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100 Bleeding Hearts Full Album Lyrics

Raven Soul - 100 Bleeding Hearts cover art

100 Bleeding Hearts

GenresGothic Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-13)
1. End of the World (4:22)
Feelings come and go
Our love's divine!
Nothing more than sex
Oh! But it's fine!

Here we go again
Another wonder night! Yeah - eah!
Compromisse is out of sight…

And I know
That life's too short
We love, you lie, I bleed
We die a little more
It's the end of the World
It's the end of the World (x2)

Fuck the roses,
I won't miss my goal!
So get down on your knees
And drain my sinner soul!

As I lick your deepest
You're flying high! Yeah-eah!
Angel-whore make me feel allrigh!


We die a little more...oh - ooh...

Every tear you shed for me
Is a stab wounding my heart.
Every whithering memory
Is sad, bare and dark...

Sorry that I'm gone,
Sorry that I left you baby... (x2)

Aaah - Aaah! I miss you my love!
I still love you ...! (x4)

It's the end of the World
It's the end of the World (x2)

It's the end of the World
(all love is gone) (x4)
2. Save Me (4:28)
Pain...Pain hurts within
And the Shadows
Have embraced my soul...
I got a goal: I'll be haunting your life
Till eternity

Love's a silly word
Will you ever understand
What it means?!
(Love is no sin...)
Why did you leave me
when i needed you most?

Save me from the darkness
Drag me into the light!
Save me from the darkness
Embrace me tonight...
(Oh, save me...)

Hate...Hate burns within
And the shadows
Have possessed my soul...
I've got to go!!!
I can no longer stay here
And watch my fall...

No more words
I wasted it all!
I Heard a voice, I heard a call...
A different god has promised me you love.
An Angel came along the night
He took my soul, I could not fight
Now I'm just a wanderer
In the shadows...

Save me from the darkness
Drag me into the light
Save me from the darkness
Come hold me tonight...
(Oh, save me...)

Will you save me?
I've got to be saved...
Please save me!
3. Message from Far (4:36)
Well it's time to close my eyes again
And I'm ready to face my destiny.
So short the existence of a man...!
Only love may last eternally!

We had no time for one last kiss,
So many things that weren't said...
I wonder if you are gonna miss
The one you love and always had...

I'll send an Angel
Riding on a falling star
I'll send an Angel
With a Message from Far

Will I reach eternal grace?
I don't know were I'm going to...
So wipe those tears from your face,
no matter were I'll be with you!

My baby now It's time to go...
I've been called to meet infinity!
There's so much more for us to know
Beyond this life not far from here!


I'll send an Angel... (x3)

«Hi baby! It's me! It's not a dream... It's real! Magic lives in our hearts, remember? It was you who told me that once...! I still exist, not in the same form, not in the same place...but I'm still here, with you! And don't you ever forget I've always loved you, I love you still...and always will!!!»

(Chorus) x2
4. I'll Die for You (4:15)
Yesterday I've died
I've died a hundred times
As I cried over you

So much pain inside
Too hard to hold
I miss your love, I'm cold

Take away my pain
I don't need it back
Take my hand and
Show me the way
I still believe that
I meant for you
I'll die for you

My world is up side down
I'll crawl to you
Just to show you how I feel

The glow that's in your eyes
So sweet your taste
I can't get over you



5. Lie (3:57)
Have you ever tried
To solve this mistery:
- Aren't we all divine?
I have always felt
The void inside of me
A dividing line...

And the angels keep
On falling everyday...
Can you tell me why?!
And I'm drowning deep
In the shadows today...
...Life is just a lie!

...and we all know that...
...but we still live it!

Life is just a lie! - Yeah!
That you better believe...
Life is just a lie! - Yeah!
- Just live!

And we are all flames
From the same fire,
It's what they say...
But believing these games
Won't ever take you higher...
Do you rather stay?

If you had the chance
To choose your destiny.
Would it be Heaven or Hell?
Well, I hope you stay here,
All alone with me
Just enjoying the spell!

...and we all know that...
...but we still don't care!
6. Forever Lost (3:44)
You killed that flame inside my heart...
The coldest touch hides beneath
Your velvet fingers, my love.

Diamond eyes, sweet flavoured lips
Forfilled my search.
For happiness so many headaches I've caught

You own the beauty, you've got the style
The devil's look in your angel smile
You own the beauty, but for a while
I felt you used me...

Fallen angel, dying star
Come and take me, heal my heart
You've cast a spell on me
I'm forever lost, forever lost

Won't you take a look at me
Into this nothingness I've become
For always being devoted to our love

You own the beauty, you've got the style
The devil's look in your angel smile, yeah...
You own the beauty, but in a while
I'm sure you'll kill me



100 bleeding hearts
You left along your way.
I'm just another one
Blinded by your game...
100 bleeding hearts
Slaughtered for a dream.
If you just listen well
You can hear them scream...

(Chorus) (x2)
7. Why!? (4:08)
I begged for love
But you gave me fire
And the passion burnt our souls
We let a beautiful romance
Go down in decadence

Our love was in fact
Turned into a pact:
Suffered gold, gone unfold
A Payment for your acts...
My angel of mercy…

And you knew all along
What you have done
Just had to be wrong
But it came from inside
And you tried hard to hide
That you're no longer mine
Why, oh why, tell me why...
Why, oh tell me why...

I'm crushed in tears
While you are laughing
For all of my despair
My eyes are still searching for you
In the midlle of nowhere

So come on, put it on
The shinning crown of scum!!!
I'll carry on, carry on,
For an angel will come
And show you no mercy!

I've always been your shelter.
Your guide all through the dark,
Watching over you...

I've always been your best friend...
And as the night is closing in,
My doomed heart is fading away...

I celebrate my love
I celebrate now you are gone
8. Chaos (5:32)
Fatal mistress of mine
Your betrayal entombed my name
I'm still crawling for you, my love
And your eyes just can't hide the blame

A new dawn is rising now outhere
Only shadows I see
And the hate is too much to hold, I swear
I'll unleash it from me

Come on, come on
Face the chaos you've done
Sweet damnation of you and I
Come on, don't run
Face the chaos you've done
Sweet damnation of you and I

Once you ripped all the roses
I got the torns
Of our love, my dear
I'm an angel who trade
his wings for horns
The revenge is near...

And I'm still waiting
For your promissed love...
- You've been living a lie..(x2)


Come on, come on
Face the chaos you've done...


Sweet damnation of you and I (x3
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