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Funeral for the Sane Full Album Lyrics

Necrovorous - Funeral for the Sane cover art

Funeral for the Sane

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Lyrics > N > Necrovorous Lyrics (9) > Funeral for the Sane Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2016-01-18)
1. Sanity's Fall (Intro) (1:11)
2. Succubus Dormitory (2:58)
In her lair, she lies still
in her lungs, the casket breath
in her eyes, the stare of death
she sucked me dry in my sleep

Now bloodless I lie, for my manhood I mourn

She attacked my gender like a demon in disguise
no matter how fiercely did I fight
she trapped me with her lustful deeds

Eyes pilled with fear
a master of deception
my demise getting near
my fatal misconception

I'm chained by desire in my tyrant's dormitory
I yearn for her to wake up
and bring me closer to my fuckin' death
3. The Flesh That Smiles (4:01)
Once I used to believe
to the tales they used to tell me
about flesh that smiles and loves and cares
Until that flesh turned grey
and the smile suddenly froze
but my heart keeps on beating, when will it stop?

When will I die like a dog, howling,
licking my foaming mouth?

I'm purple and swollen
intoxicated by your damn belief
it's cold outside, yet I want to burn by the heat
salivating, hating and spitting on my sores again
alas! they won't heal, but keep on giving birth
to venomous leaves

And I keep on chewing those leaves
and they are bitter, only my blood is sweet,
sweeter than the flesh that smiles,
that one tasted like a rotten apple-
only its love was sweet like honey
but I was dizzy and entangled, I did not taste it
I was caught among its bloodclots...
4. The Vilest of All Dreams (4:12)
Mental state equals debris
vilest trance, unearthing nightmare
succubi attacking me, sucking my lifeblood

Dreaming state, ecstatic aberrations
passing through the citadels of impiety,
decayed brain matter, a feast for nightmares vile

Soaking in sweat, awaken in anguish
mental cacophony, a gapping wound suppurating

Hark, the strings of madness,
uncanny crescendo, intoxicated by fear,
uncontrollable urge, orgy of blood

To end this state, I'll pass through the frontier
I'll leave my carnal shell, gasping and checking
traumatized, I'm fulfilling the vilest of all dreams
5. Deathknells (3:25)
Final convulsions
my last dreadful sequences
agonizing torment
as I reach the portals of nothingness

Mumbling vulgarities
blaspheming life
embracing mortality
decomposing vitality

These uncanny serenades
echo in my mind
fatal trauma
embraced by white light

Maggots are always prepared for a feast
here comes more flesh
a token to the industry of death
6. Mind Lacerations (5:03)
"Stare deep into the Abyss
and then the abyss shall stare into you"

Trapped in isles unknown
these corridors sing my name
these verses I can't decipher
yet the melody seems familiar

There's blood flooding everywhere
REDRUM I mumble tears fill my eyes
scarred b my visions
I dread to touch your helping hand
Nothing is the same
and I'm no longer sane
crippled infantile mind
these scissors command me to stab my eyes
No longer do I want to see
Illusions command me
frozen with awe
I watch murders commited in a time I wasn't even born

Staring at my image in the mirror
I'm crying in despair, yet my icon bursts in laughter
the curse I need to lift
but it seems it's too late...
7. Malignant Entrapment (3:40)
Immense somber chambers
where our undead spirits dwell
wells filled with howling mouths
of entities once deceased

Their tormented flesh decomposes
despised and unburied
loathing while living
smouldering when dying
malignant entrapment

Their blood decorates
the endless pits
of this purgatotry
a dreadful fate

There is no light where we dwell
there is no rest where we rot
in a catatonic state

Ghoulish entities
undead blasphemies
a contradiction of life and death
the taste of our stinking blood
could send millions to their maker
8. Spawn of Self Abhorrence (4:51)
Unwillingness, the dagger that shall be placed
beside my inglorious tomb
hesitating to strike my moloch, he has put me down
my cells lie mortified

I despise this sense of living
this air is too thick for me
I'm possessed b those that call me from below
the soil, oh that soil that kept on trapping me
it's collapsing
under every of my steps

I loathe and hate
I mourn and grieve,
I love the fact that flesh's getting old
I love the fact that flesh's so frail

I love cavities, humid cavities
only to watch them getting dried
I love the needle in your vein,
for its draining the life of you
but most of all, I love my stench,
hazardous and deceiving, nauseating and illusionary
Its me, I'm called self- abhorrence
9. Funeral for the Sane (5:01)
Condemned, stricken by fate
smoke lingering in the ruins of my sanity
ashes of my fervent desires

Smouldering like a candle
gasping for a moment of clarity
my body commands my will
braincells that died an early death
seal my inescapable doom

Mentally decayed, entangled in a circle of voices
tender hands, caressing my hair
mellow voices telling me to slit my wrists...
horrid faces telling me to kill,
to stab you in your sleep

Phantasizing my funeral, bursting in laughter
razor cuts deep, my hair on the floor
white fiber, remnants of a life forlorn
10. Dwellers of My Flesh (4:30)
Mocking voices echo in silence
countless little sharp teeth,
devouring me from the inside
like predators to prey
countless parasites, assault my mortal coil

I'm a generous host,
I keep feeding this vulgar swarm
I cannot sleep anymore
I hear them feasting endlessly

I cannot stand my deformed flesh anymore
I burst in tears like a child, damn you all...
they must have eaten half of me

Brain cells digested, optical nerve decayed
shadows crawl out of every corner
hallucinations of the darkest kind

I'm jumping in the flames
and I hear them screaming louder than me
my dearest friends, you'll never depart
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