Where bitter winds rape our skin
Pray to Lugh, the god of the sun
For the piercing cold to be recant

And so the heavens opened
A ray of light shone through the clouds
Darkness lifted on frozen land
Believers stood tall, pompous and proud

But now the sun, it parches the land
The thirst and the hunger too much to bear
Crops are ravaged, rivers are empty
A once blooming land, left in despair

Gather your weapons, shield and sword
We now hold no salvation for god
Burn the church and messenger sent
Malevolent, we fight!

Out on the battlefield, faith is condemned
Believers are slay'n, no one exempt
The screams and agony as sword pierces flesh
In dark of night
8. Forsaken Shores (8:56)
The winds howl like a thousand years of war
Never-ending darkness covers their heads
And turns to snow
A barren wasteland, deserted and thirsty
But still we struggle on
To defend our forsaken shores

And so the march continues
We will never forget brave men lost
The honour, the sacrifice
The march for our forsake shores
Bloodied bodies, battered souls and shattered hearts
A symbol of defiance
A show of strength for our forsaken shores

And from the earth grew a new wave
The cloud of darkness lifted
And light shone down on these forsaken shores
A once forgotten emblem is now a burning symbol
Of everlasting triumph
And the warriors raised their hands to the sky
Galliant, the march through crimson frost had ended
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