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The First Frisson of the World Lyrics

Serenity In Murder - The First Frisson of the World cover art

The First Frisson of the World

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSymphonic Metal, Melodic Death Metal
Album rating :  84 / 100
Votes :  7
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-03)
1. The First Frisson of the World (4:30)
We have come closer
We believe our saint
'Now, comrades!
The land of glory is near'

Hold your arms and scream out
'Prepare for war!'
We looked forward to this moment

The sun is burning like overseeing
The wind passed between foes and us

She's our savior, stares at the line
Our brightest lord nobody knew

Whatever happens,
We believe in our saint
We fall victim
Our father takes her to his hand

'We have come closer
There is nothing more to fear
Keep the belief you release
Mighty warriors!'

We are united

The song is gone up from the forces
No one feels storm clouds
The first fission of the world
2. RequieM (5:17)
If the sights break under fields,
Who else despairs of the rebirth?
We don't creep up toward the wall

Fly at an angel's throat to clean
Now you fight for reborn to seal

Rang out your horn
This war waits for shape shifters
Deprive of the force
Now, the Day of Judgement

Go... go inside
This requiem for fidelity

If the sights dive in my eyes,
Who else despairs of the dash?
Fly down deeper and deeper

We just rouse up our race?
You're not chosen our throne
We just can save steely face?
You stop heading for the gate
We just come to be the ace
We let you fall the bridge

If the sights break under fields,
Who else despairs of the rebirth?
Fly down deeper and deeper
This requiem for fidelity
3. Defenders of the Faith (4:44)
Worship untruth
The number of the cross
Repent of your sins

No witch
Put neighbors on a scale
It's disgrace to posterity

Bloodbath of priests

No horror
No dead
Absence of prejudice
Isolated room helps you

No luck,
Taxes for happiness
I choose left side of the cake

Unseal a forbidden life
In a conflagration
Screams of the weak,
As a way of ascending minds
Sacred war

Why do we hold revengeful flag for nullities?
Sacred war, defenders of the faith
Why do we hold revengeful flag for nullities?
Sacred war, sacred war against them

Chain of being
Broke ideals of your lapse from virtue
Inevitable sacred war
4. Horn of Ending (3:43)
Cry the word

One, I see the end of my days
Two, I see the end of the sea
Three, I am determined

Look over the greatest pleasure
Go according to plan?
The cliff face collapsed
Wrecking is easy

The winner is always angel and white
The servant deceives the head
Nothing comes from nothing

The creator only makes a law
This taboo will eat you

It is too late for kissing the ground
I take a step toward a naught

Approaching the earth
The raging wind roars
The ship is blowing the siren?
The horn of the end?
I can't tell anything
Give me a clue

You stopped?

This surf is my mind
This surf has a threat This surf sneaks up on me
This surf is your catch

I'm a condemned
But I never die
For vengeance

Your desire
Your envy
Your vanity
Let me down

Torment you
I was sentenced from you
But I never die
For vengeance
5. The Tragedy (3:28)
I just was going to bring a gift in haste
I feel a thrill with joy
What a curious brilliant world
Wheels go around at high speed
You express heartbreaking
I've done it, I've done it
I'll show you in front of your nose

Before your eyes...
You forget, you forget me

I was just a sewer rat
But I wanna dance with you
The drains are constriction
The strangers are condemnation
I forgot, I forgot being

Finally I was trod down by dreadful savage people
Even if I become like a paper
It's sure to maintain myself
My corpse can't be returned to dust
Everybody has gone their courses
Exploded, unacted
I've done them now

I was just a clown
So I wanna hide at once
No one will hear my shout
No one will see my hurt
I asked, I asked being

Before your eyes
Before I die
You forget, you forget me
6. Defamiliarization (3:17)
The raven seeks his place to die without light
Wish I flowers were out after rats eat up
The face smudged with soot
The thing I can touch is the body of scapegoat

My hands are already bloodstained
So give me rise to the darkness now

Convicts found his place to pay with his life
He wished his neck were cut hundreds of times
But don't cry the word you read in his note
"My cursed God, Hallelujah!"

I am not I...

Say it out!
The truth is a lie
The lie is a true lie

Countdown to six

Saving grace or hiding faults
Face the temper
7. The Holocaust to Dead Line (4:41)
Our darkest motions
Feel a silent fever
Everywhere I go on the ground
Black burnt fields
Epidemical vacant troopers
Swarm of vermin
"Death is a moment glow
Dust of man"

Run up desperately
Immortal decadence
Suicide machine
Be ready for my attack
It's always in flames

Our lost prayers
Vacillate on my feet
"Death is a moment glow
Dominant Day"

Run up desperately
Immortal decadence
Be ready for my attack
It's always in flames

Float on the water with ice
A drowned lycanthrope in the lake
8. Infact Bellum (4:41)
Foul and justice
The sun has gone out
We want darkness of the night
The sky is hopelessness

Soaring souls toward a widow
Brief me on savage ways
The field of vultures
Hate the doom

Gaze on fate without fear

Don't look back to the bellum
Our past was disappeared
No more this pain
Create did the despot

Infact bellum is there now
Slaughter men swear to the God
This globe we break with thoughts
The hazy scene was a sea of impure blood
Turn me on

The termination is right
Infact bellum is there now
9. In Hell of Heaven (5:01)
Raise voices
Unfinished loss of hope
It's not over
A blue haze will fade away

We call this hell
We called that paradise
You might feel discordancy

Tomorrow took us away
The memory is off

She is not here
We're not humankind you're longing for
Set you free from undead mud

This time you cannot see at all
Open your eyes
The fire is still bright

We're in heaven or hell?
Behind the back put your arms right out
We're both in the same boat
Tomorrow took us away is dead

We're all that you're longing for
We're all that you assert
We're all of you reasons to bleed
Great nightmare
Discordancy disturbed you
What is it worthy of sole grief?
Whether we are standing below your heaven of hell or not is fading away
So harsh to die in hell

Raise your voice
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