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The Calling Depths Full Album Lyrics

Lvcifyre - The Calling Depths cover art

The Calling Depths

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
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Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2014-02-11)
1. The Calling Depths (6:04)
I hear thy call!

The great Serpent, the enormous worm
With iron teeth and sharpened claws
Fearless Mother – Shine!
Dweller in the dark
In the depths of Man's soul
Fire rising within thy coiled form
Awakening Thee, Oh Ancient One!
Break the chains of false light

Shine! Shine! Oh Mighty One!
Feared throughout all times
Mother of endless depth
Darkness resting upon Thy divine form

The Great Serpent! The enormous worm
With iron teeth and sharpened claws
Fearless Mother- Shine!
Pure is thy dwelling
Pure is thy wrath
Thy words are shredding flesh into dust

Black Water shine - Tiamat!
Black Water shine - Tiamat!

Call for thy sons – Thou, who bore them all!
They are giving the serpent's form
Sharp of tooth, merciless of fang
They shall not lie down in peace
Until thou awakest above all thrones!

2. Succubi (3:38)
I honour you Diva!
Arisen from a sea of mist.
Carnal enlightenment
Upon the fallen blood
Devour me in fornication
I shall taste thy wrath


Your body spread
Upon my dreaming flesh
Wings of blood
The ecstasy in the dark

I honour you Diva!
In Scream and Night!
Force blazing from the sigils
You ripped on my flesh!

Whisper my Queen,
Every great secret
Follow great scars!

The blood from your womb
The sweetest nectar of all.
Divine Wrath
Cain's blood!
Whisper – Follow
Through that path of yours
Follow the shine of your eyes!

I fly or fall, into the unknown
Precious Serpent twist
Within the Beast!
3. The Faceless One (4:30)
Hear me now, Conjuror
Hear the howling night
I passed to this world
Through the webs of time
I bring word of what becomes
I sew the path of Their return
From black ancient waters
From blasphemous scrolls

In forbidden rites of the all-seeing eye
Blood covers inscriptions
Rising serpents swarm
Their black tails become as one
Shaping the fearful form of Yheg
In his arms you will wake
Without flesh

Time is nothing against our lasting!
Sacrifice the Earth!
Descend her into hell!

Miasmal euphoria filling up the air
Trembling is the firmament of the earth
Devouring black fire feasting on Man
In fear praise my name

Black sun rising filing the eyes of Man
Ye shall come recollect this world
With the whole of their grace
The claws of terror, the outer mist
Winged death – Crawling Chaos!

I am the faceless one
I am the all-seeing eye
Through blood in winds
My ghouls raise the void for me
And I shall speak
Through throat-cutting of the sacred goat
in the fires of night fucking the witch

Beasts licking my hands!
Titans of purest wrath!
Under my onyx throne
I collect the death of the worlds!
4. LCF (5:07)
Hail prince of death!
Hail Thy Lord Lvcifer!

Oh Great Manifestor!
Oh Fallen Star!
That emanates with purest Wrath!
Malevolent and Divine
Transforming flame
Awake a beast on the face of Man!

Under Thy dark rays,
Trembling I stand awake
In morbid yesodian realms
From black hole appears
Thy word - like a spear

What becomes is might!
Of serpent and of wrath!
Hungry are claws of Thy Lord!
(That are) ripping the seed of Abel!

Oh trinity, most cursed is Thy light
With purest joy I bleed thee out
From my heart

Oh Father who art in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Release me from Earth's flesh

Saturnians moons
Are the altars of His place
Where sabbatic flames must feed to give
In fog around the black monolith
Thick death
Passing the key

Oh holy darkness
Ancient waters - rip me apart
Black waves dissolve my ego
Destroying the illusion of human life

What flaming swords of Cherub's guards
You offer hidden it in the dark!
Glorious is the gift for the Man
That speaks through the inner Daemon

Bathe the world with blood
No flesh shall be spared
Turn Thy harvest of souls into an
Infernal hurricane

Oh Father which art in Hell
Hallowed be thy name
Release me from Earth's flesh,
Flesh, Flesh, FLESH

Fallen, fallen, banished from heaven
The One that blessed the sins of the Man
We wait for a call, we look for a sign
To raise Thee in rivers of christian blood
Hail Thy Lord Lvcifer!
Hail Thy Lord!
Hail Victorious Darkness!
Hail black flame!
5. Holy Chaos (5:03)
Let me feel you die
Let me see
Let me join the outer gathering
Follow the crawling shades
In the procession of the dead
Their guardians banished
By a trembling voice

Black gate of void
Freeze time
Oh Holy Chaos – Thou art The One
Devouring fire come forth
Behead the wheel of life

Screams of thousands
Pierce through me
I can taste pain, tragedy, suffering

Oh Holy Chaos
Rise through the pillar in my flesh
Draconian Fire – Rise!
Black gate of void – freeze time
Oh holy Chaos - Thou art the One
Praise the world of the beast
Praise the glorious leprosy

Whispers of fallen Ones
Whispers of speechless might
Monumental existence
Free of form and order
Oh Holy Chaos
6. Death's Magnetic Sleep (5:39)
When the subterranean depths will call
Blood will melt with the womb of nights
Where the Timeless void drags me down

In a cave of screams
Undead realms remain
Their uncooked ancient form
Buried by time

Bestial breath dwells out there
By the chains of repetition
Torturing thousands of saints

Sulphur burn!
Hypnotise my eyes

In the chambers of Dis - decaying spirits
Their shapes melting into blackness

Without the slavish light
Darkness shining bright
Melt me in the abyss

Death's magnetic sleep
Profane rays of ferocious Majesty

Upon the gates of resurrection
Dancing Death
The Black Eye drinks
The blood of self-sacrifice
Bestia centauri - release the chains
Watchtowers of darkness
Let us fall
Into death's magnetic sleep
7. Husk of Impurity (5:18)
Volcanic fire-breath of Wrath
Attack and disperse in the dark
Releasing from the crown
I melt in a cosmic grave

Conjuration of the nocturnal one
In black mirror scrying entity of night
Primordial Lord
Show me the streams of blood

In the deep sleep I draw into black soil
Towards the gates of Death

Transformation, descend unto me
Through eleven worlds of fear
Falling down Into shadow self
Under the wings of death

One more step to pass the abysmal gates
One more chain
To break from the sphere of flesh
Burning the last ray of light
To uncreate thy guard
The guardian of heavens
Dying eye of god.

A triumph of disappointment
To those above
Shines through my fall and rise
A tear of anger drops in the dark
Calling in echo
Enter, enter the shadow…

Resonance devouring Flesh
Reversing Light‘s creation
Reborn with deamon will
And eye that kills
Passing the tunnels of terror
Chaos come!

The dawn of god has come
Release me from his crown
Judgement that enslaves millennia

In darkness resembling god
Disperse light's creation
8. The Great Fall (6:50)
Lost in the endless echoed screams
Distended into pitch, a filthy urge rises
And a wrathful voice
In an always hungry void

Darkness brought forth the Great voice
A gift, hunger, struggle
The black diamond
Hidden in the coils of death

Into the cave, an endless fall
Riding succubus, writhing in pain
Her eyes scream with flames
Sow fear
Follow me in lust

Diva, ride me far away
Through the depths
Into the lair of the coiled beast

Crying forth in ancient tongues
The prophecy, the primeval storm
Hail the Hordes of hate
Ready to be evoked upon this world
The black blade

Great serpent
Father of wisdom and scourge
Leviathan, god of death
Merciless upon the slaves of trinity
In the fires of Eden His throne shines
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