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Illusions Full Album Lyrics

Meden Agan - Illusions cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal, Gothic Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-29)
1. Euphoria (2:55)
2. Legions (6:40)
Red clouds surrender to the nightfall
Walking through the fields of light
I foresse ages of chaos!!
I cant free myself from my soul

Red clouds surrender to the nightfall
Black ships arrives from the sea
The battle of our time arises
This is the time for war and glory


Maiden of beauty!! I cannot stop this darkness
As i new life ruins into my veins
I have the power!! I have my curse!!
Bear witness to my strenght!!

Can't you see in to my eyes?
The flame still burns inside me
I'm petrified!!
My hands covered with blood!!

I hear the voice of death to the battlefield!!
The shadows take us all
Wandering in the waves of tears?
Eternal down fall!!


Take my pain away!!
Take my dreams
On the wind!!
3. Dark Prelude (7:30)
In a world so far away
The cold wind is coming
The rain comes before the winter
The dark clouds hiding the sun

When the seas and mountains fall
I hear you scream in the dark
The song of the elves rising in
The forest
So far away

Hight! To the rising sun
Spread your wings to heaven
See, o king, the storm approaching
The chaos is so near!!

Dark clouds falls from the sky
But the sun still rising
Hear this chant deep into
The Forest
Here comes!! The song of freedom!!

(Refrain x2)

The shadows fall
In the dreamworld
Gates of fire
Open your realm

Fly high!! Far away!!
Spread your wings
Touch the sun
Fly high!! Face your fate
Rule your destiny
The end has come

(Refrain x2)

Fly on your way
In this dreamland
The stars enlighted
The sky
(Fly high!! Far Away!!)
(Fly high!! Face your fate!!)
4. Endless Darkness (5:41)
Do you feel? The pain i have?
Inside me?
Do you see? The clouds are
Hiding the sun?
Do you hear? The rain starts to fall?
Do you wish? To sleep at all?

Bouts of fear? Restless mind
Dreaded memories pass in front
Of my eyes
Lost the sense of time!!
Wish!! Only to fly
Blackness is falling me apart!


For the path of black

For the endless darkness

Blackness!! Lights my way
Echoes of silent cries
I'm clinging on to my sanity!!

I have lost the sense of time!!
Misery in my entire life!!
Soon!! All will be gone!!


(Refrain x4)
5. At the Gates of Troy (10:56)
"i see her!! She's smilling at me!
She's so beautiful!
Goddes of beauty!
I need that girl!! I want ti
Take her with me!!"

"Paris my love!! Need you!!
I want to share my life
With you!
There is full moon
It will be our guide
Light to heaven!!"

"Gods of wind
Take me home
I want this
Pain to go away!!"
All my dreams
Come true
The woman of
My life is mine!!

"The prophecy it's finally
The shadow fall in to
My kingdom
I see the ships!! The war
is Near"

"I bless this land!! With the
Blood of my enemies!!
The gods are with me!!
I rule my destiny!!"

"This is the time for glory
Will stand for
Centuries!! This
War will never be
The immortality!! Is out
(At the gates of Troy!!")


"I take my dreams
Till my last breath
So much hate!!
So much death!!
Out of walls of Troy!!

Gates of Troy it's
Time for war!!"

"Give me back the
Blood of my son
Let me wash his
Let me say the
Prayers to this
Gods for his
Soul to be

Ector flying away...
Dreaming away...
Live!! The eternal glory!!

"This is the time for glory
Our names
Will stand for centuries!!
This war
Will never be forgotten
The immortality!!
Is out there!! (At the gates of Troy!!)"

(refrain x 2)
6. Illusions (11:07)
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